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  1. I put a 12.5 pound brisket on my akorn at 0545. I thought it would take 12 hrs it only took 7. The Korn fluctuated between 230 and 275. I guess I will be eating a little early
  2. I did my first brisket this past Sunday for my wifes birthday. Yours looked awesome.
  3. jde30ster

    2nd akorn?

    Love mine had it for about 4 years now
  4. jde30ster

    welcome home supper

    Congratulations on your grandson.
  5. jde30ster

    Super Bowl food

    Thanks for all the replies. Tex your wings look great
  6. jde30ster

    Super Bowl food

    I bought 3 slabs of ribs cut them down to st Louis and used the trimings for brats
  7. jde30ster

    Super Bowl food

    And home made brats
  8. Ribs are done. The wings go on next
  9. jde30ster

    Super Bowl

    Ribs on the akorn hungry aleady
  10. Brats are done. Ribs are on the Akorn.
  11. jde30ster

    Flash over

    Thanks everyone. I can now laugh about it. just scared the hell out of me.
  12. jde30ster

    Flash over

    Real good! I got the gill under control and everything was Wright with the world . glad the roast was not on when it went nuclear
  13. I lit the akorn to bring it up to temp for a standing rib roast for Christmas diner. The temp got away from me so i closed the vents and lifted the lid. A sudden loud combustion of flames when the lid was a 1/4 of the way open( i did burp the grill), I was lucky to only sing my ar hair and 1st degree burn on my wrist. i feel realy stupid for not paying more attention to the grill. I submited this to you all as a reminder that things can go real bad if not careful and dilagent while grilling
  14. jde30ster

    Leg of Lamb

    just finished diner an the lamb was good.
  15. Just threw on a 5 pound leg of lamb on my akorn. I used salt pepper rosemary garlic cilantro and oregano for the rub. I hope it comes out ok