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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the tip - there's a couple of things I am going to purchase from their site...
  2. HI there - welcome to the forum! Sounds like you might not be too far from me...
  3. Thanks! I am going to keep this one pristine. It is way too nice to fire up
  4. A superb meal - looks great & sounds great! Very nice.
  5. Ah the flavors you have there - good looking all around, and your money shot is a prize winner!
  6. Looks great. What a hit with your co-workers to bring kamado smoked pulled pork to work!
  7. Now that's a picture-perfect turkey breast. Excellent looking all around Thanks for the tip on the cottonseed oil spray. I have some coconut oil spray - I might give that a try on my next poultry cook since it also has a high smoke point.
  8. Your salmon looks mouthwatering, I really like the prep. Gives me inspiration for my first salmon cook on my KJ. Thanks for posting!
  9. Great looking burgers! I like the use of the small CI kettle
  10. Great looking food - nice sizzle in the videos - got my appetite going this morning! Thanks for posting
  11. An excellent sounding combination - perfect for a cooler weather meal. Nice job
  12. Amazing Jack - that looks simply amazing. Great cook all the way around! --Matt
  13. Great looking enchiladas CC! The chicken breasts look like chicken tenders on that huge grate Skippy looks like a cool cat. He'll definitely help keep your grilling space free of fallen scraps.
  14. Wow DH! Now that's about as fresh as it gets...excellent looking fish tacos and great step-by step. Thanks
  15. Great looking cocktel! I would scarf that down in a flash Thanks for posting the recipe - sounds really good...
  16. One fine looking meatloaf! An inspiration - I think I'm gonna fix one for dinner tonight
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