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  1. I'm posting a few pictures of a really neat cold smoker and a hot smoker I saw while in Scotland. We were staying at the Corriechoille Lodge B&B near Spean Bridge. The owner (Justin) cold smokes his own salmon for breakfast. It tastes incredible. The cold smoker he built is located on the side of a hill near the house. The fire box is underground and downhill from the smokehouse where he hangs his salmon. The smoke runs uphill through a pipe in the ground into the smokehouse. It stays pretty cool in the shade (even in summer) so he can cold smoke year around. It's a very simple setup but works great. He fashioned his hot smoker from an old copper drum. It resembles a very crude kamado grill. He is able to control his temperatures pretty well by covering the holes at the bottom. Very simple setup that cost him 25 pounds to build. I highly recommend this place if you're staying in the Highlands. The hosts (Justin and Lucy) are incredible and food is awesome.
  2. I got the lid open this morning. I used a utility razor to loosen it a bit and a stiff putty knife to pry it open. No damage to the ceramic. The gasket is shot but I'm not going to replace it right away. Thanks again for all the great advice.
  3. I appreciate all the advice. I live in west central Florida so it's not cold. I tried lighting a small fire inside the bottom vent but couldn't get the temp above 100. There is no lump in the fire bowl. I'll try a putty knife and utility knife a little later. I'll update my progress later. Thanks again.
  4. I did a high heat burn last night on the KJ Classic. The highest temp it reached was 800. I went to check on the grill this morning and the lid won't open. It's stuck good! Could the gaskets have melted and "glued" the lid shut? I don't want to pry the lid open and damage the ceramic. Any others have experience with this?
  5. Yes please post the JAX dealer. I have a BIL in Ocala who is ready to purchase.
  6. Any idea what 2016 Costco Roadshow pricing will be?
  7. This is my rendition of the Honey Bastard made famous by Cane Russo in Dallas. Crust is from Publix. Grated mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, bacon marmalade and drizzled with jalapeño honey (habaneros were not available). I followed Dorothy Grecos recipe for the bacon marmalade. http://www.dorothygreco.com/bacon-marmalade-recipe/ Jalapeño honey was a cup of honey simmered with two seeded jalapeños for 30 minutes. Family loved it. It had a nice sweet heat but not too hot.
  8. While visiting Dallas, I discovered an awesome pizza place called Cane Rosso. We had a Honey Bastard Pizza with homemade mozzarella, honey habanero, prosciutto crudo and bacon marmalade. I've scoured the web for instructions to make myself. Does anyone have a recipe to share?
  9. Kick ash is one of my best additions to the KJ. If I really want to jack up airflow I remove the iron fire grate and just use the kick ash. Not to mention really easy cleanup.
  10. Easy now boys. They're not in THAT bad of shape. I'm just thinking ahead.
  11. CC: I currently have the original SS grates. They are beginning to show some wear and was considering an upgrade to CI grates. After the comments that are all basically saying the same thing, I'll stick with SS. I have a Bayou Classic CI reversible griddle that I love to use. It does take some effort to maintain though. Grill Grates are definitely high on my shopping list.
  12. I need to replace my original KJ grill grate. Is CI a solid replacement for daily use? Or is stainless steel a better option for daily and CI for occasional use? I have really enjoyed cooking on my CI skillet.
  13. I remember my first crack. KJ was quick on sending a replacement box. I haven't put it in yet. It's cooking just fine. Charcoal addict's editorial is spot on.
  14. I think less is more. I lose a third my gasket on a high temp burn.
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