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  1. I rubbed McCormick chicken seasoning underneath the skin the night before. Put it in the refrigerator uncovered. Injected with Creole marinade.
  2. Have family visiting for the holiday. They wanted smoked ribs. 6 racks on the akorn
  3. I did a brisket cook yesterday. I was woundering if it is better to have fat side up or gat side down on the akorn. The brisket came out realy good.
  4. I put a 12.5 pound brisket on my akorn at 0545. I thought it would take 12 hrs it only took 7. The Korn fluctuated between 230 and 275. I guess I will be eating a little early
  5. I did my first brisket this past Sunday for my wifes birthday. Yours looked awesome.
  6. Love mine had it for about 4 years now
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Tex your wings look great
  8. I bought 3 slabs of ribs cut them down to st Louis and used the trimings for brats
  9. Thanks everyone. I can now laugh about it. just scared the hell out of me.
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