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  1. ----- We tried something "new to us" on wings per a friend/customer’s recommendation and it paid off with a great new twist on wings for us! We mixed a dry ranch dressing packet with our Buffalo Wing seasoning (1 ounce Ranch dressing(1 packet) mixed with 3 ounces of Buffalo Wing). Seasoned the wings up before throwing them on the grill with the Vortex. Great flavor that we will be doing again in the future. Thanks for looking!
  2. Ribeye, garlic toast and Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Bake(frozen boxed veggies from the from the store) made for a tasty meal! ----- Garlic bread toasting while steaks are resting. ----- Finishing to preferred internal temp indirect. ----- Searing on GrillGrates over a wide side up Vortex. ----- Excellent flavors with DB180 Grill All, DB180 All Purpose and Tatonka Dust on the ribeye’s. Thanks for looking!
  3. Very good flavor combo for jerky! ----- In the dehydrator. Thanks for looking!
  4. Love wing night, always a treat! ----- Thanks for looking!
  5. Searing steaks over the Vortex on GrillGrates, and Buffalo Wing seasoned shrimp in a cast iron pan. --- Surf ‘n turf with garlic toast, steaks were cooked to our preference. --- Man Meat Texas Style and Tatonka Dust for the steaks. Buffalo Wing was on the shrimp. Thannks for looking!
  6. BBQ is typically 200º to 250ºF slow cook and grilling normally done at much higher temps. With ribs both methods are tender done right, just a different texture of tender. This was just a dry rub, sure could have tossed them in sauce before serving!
  7. Sliced two racks of ribs between the bones, seasoned and cooked around a hot Vortex of lump. At 70 minutes the meat on the bones was probing tender and called them done.
  8. Done in about an hour and the butter pecan flavor was excellent on them!
  9. Trimmed and sliced an eye of round roast, marinated 4 pounds a couple days in Maple Bacon jerky seasoning, cure and water. Dehydrated 4 ½ to 5 hours at 155º periodically pulling pieces that were done to our preference. Refrigerated overnight in an open Ziplock bag and then next day vacuum sealed and froze in small portions for enjoying in the future! Thanks for looking!
  10. Perfect for the novice or experienced sausage maker, each of the seasoning mixes from Owens BBQ come with detailed instructions that are also available to download from the website! Encapsulated citric acid, carrot fiber, meat bags, natural sheep & hog, collagen and fibrous casings and other processing supplies in stock. Seasoning Mixes - www.owensbbq.com/sausage-seasonings-jerky-mixes.html Sausage Casings & Meat Bags - www.owensbbq.com/sausage-casings-meat-bags.html
  11. Start your New Years off with savings from Owens BBQ on many BBQ & sausage/jerky seasonings, plus so much more!www.OwensBBQ.com
  12. Specials at Owens BBQ through the holiday weekend on many BBQ & sausage/jerky seasonings plus so much more. Great time to try something new! www.OwensBBQ.com
  13. Hotty Totty's new rub has arrived!! Was developed as a finishing dust but works for so much more than that. Climax XX BAM is here! www.OwensBBQ.com/hotty-totty-bbq1.html
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