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  1. You should be fine with the cooler method. I once did 9 shoulders and used the cooler method when I pulled them at 8AM. Took them to work and they were still to hot to handle at 1PM.
  2. Once you get our there on race day the jitters will disappear when you cross the starting line. I purposefully didn't hit the 13 miles during my training 4 years ago. I wanted race day to be the day that I hit my new personal record long. I only trained up to 12 miles because there really isn't a difference in adding that last mile. You will do great. Just go out and enjoy the run and all of the emotions that will come along the way. Good Luck
  3. jag72

    Igloo Sportsman

    Pretty much just family functions and once a year we go on a family vacation where we might not have anyplace close to shop. This will be used to store some meat and other items that we may not have room in the refrigerator.
  4. jag72

    Igloo Sportsman

    Very good advice. I was also looking at the Pelican brands but the thing that drew me away from them is the weight. The Pelican 65 is 18 pounds heavier than the Sportsman 70. Looking at the weight and dimensions it should be just what I need (hopefully). Figure if it seems a little big, I will return it and go with the 55 from Sam's.
  5. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to narrow down my section of new coolers for the family. It was a tight race and I was having a very tough time making my decision. I looked at all of the following, Yeti, RTIC, Igloo, Pelican and Orca. I might have missed a few as they are all getting mixed up now. After some of the reviews and discussions on this site, I decided to take a trip over to Sam's Club to take a look at the Igloo Sportsman. The Sportsman is avery nice cooler and for the price it is really peaking my interest. I was really leaning tower the RTIC but waiting until the end of June wasn't really an option for me. I am the impatient type and this would have killed me spending the money and not having something in hand for 4 months. Sam's had one of the 20qt's still in stock so I figured at the $99 price tag that I saw online, I couldn't lose. Well to my surprise the cooler actually rang up at $75. I figure that at that price this cooler will do the trick for what I am looking for. I wanted one that would hold up to he heat of the car while I am out on my long bike rides this summer. Its really nice to have a nice cold beverage once you return after riding 75 miles on a hot a humid morning. I did hold off on the 55qt version for $200 just because Costco has the 70qt one for $249. I think having a little larger one will pay off down the road. Time will tell if this was the right choice but so far I feel pretty good with my decision. Others that my be interested in the 20 might want to hit their local Sam's as $75 is really a great deal.
  6. jag72


    I have an 11 pound belly from Costco that has been in the brine since Sunday. I brine for 7 days so this Sunday will be the day to put some smoke on it. The only thing that I and disappointed with is that Sunday isn't going to be as cold as it has been over the past week. I wanted to get some cold smoking time on this one before I put on the kamado.
  7. I cook pork shoulders at 275 to 300 instead of 225 like you are doing. I find that the cook is much more predictable and doesn't hurt the quality of the final product. I personally prefer the outcome over the lower temperature cooks.
  8. My guess is that MES = Masterbuilt Electric Smoker I also decided to do some pulled pork on NYE. Put two 9 pound shoulders on the Big Joe around 7AM. Figure all will be completed around 3PM for a little rest before dinner.
  9. I do this exact same thing with my Big Joe and it works great. I was getting tired of it closing overtime that I opened the lid.
  10. If you want to control the stall more increase your cooking temperature. I personally let my cook go from 275 to 325 and don't worry about any swing within that 50 degrees. Cooking at the higher temps provides a great product and your cooking times are much more predictable. No more overnight cooking for me unless I need it finished first thing in the morning for an early lunch event.
  11. Just wondering why only 3-4 holes? Is it just to allow the wood to smoke for a longer period of time?
  12. I can check the space out this weekend for you. I have only used mine in my Big Joe but I have a Vision Classic sitting over in the corner feeling a little lonely. My guess is that there won't be enough room but I am willing to take a look for you.
  13. RO is what I primally use as it is found easily around here. I love KJ lump but I don't want to make the 30 minute drive to go and pick some up. Would rather just go around the corner.
  14. I performed the same test with my 2QT dutch oven and had great results on my meatloaf and chicken this past weekend. I will say that the results had the most pronounced smoke ring that I have ever achieved on my Big Joe. I did drill a few more holes in the DO but I was able to cook for over 4 hours with still having blue smoke all the way to the end. It pretty much did exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. I would call my test a success and I am OK taking a little heat from the wife on drilling into her dutch oven. At least its one that hadn't been used in many years.
  15. $3.49 is pretty steep price for a pork shoulder. I personally would have just hit Costco real quick and bought the two pack for around $1.80/lb. Put two of them on and put the extras in the freezer for a rainy day. Heck, I may just go and do that next weekend as we don't have any leftover pulled pork in the freezer. This makes a quick dinner during hockey season.
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