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  1. MossyMO

    Steak N' Tater

    It was a ribeye and twice baked potato kind of night again… put some twice baked potatoes on for a while before started searing the ribeyes. ----- Melting the cheese over bacon topped twice baked potatoes while the steaks cooked indirect after the sear. ----- Black Label AP rub on the twice baked potato and Chupacabra Brisket magic and White Lightning Double Garlic Butter for the steak. ----- Absolutely delicious, this meal doesn’t get old! ----- Cooked to our preference. Thanks for looking!
  2. A choice grade brisket was the victim to try a temperature control set up with yesterday. Here it is close to wrap time. ----- Right before slicing. ----- ----- Fireboard controlled with a BBQ Guru Pit Bull fan worked well in the Humphrey’s Qube’d Pint. Very happy with both temp control and the brisket! Thanks for looking!
  3. MossyMO

    Surf'n Turf with a Tater

    Thanks! Shrimp were in a 36 oz. oval Lodge CI - www.amazon.com/Lodge-HOSD-Enhanced-Seasoned-36-Ounce/dp/B00LJSF7PA/ref=sr_1_24?keywords=cast+iron+oval&qid=1548005012&sr=8-24
  4. MossyMO

    My new Yoder

    Congrats on an excellent find! We have had our YS640 over 7 years now and are still very happy with the purchase, you will love yours!
  5. Wings and drummies seasoned all with Dirty Bird Hot rub and a chunk of apple over the Vortex for smoke, -14F windchill and just under an hour had nice color and crispy. ----- ----- Served 3 ways – Some tossed in Cherry Apple Habanero Rib Glaze, Dirty Bird HOT rub only and the rest with Cherry Habanero BBQ sauce. ----- Incredible flavor with all of them! Thanks for looking!
  6. MossyMO

    Surf'n Turf with a Tater

    Yes, we do have four kamado grills also and use a Vortex in our large and XL Big Green Egg. With the smaller kamado grills the fireboxes are to compact for a Vortex to fit and/or work efficiently. In the large Big Green Egg a Vortex can only be used narrow side up effectively, but this will still provide both direct and indirect cooking zones. In an XL BGE sized kamado it is a cooking tool everyone should have in their arsenal.... been using a Vortex in our XL BGE for 4 years and in my opinion it is a must. If you have a Facebook account I have a group of Vortex owners that you can learn more about the product and not hear it just from me! www.facebook.com/groups/VortexBBQ
  7. Ribeye steaks with Texas Swine Shine Beef, shrimp with Elk Creek Cajun Stinger and twice baked potatoes on a Weber 26.75” kettle and a medium Vortex wide side up. ----- ----- Excellent meal, but neither of us could eat more than half a plate…makes for excellent leftovers! ----- Cooked to our preference… Thanks for looking!
  8. www.owensbbq.com/owens-bbq.html
  9. Vortex for kettle and kamado grills! www.owensbbq.com/vortex.html
  10. Save up to 15% off all products from Owens BBQ including already discounted/sale items, while supplies last!Almost 150 top quality BBQ seasonings/rubs from some of the most trusted names in the industry. Also sauces, brines, marinades, injections, grilling oils, sausage/processing seasonings and outdoor cooking accessories!www.OwensBBQ.com Seasoning/Rub/Sauce products available- 2 Gringos Chupacabra- After Party- Bexten’s Best- Big Swede BBQ- Butcher BBQ- Boars Night Out- Brantley Creek BBQ & Co.- Butcher BBQ- Cimarron Doc’s Bar-B-Q & Chili Co.- CJ’s- Demon Pig- Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Co.- Fergolicious BBQ- Grauer Family Foods- Heath Riles BBQ- Historic BBQ- JonesyQ BBQ- Killer Hogs Barbecue- Kosmo’s Q- Loot N' Booty BBQ- Meat Church BBQ- MOJO RUB- Montana Outlaw BBQ- Owens BBQ- Pellet Envy EAT Barbecue- Pork Pachanga- Richie Z’s- Smoky Okie’s- Southern Links BBQ- SuckleBusters - Swine Life- Tango Spice Company- Texas Oil Dust- Texas Swine Shine- Triple 9 Swine- University of Que- Wright Barbecue Company
  11. Save up to 20% off all products from @Owens BBQ including already discounted/sale items while supplies last! With these discounts you can save up to $32 off thermometers and smoke generators up to $22 off regular prices! www.OwensBBQ.com
  12. MossyMO

    Black Friday Ads

    Save up to 20% off all products from @Owens BBQ including already discounted/sale items while supplies last! With these discounts you can save up to $32 off thermometers and smoke generators up to $22 off regular prices! www.OwensBBQ.com
  13. MossyMO

    Vortex Wings

    If anyone interested in a Vortex who has a Facebook account there is a large group of Vortex owners that share tips, methods and different ideas of what to cook with it! www.facebook.com/groups/VortexBBQ
  14. MossyMO

    Wings on the Weber

    Nicely done, looks excellent!
  15. MossyMO

    Brisket & Burnt Ends

    Kosmos Q Competition Brisket Mop www.owensbbq.com/sauces-spreads-marinades--brines.html