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  1. I wanted to make a post in the classified section to purchase a non d&c grate for my big joe, but for some reason I cant. This is the second time I have wanted to post in a section that was restricted for some reason. Why have a discussion forum if half the sections not available?
  2. If I use a regular grate for the top it's easier to lift out in mid cook also if I need to get to the bottom level
  3. I have the day &c I just want a regular rack then I can have three levels with the extender
  4. I should have specified. Where online can i order the regular grate? I don't have a local dealer and ace hardware doesn't list it either. Will it work to use on the flexible cooking rack?
  5. I'm planning on cooking some leg quarters tomorrow and need some input. Direct or indirect? I'm thinking raised grate direct around 3-350ish...
  6. Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G928A using Tapatalk
  7. Well looks like the big joe did its job. Woke up at 5am and the dome temp was sitting right on 250 degrees. Then when I got up at 830 the temp was around 240. The brisket was 203 probing tender. I have separated the flat from the point and cubed up some burnt ends.
  8. Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G928A using Tapatalk
  9. So I get the big joe settled in at a steady 261 for a full hour per maverick 732. So I throw this 14 lb packer brisket on and now the maverick is reading 305 degrees. I literally had the dome open for 10 seconds and the dome Guage is sitting on 250ish. The maverick got slightly rained on a month ago when I did an overnight pork butt. It seems like when I plugged in the meat probe after putting the brisket on is when the problem started. As soon as it went in it said the meat was at 145, so I knew that wasn't right and just pulled it out. Anyways looks like I'll have to depend on the big joe to hold steady...
  10. I want something that would go good on nachos and hot dogs. Thanks
  11. So I need to leave the bottom vent fully open?
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