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  1. We've got plenty here. This was the first day of the storm last week.
  2. Thanks for the offer. I ordered a couple boxes to play with. I want to try it in the big cooker as well as the kamado to see what kind of burn time and flavors I can get.
  3. 16lbs spatchcock turkey for the day. Carved and made sandwiches. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.
  4. Nice looking pie and great way to spend some time with the youngsters.
  5. That looks amazing. This is now on my must try list. Thanks for sharing it.
  6. @Nunyabiz - Nice idea. Thanks for the tip. I wish I would've thought of that myself. Could've saved me years of frustration and a lot of money. I will see if I can save one of my other coolers now with that idea.
  7. @Nunyabiz - I'm not sure if I'm just having bad luck or if we are hard on them. For me it isn't the hinges or handles that fail. Its the lid that gets crushed after sitting in the sun all day and being used as a seat. They change shape and don't seal correctly anymore. Once the lid quits sealing, they aren't any better than the foam coolers you get for $5. I'm not stuck on Yeti, but that is the cooler I've had good luck with. I've seen Pelican coolers being drug around by teams too, but I have no real experience with them and can only say that they liked them.
  8. Kudos to you Bosco. I love the idea of helping out a buddy and family member just because you are able to. Very nicely done. [emoji106]
  9. Good looking cook. I really like the mussels in the DO.
  10. I need to try some of this stuff. Kind of expensive, but if it's consistent like briquettes, then it's worth the extra money. After burning a hole in my shirt this afternoon, I'm tired of the crapshoot bags of lump and having them pop when getting started.
  11. We have been buying cheap coolers to run to the ballpark for years. They all work good until they are used for a seat or step stool. After that, they start to fail and get progressively worse. We have been going through a couple Coleman Extreme coolers a year because the lid leaks after a couple long weekends and practices. Since getting the Yeti coolers, that has changed. They are good for years instead of weeks. They are heavy and a PITA to move when loaded, but all loaded coolers are heavy and we use a wagon to get it around at the ballparks. We still use the Coleman coolers from time to time, but that's only when we are going in different directions for the weekend. One thing that is important to note is, the Yeti cooler works better if it is cool before you put ice in it. They are slow to change temps and if they are stored in a hot garage, then they will melt the first bag of ice trying to change the cooler temp. After seeing Dubs comment about the tumbler, I had to get one. 13hrs in the office and I leave at the end of the day with the same ice in it. So far they have been quite impressive. Hopefully they keep working for years like the cooler.
  12. Leftover shoulder used for BBQ pizza. It's no Stromboli, but it will have to do. [emoji6]
  13. @Dub - That's impressive. I wouldn't expect ice after a couple hours in the heat of the day. I might have to look at one of those Ramblers for my road trips.
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