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  1. bferne

    I snapped.

    I'm lucky if I get paid in 3 months when I bill someone with an invoice. PepsiCo owes me $350 since the beginning of October for example.
  2. Except you can't actually "forget it" - at some point you have to pull the meat out. And potentially at some point before that you may check the internal temperature and end up closing the dome again. Having everything on WiFi means you can attach other automated tasks to go along with the cook. The only limit is imagination at this point.
  3. bferne

    I snapped.

    It's just the principle of the matter. And PK, you make some good points, but, IMO, it's up to the utility to figure out with the banks how to handle the back end and keep up with technology. It's not my problem they can't work their payment systems quicker. And it's definitely not up to me to make special arrangements because their due date is on a holiday. I already submitted my payment the day before on a valid business day. I'm not paying a month ahead of time and I'm not running a credit balance.
  4. bferne

    I snapped.

    I was pissed anyone from the accounts receivable/collections department was calling for any reason. But there only one reason that department ever calls anyone. Ok, maybe two, but I'm not cheating on my wife so it can't be the second. Besides, if they have enough manpower that they can call everyone in such a billing situation, then they are clearly overstaffed and need to trim the fat in their operations. If you really want to see me lose it then you have to be around when some "company rep" comes knocking on the door - especially if I'm taking care of my 2yo son and have just put him down for a nap. And yes, I have a sign on the window next to the door that says "Please, no agents, soliciting or fliers" - you wouldn't believe how many times someone will say "but I'm not selling anything." I'm this close (||) to hooking up remote controlled water jets on the porch. What? What was that? I can't hear you, it sounds like you're drowning and the water's too loud!
  5. bferne

    I snapped.

    So about 40 minutes ago the phone rings and it's an 800-numbr calling. I absolutely never, under any circumstances answer 800 calls, so I didn't pick it up. I did a net search on the number however to find out it's my power company - specifically their accounts receivable/collections department. My blood starts to percolate immediately. My power/water bill was due on Christmas Day (last Thursday). I paid it on Christmas Eve (last Wednesday) via online banking. Christmas Day (Thursday) and the following day, Boxing Day (Friday) are of course holidays for banks and power companies alike. Today is the SECOND business day since the bill was due (and since I paid). And they have the gaul to make a phone call? I called them back and got sent to voice mail after about 20 rings. I spoke calmly, but I couldn't avoid using some colorful language. If this had been some vendor or company I could stop doing business with, they'd probably lose me as a customer. But with monopolies like power, there isn't much I could to except complain and moan about it. At least unlike pissing into the wind, it made me feel better to give them a piece of my mind.
  6. bferne


    Maybe KJ should offer a Trifecta Package?
  7. You quoted the wrong post, it makes the reply really odd.
  8. Going to excess, I'm sure a BBQ controller with a built-in light and camera (that sit inside the grill) would sell - imagine watching your meat cook inside a sealed grill. Does it help you cook better food? Not likely. But there's no denying it's cool and some people would jump on it. It took over 20 years for the handheld computer to become ubiquitous. In 1994 most people would say "why do I need that?" Most of them didn't even have a notebook or desktop for that matter. There will always be people to resist technology. Fortunately for companies producing tech, these people will die and be replaced. it's a long term strategy.
  9. You've largely described the auto industry, among a number of others. The devil's in the details as they say.
  10. Volume/dollars. Let's say company A is producing 100 thousand widgets at a factory and spending $1 each. And company B is producing 10 thousand at $2 each. Company A says to their partner, "if you get rid of company B we'll expand our operations to 120 thousand units" or "please get rid of company B or we'll have to find a new partner". Poof! This is the most ultra-simplistic example, reality is a bit more complicated, but you should get the idea. ODM companies can offer those types of services, but no one suggested that KJ or Monolith are employing that strategy. I think it's clear that no one else's ceramics are exactly the same. There are literally unlimited possibilities for how the finished product you see came to be. It's clear however that some parts, be they ceramic or stainless steel, produced at whatever factories, are the same or very similar from one brand to another. The firebox "design" doesn't for example differ from that of BGE's which is produced in Mexico and has been for a few decades. Or even Imperial Kamado going back farther than that.
  11. A related question… Do you need a smartphone? See where I'm going with this? Sometimes the need comes after owning and using a product for a while. No one needs a Kamado either.
  12. BTW, is the steel firebox divider welded to the charcoal grate or does it just drop in when needed? I do wish KJ offered a steel divider instead of the ceramic one for simplicity/safety in storage and so it wouldn't have to slot into notches on the firebox to support itself.
  13. Interestingly, Monolith has their own zoned cooking capability implemented with riser-grids which you can see here: This is their "Le Chef" model which is their largest size. Note the hinge is very different from the one used on BigJoe. I'd imagine that a company specializing in ceramics wouldn't necessarily have the facility to do all the metal work, so i's likely the hinges and bands, like the stands Mike mentioned, come form yet other vendors. As Mike also mentioned, this is precisely how electronics manufacturing is done.
  14. If you're asking about the grill rack components, no, not what I meant. The KJ D&C is completely different and the grill expander I mentioned is this thing: The KJ is slightly different than this one, don't know about the Monolith one. Nice that you can also get a small one for the Monolith Junior: Also super interesting to note is that you can lift a Monolith by its bands because they're wrapped within a channel and can't slip off the base nor dome.
  15. Landscaper, they use the same ODM (original design manufacturer - which is a company that can do outsourced manufacturing AND design work). It's all but guaranteed the firebox design predates KJ and Monolith's involvement with the manufacturer. There's also nothing to patent in its design as there's nothing unique about it versus fireboxes that have been used for over 30 years. Same goes for the charcoal grate and grill expander you see everywhere. The stones are common kiln shelf design, around for decades. KJ's D&C with split grids isn't found on anyone else's product that I know of however.
  16. bferne

    Amazon ECHO

    This will definitely make the NSA's jobs a lot easier. I'm surprised they're not giving them away for free though - maybe they need time to build up the infrastructure first and don't want to get flooded with too much data. Just make sure you don't discuss how any particular politician is "killing it" in office or how something great is "the bomb."
  17. bferne


    Start making plans and room for grill number 4 and 5 buddy! Better make your cooking space modular.
  18. Again, welcome, but I have to say I have a big problem when I see unwarranted insults leveled against other companies - even if I have no dealings with them, at all. I don't like the term "chinese knock-off" for starters. It especially shouldn't come from someone selling Chinese grills. If it weren't for the Chinese ODMs, Monolith and Kamado Joe and others would simply not exist today. And if it weren't for Big Green Egg taking the idea and the design of the 50/60's Kamados and making them popular over the past 35+ years, none of the new guys would have anyone to copy/emulate and again, wouldn't exist. As far as history goes and who uses what factory, the only stats I know are that Kamado Joe has existed since 2009 and Monolith since 2010. I have no idea which factories they used then nor which they use now, but it should come as no surprise to anyone that multiple brands utilize the same manufacturing facilities. If someone confirmed to me tomorrow that Auplex or Bingbong123 produced KJ, Monolith, Saffire and Vision in the same factory I wouldn't be surprised, nor would it affect my appreciation for the brands. And yeah, the disclaimer about working for the company and running one of their distributorships should have been the very first thing mentioned in the introduction. Just saying.
  19. That seems like a screaming deal considering that the complete cyber Q setup on that same site is $380. The two extra probes and a super-over-priced fan make up the difference (and $380 is about the lowest price you'll find for the complete set).
  20. bferne


    The one-potato grill, fit it into cargo-pants pockets and teenage girls can carry it to school in their mini backpacks. Great idea!
  21. Talking about Maverick or CyberQ? CyberQ probes are thermocouple, Maverick's are not.
  22. I realized it's $260, not $250 as I'd previously written - sales and potential discounts not withstanding. CyberQ main unit is $180 http://www.firecraft.com/product/bbq-guru-cyberq-wifi-no-probes-K90-006/bbq-guru-control-units Probes are $25ea http://www.firecraft.com/product/bbq-guru-6ft-pit-probe/bbq-guru-probes http://www.firecraft.com/product/bbq-guru-6ft-meat-probe/low-dollar-accessoies Third-party fan and universal adapter $30 http://www.allchinas.com/junior/ He usually sells on ebay (trustedinventor), but doesn't currently have the fan listing up on its own at the moment. Might have to email him. He's recently been updating his products so the fan isn't listed on its own on the site either, but can be found mixed in on other products pages. $30 is his typical price.
  23. I don't doubt for a second that KJ simply used someone else's designs for these parts as well.
  24. Seems like it. Just like the Sapphire, which is also Auplex-made right?
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