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  1. I got this e-mail and ordered a Pro Zone Cooking System. http://us12.campaign-archive1.com/?u=6b8e4271914392acc614c8b17&id=e77c43fe0f&e=a1d3fd8a52 30% off sales price works for me
  2. Thanks everyone! I took a chance on this setup: https://auraoutdoorproducts.com/collections/grilling-stuff/products/the-m-z-multi-zone-cooking-kit 30% off sale price until Valentines Day! Coupon Code xoxo at checkout For that price its a no brainer
  3. I picked up 2 BNIB SS 18" Standard Half grates for the Classic Joe on closeout at my local Ace, they didn't have any D&C Racks in stock, so naturally I searched online for one. I'm seeing the rack for the Big Joe for @ $27 compared to almost twice as much for the Classic. What gives? I'm a L/BGE guy and not too hip on the KJ accessories - Figured I can use them in multiple cookers. Enlighten me please! Anyone have a rack for the Classic for sale?
  4. Glad I saw this post! I too bought a cryovac of Select Tri-Tip at Cash & Carry for $2.79. Pretty much the same size and yield after trimming. The absolutely worst tri-tip and I'll never again waste the $ on that grade. That said, I'll use the remaining roasts for jerky!
  5. I had some e-mail conversations with "Mr Mako" the original importer of the Imperial Kamado, when I was trying to identify the second claypot I owned, it was bought from Pachinko Palace in Seattle. It was sold as an IK but had Taiwan parts. He told me that when the last Japanese Kamado factory closed they sent molds to factories on mainland China and Taiwan and many parts got shipped to dealers and interchanged. Anyone ever find a claypot that the firebox was mortared to the base?? Or a ring mortared to the firebox? Get the picture?? https://www.facebook.com/116187658462391/photos/?tab=album&album_id=270920306322458
  6. Here is an extreme rehab that someone from the old Kamado forum sent me of his claypot restoration:
  7. The cracks in the base are consistent with many with the plug style damper. 10 years ago the old Kamado forum had an Archives full of them and the owner shut it down because everyone wanted to know how to repair these claypots instead of buying his tiled Kamados. Claimed he invented the slide damper because so many he imported from japan were cracking when the plug was used to choke the coals due to expansion and contraction. I've had a few that were like that, including a Gen1 LBGE.
  8. Another cast iron pot is the Cook n Kettle. I used to have the Junior. http://www.3dogbarbeque.com/
  9. Hey now! apparently I joined this site a year ago and never formally introduced myself. I go by swamprb on a lot of BBQ sites, and am into outdoor cooking and dabble in competition bbq as well. Anyway, these days I mostly post on my fb page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Left-Hand-Smoke/116187658462391 Feel free to take a look around at some of the Albums and by all means Like if you dare! Brian
  10. I've been seeing a few brand new Imperial Kamados showing up on craigslist in Western Washington and they usually start out high retail BGE prices and after a couple months of repetitive multi posts they start to settle around $600 or less. Personally, you'd have to be a collector with deep pockets to shell out that kind of $$$ for an earthenware pot that will be no where near as functional as a newer style ceramic Kamado
  11. If you go to the Naked Whiz site and download any of the old Pachinko Palace Kamado Manuals there is info on pot sizes, cooking instructions etc.
  12. I made copies of all the pages that I could along with some links from the original Imperial Kamado website based out of Carson CA. before the domain expired. I had been a fan of them since I was a kid in Seattle and a neighbor brought a claypot back from Japan when he was stationed there during the Viet Nam war (late 1960's). He was a backyard griller and everything he cooked seemed to taste better than my dads attempts at grilling! Back then they were sold in the Seattle area by Pachinko Palace that ran ads every Thursday in the Times and PI newspapers along with pots and Pachinko machines. Pirates Plunder and Uwajimaya's were also places that I recall selling them. I kind of married into them as well, my BIL got one for a wedding present and inherited another from his FIL. My first Imperial Kamado was a garage sale acquisition @ 23 years ago. It was the Large Modern Style pot and the metal slide draft door was rusted beyond use. It had the trolley and a extra fire ring and clay grate. It had originally been green, but the paint had degraded down to the orange finish. At the time I wasn't really into BBQ'n and I used it as a grill. Around 2006, I attended a BBQ Competition at Magnuson Park in Seattle, and there as a team cooking on a huge Klose pit and a couple Big Green Eggs. I overheard some guys saying "that's Dr BBQ", well I didn't know who the hell that was, but I kinda slunk around their pits and finally told the guy that I had a cooker similar and needed help with it. Ray Lampe graciously took the time to show me how to regulate the draft and sent me on my way with some BGE swag. I read the next day that Bonesmokers BBQ had won GC at the event and the team was comprised of Jim Minion, Ray Lampe aka Dr BBQ and Chris Lilly!! I got inspired to refurbish it and used BGE parts to get it done. Not long after I acquired my first Large Big Green Egg and by then I was hooked into this hobby.
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