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  1. Thanks! Working with a new copacker on the Tatonka Dust, hope to have some news soon... This was an excellent winter to not be in North Dakota, it has been out of the ordinary cold and snow amounts above average!
  2. Drum work hard but held its own and didn't have to refuel. Very impressed for being uninsulated for sure!
  3. Yesterday we had a brisket injected and seasoned but it was 10 below out with -35º to -45º windchills. Whatever, just a chilly inconvenience… drum smoker set up using other grills, table and snow bank as a wind break. ----- Just before wrapping the brisket ----- sliced ----- This brisket was popping with flavor! Thanks for looking!
  4. Searing the steak. ----- Steak and bacon wrapped asparagus cooking indirect. ----- Sliced bone in ribeye, overcooked for our preference but excellent flavor! This cook is getting added to our “Bloopers File”… Thanks for looking!
  5. It was a ribeye and twice baked potato kind of night again… put some twice baked potatoes on for a while before started searing the ribeyes. ----- Melting the cheese over bacon topped twice baked potatoes while the steaks cooked indirect after the sear. ----- Black Label AP rub on the twice baked potato and Chupacabra Brisket magic and White Lightning Double Garlic Butter for the steak. ----- Absolutely delicious, this meal doesn’t get old! ----- Cooked to our preference. Thanks for looking!
  6. A choice grade brisket was the victim to try a temperature control set up with yesterday. Here it is close to wrap time. ----- Right before slicing. ----- ----- Fireboard controlled with a BBQ Guru Pit Bull fan worked well in the Humphrey’s Qube’d Pint. Very happy with both temp control and the brisket! Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks! Shrimp were in a 36 oz. oval Lodge CI - www.amazon.com/Lodge-HOSD-Enhanced-Seasoned-36-Ounce/dp/B00LJSF7PA/ref=sr_1_24?keywords=cast+iron+oval&qid=1548005012&sr=8-24
  8. Congrats on an excellent find! We have had our YS640 over 7 years now and are still very happy with the purchase, you will love yours!
  9. Wings and drummies seasoned all with Dirty Bird Hot rub and a chunk of apple over the Vortex for smoke, -14F windchill and just under an hour had nice color and crispy. ----- ----- Served 3 ways – Some tossed in Cherry Apple Habanero Rib Glaze, Dirty Bird HOT rub only and the rest with Cherry Habanero BBQ sauce. ----- Incredible flavor with all of them! Thanks for looking!
  10. Yes, we do have four kamado grills also and use a Vortex in our large and XL Big Green Egg. With the smaller kamado grills the fireboxes are to compact for a Vortex to fit and/or work efficiently. In the large Big Green Egg a Vortex can only be used narrow side up effectively, but this will still provide both direct and indirect cooking zones. In an XL BGE sized kamado it is a cooking tool everyone should have in their arsenal.... been using a Vortex in our XL BGE for 4 years and in my opinion it is a must. If you have a Facebook account I have a group of Vortex owners that you can learn more about the product and not hear it just from me! www.facebook.com/groups/VortexBBQ
  11. Ribeye steaks with Texas Swine Shine Beef, shrimp with Elk Creek Cajun Stinger and twice baked potatoes on a Weber 26.75” kettle and a medium Vortex wide side up. ----- ----- Excellent meal, but neither of us could eat more than half a plate…makes for excellent leftovers! ----- Cooked to our preference… Thanks for looking!
  12. Vortex for kettle and kamado grills! www.owensbbq.com/vortex.html
  13. Save up to 15% off all products from Owens BBQ including already discounted/sale items, while supplies last!Almost 150 top quality BBQ seasonings/rubs from some of the most trusted names in the industry. Also sauces, brines, marinades, injections, grilling oils, sausage/processing seasonings and outdoor cooking accessories!www.OwensBBQ.com Seasoning/Rub/Sauce products available- 2 Gringos Chupacabra- After Party- Bexten’s Best- Big Swede BBQ- Butcher BBQ- Boars Night Out- Brantley Creek BBQ & Co.- Butcher BBQ- Cimarron Doc’s Bar-B-Q & Chili Co.- CJ’s- Demon Pig- Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Co.- Fergolicious BBQ- Grauer Family Foods- Heath Riles BBQ- Historic BBQ- JonesyQ BBQ- Killer Hogs Barbecue- Kosmo’s Q- Loot N' Booty BBQ- Meat Church BBQ- MOJO RUB- Montana Outlaw BBQ- Owens BBQ- Pellet Envy EAT Barbecue- Pork Pachanga- Richie Z’s- Smoky Okie’s- Southern Links BBQ- SuckleBusters - Swine Life- Tango Spice Company- Texas Oil Dust- Texas Swine Shine- Triple 9 Swine- University of Que- Wright Barbecue Company
  14. Save up to 20% off all products from @Owens BBQ including already discounted/sale items while supplies last! With these discounts you can save up to $32 off thermometers and smoke generators up to $22 off regular prices! www.OwensBBQ.com
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