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  1. They re-added temperature range in the latest update.   A step in the right direction, but you can't define a cooking range on a probe defined as an ambient temperature problem.   What did they think people use the range function for?    It's clear the people in charge of this app have no clue what this thing is used for.


    They also improved the graph display so that the big box with the time and temp doesn't cover the whole graph, which is good, but you still only see 2 mins of graph at a time. :(

  2. I live in richmond hill area and I am wondering where you guys buy your butts and briskets from? (if you live around RH) thanks

    Costco is my first place to look, but seems to be hit and miss as to what they have on that day. Otherwise I like http://toterafinefoods.ca/

    They won't be as cheap as Costco obviously but have good selection. If you don't see what you want in the display just ask, they likely have it out back.

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  3. Yep, Toronto area is going nuts.   Common practice around here now is to list it under market value to get a bidding war.   One house not far from here was listed at $1.5M, sold not long after for $800k over asking, with something like 55 bidders......and I've heard of others with more than 60 offers.   It's crazy.   Sucks for the buying too, since you end up getting your hopes up, and then dashed over and over again.

  4. How do you folks handle moisture in the food? I find that if there's even the slightest bit of moisture, like from a steak, it gets sucked up to sealing edge and the bag won't seal. The unit works great with dry food, but that's rarely what I want to seal.
    I've tried really long bags, which seems like a waste. I've also tried folding a piece of paper towel across the bag, but I don't like the idea of paper freezing or cooking sous vide with my food. 
    Your thoughts and suggestions...

    Mine has a setting for wet or dry. My understanding is the wet setting does a longer seal operation to make up for the wetness and I usually get a good seal. That said usually when I see that it's sucking liquid out of the bag I usually hit the seal button to seal right away to keep it from removing all the liquid.

    Your model may be different though.


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  5. Those short ribs look fantastic. What temp did you pull them at?

    After about 3.5 hrs they were only around 160 or so so I wrapped them with a bit of apple juice and let the temp climb to maybe 270 and left them another hour. After that I checked a few and they were about 200 so I pulled them off and let them sit in the foil for maybe 10 or 15 mins. They might have gotten more tender with a bit more time but they were good. They had a bite to the meat, not melt in your mouth, but not rubbery.

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  6. When you get your new stand, spray your wheel assembly with some rust proofing spray. Mine are over 4 years old now and still looking new.

    Thanks for the tip. Recommend anything in particular? I think I still have a can of the Krown stuff

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  7. So yesterday while cooking on my Vision Pro C, I noticed one of the wheels looked a bit crooked. Looking more closely, I saw that the part of the cart where the wheel holds the wheel is coming apart, possibly due to rust.

    I emailed Vision with photos, and asked if they are sending me a replacement, how much I would need to pay to upgrade to the stainless steel cart so I don't need to worry about the rust.

    They replied saying if I was willing to pay the $41.17 cost of shipping that they would be happy to upgrade the cart to the stainless one. I thought this was quite fair of them, and placed the order.

    Good job Vision!




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  8. Last weekend I cooked up another beef roast (eye of round) and this week I kept slicing some off for sandwiches which I really enjoyed. That got me wondering.....if I slice a bunch and freeze it in vacuum bags, will it be ok down the road after thawing? Or will it dry up too much once sliced?

    I figured people here must have tried it



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