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  1. This was the response I got back. Discovered the M8 worked better than the M6 for the bottom of the hinge. I am going to need to replace the gasket because I have some leaks that I did not have before but at least my KJ is back together and I can use it. Picked up the bolts at my local hardware store. I have written a letter to KJ about the lack of service. I understand these are extreme times but why send me a replacement part without all of the needed parts or at least instructions on what I need? Hi Teresa, unfortunately we do not have a hardware pack or the ability to send new bolts. I would recommend reaching out to a local hardware store to locate the below items: Metal Upper Band Latch Screws M8x16 Metal Upper Band Hinge Screws M6x18 Metal Upper Band Handle Screws M6x16 Metal Lower Band Latch Screws M8x16 Metal Lower Band Hinge Screws M6x18 Metal Upper Band Bracket Screws M6x16 M8 Nut M6 Nut
  2. Did you ever get the screws for your retrofit hinge? We are in the same situation. They sent me the hinge but the bottom screws are a tad too short to work. I emailed customer support over the weekend and am awaiting a response. Also if you got the bolts did the lid fit properly with the new hinge or did you have a gap in the back as I have read others have dealt with? I have been trying to get a properly working grill since the end of February and it is a bit upsetting that a set of bolts is holding me back at this point.
  3. I loved mine so much and used it often for the past year. I found it slightly hard to hold at lower temps but cooked a lot of really wonderful food on this grill. A month ago hubby and I drove a few hours to a Kamado Joe roadshow and bought a Big Joe. I wanted more space and once I found out how much i would use a kamado grill it seemed worth the investment. I did have 2 small flakes of the green chip off and was informed they were not covered under the warranty. I am selling the Brinkmann because I really don't have room for another grill on my deck. Teresa
  4. Apparently the sale ended at midnight. Got a link?
  5. Thanks for all of the feedback. I suspect I would be much happier cooking the bird spatchcock. I have done chickens that way and we were always pleased. When I have done chickens I have done direct heat not tried to actually get any smoke flavor. My family had specifically requested I smoke the turkey and yes I loved the look of the nice intact golden bird. Teresa
  6. I just saw that Target has the IGrill 2 for $59 and free shipping. It is not available in the store but can be ordered from their website. I have been looking to upgrade my original IGrill and this is the best price I have seen this for. Teresa
  7. After getting so much helpful advice on this forum I decided to do a combination cook for my turkey on my Big Joe. I smoked it using peach wood for two hours at 250° then I raise the temperature to 350 and continue to cook. I did not stuff the bird since I was doing a partial smoke. I had an issue though. The thigh and the breast both showed 165° however inside the cavity of the bird I had read blood. I ended up placing the probe up at the moment her into some meat inside of the cavity and waited until it got up to 164°. While the bird was good it was a little drier than I would've liked it and I suspect it was because I cooked it the extra time. Has anyone else ever had this issue? What could I have done differently? Teresa
  8. Cool! I am busy shopping accessories for my new Big Joe. Enjoy! Teresa
  9. Are you sure he was not referring to the tools and cover? I got a grate lifter, an ash tool, and I was supposed to get a cover but that is being sent to me since the rep did not have them yet. When I went to the road show last week there were not any accessories on display. I am very pleased with my Big Joe. Teresa
  10. That is exactly what I did and got a wonderful smoked pork butt out of it. I will have to figure out how to post pics here.
  11. picked up the Big Joe yesterday but the heat deflectors are cracked in half but I really wanted to smoke a butt today. The pork is awesome!! ( there was supposed to be a picture here of the heat deflectors being used despite the fact they were broken in half)
  12. i bought a small turkey today. I think I want to roast it like I would in my oven. Can I stuff it? I would appreciate other suggestions because you all are so creative. Thanks. Teresa
  13. Oh I love lamb from the grill. I have never tried rack of lamb but I think I need to now. I usually get a boneless leg and rub it down with olive oil and garlic then grill to medium rare. Teresa
  14. We rented a truck and drove from Richmond VA to Durham NC. Felt relieved to get a Big Joe and 4 bags of charcoal. We were back home by lunch time. Hubby and a strong neighbor got the Big Joe onto our deck. Unfortunately when we opened the heat deflectors and the fire box divider they were cracked in half. Waiting to hear from support. I think I can piece them together and smoke a pork butt tomorrow. I will admit that it is a lot bigger on my deck than it seemed in the store and I have to use both hands to lift the lid but dinner tonight was fabulous. Oh and I actually had $6 in lottery winnings from NC. Traded them in on more tickets and lost. Easy come easy go. Teresa
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