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  1. I guess it could go either way I was thinking along the lines of using a foil pan. With it cooking in the juices does it affect the bark?
  2. Planning on doing brisket & butt for Labor Day. Question is which one on top? Brisket over butt or butt over brisket? What about drip pans, if any? Thanks in advance.
  3. A little late to the party with this answer but here it goes. Tonight on my classic I did a full rack of spare ribs, with tips(cut ribs St Louis style) & 10 chicken thighs. I used KJ expaned rack & 9x13 foil pan for chicken. In the past the most I have put on my classic was 2 racks of baby backs & 2 whole chickens. I used a rib rack & 2 chicken sitters for this one. This was prior to have my expansion rack. I haven't had any trouble with capacity on my classic. I do cook 98% for just me & the wife. If I ever need more space & still have my Weber Performer to fire up if needed. It have been in retirement since the classic has arrived on the patio.
  4. Just thought I would pass on I saw a brand new Classic on sale for $799 at Brewer's True Value Hardware in St. Peters, MO. They are an authorized dealer so no warranty issues. I believe you will only find a better price at the roadshow. When the wife picked mine up a couple of years ago she paid $749 at the roadshow.
  5. Local grocery store had pork butts for .99 a pound. Picked one up, rubbed with Butcher BBQ Savory Pecan Seasoning. Fired up the classic, put on about 11pm Saturday night. It finished this morning around 9:30am. Rested in cooler, then dinner. Couple of pics Bone clean out http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m505/jclong74/Mobile%20Uploads/20160508_100920.jpg After the rest http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m505/jclong74/Mobile%20Uploads/20160508_181223.jpg Pulled http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m505/jclong74/Mobile%20Uploads/20160508_183437.jpg Plated http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m505/jclong74/Mobile%20Uploads/20160508_183802.jpg
  6. I dont know how much trouble they are having selling it. I spoke with the area Weber sales rep on the 8th, two days after release, & they where already on back order. He had a customer who ordered three more grills & didnt think he was going to get the order filled right away.
  7. I did see that. I don't think I said custom, I was just putting out the info.
  8. Sams Club is have a 16 hour sale. Check there web site & clicking shocking values. They have a kamado grilling table for $647,three different colors & sizes. They also have a couple BGE's. Yeti coolers already sold out . Link for table: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/grill-table-kona-med-egg/prod20155451.ip?xid=shocking-values_product_almost-over&navAction=pop
  9. So yesterday I did my 1st brisket on the classic. It was a 5 lb flat. It finished much later than anticipated, about 10:30 pm. So I let it rest for about an hour & into the refrigerator it went. My question is how to reheat for dinner tonight? What is the best way, what temp to use & should I shot for a 145 IT before serving? Thanks in advanced & I will post pics. Just gotta finish this thing called work first!
  10. I stopped by a local shop to see one in person, sadly they didn't have one yet. Fortunately the Weber rep was there & said they will have 2 of both models next week. I heard him say these are already on back order. The store owner asked about if they will be in big box store & the answer was no. The rep also said that Ace/True Value shops that sell Weber won't even have them in there inventory. Normally, you can order a grill even if the store doesn't carry them because they are inventoried to those stores. I guess they are really trying to drive the sales to the specialty shops. I will check back next week so I can get eyes on it.
  11. All I can say is that if I didn't have my KJ I would definitely be considering this grill.
  12. Check this out, many are unhappy with the price http://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?64657-Weber-Summit-Charcoal-Grill-and-Summit-Charcoal-Grilling-Center-New-for-2016
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