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  1. Welcome. Puzzlement loves company. Next step over the weekend if tax preparation goes smoothly. Otherwise maybe not til October 18
  2. Thanks, John. That's certainly the interim course. My plan is to do some fire testing next for both the Joetisserie and leaks in my Akorn itself. As I mentioned, I have very little experience below 275, and it's time I learned, especially since I have a second Akorn awaiting assembly now.
  3. Something like that should work. That's beyond my abilities, so I'd have to get it fabricated.Thanks for the idea. If you are getting something fabricated, you might have several made. Some of your Akorn owning pals might like to have one 8) I'll keep that in mind but I don't think we've sorted out the solution yet.
  4. Thinking a little more about this solution you have to be concerned about raising Joetisserie above the top of the lower shell lest you change the angle the lid makes with it. The Joetisserie currently matches that angle and wouldn't work if it didn't. I can't tell if 1/4 or 3/8 changes the angle much. I'll try to evaluate that. Th other thing that needs to be evaluated is how well Akorn seals the top of Joetisserie. We've been focusing on the gap at its bottom, but there's probably one at its top as well. When we get some daylight I'll look at that.
  5. Something like that should work. That's beyond my abilities, so I'd have to get it fabricated. Thanks for the idea.
  6. Tried spinning a corned beef to make pastrami. Resulted in a tender, juicy, flavorful piece of meat despite complete inability to control temperature and rotisserie temps over 400 degrees while targeting 275. The temp held at 420 with top and bottom vents closed. Conditions were a little harsh--winds 15G25 blowing into the rod hole but the fact is no amount of manipulation of Akorns vents had much effect. Used the rotisserie til the IT was 160, wrapped in foil, then cooked til IT was 205--after removing Joetisserie. After removal temp went down some but always above 325. I seldom cook below 275 (turbo brisket) so I'm not well acquainted with low temperatures. I know using charcoal sparingly contributed to my unpredictable results, but my conclusion is the gaps caused by Joetisserie's 18 inch design and Akorn's 19 inch opening are unacceptable for low temperature cooks. A gasket is going to have to be attached somewhere, ideally along the inside of Akorn's lower lip, though that's where the grill sits. When I have a chance to study this I'll post again.
  7. Re your hamster wheel, I'm having a hard time imagining. Any pics? The "Hamster Wheel" actually a Fill it & Grill it basket You ccan see it in action here Thanks for showing me that. I just ordered one:)
  8. Interesting. I'll have to see if there's enough clearance. Pic by any chance? I think I also have a dual temp probe somewhere that would kill 2 birds....
  9. Do a correlation chart with grill installed? Would probably be useful other times too. Good idea.
  10. Could dangle an electronic probe through the top vent, I suppose. Anyone do that?
  11. In trying my new Joetisserie I'm confronted with how to monitor temp at cooking level. The grill surface isn't installed and the rotisserie is spinning around so no place to put a thermometer. Any way to correlate dome temp in indirect heat situation? Any other ideas? Could put a mini thermometer in the meat to monitor progress, I guess. Might not stand up to the heat in direct cooking.
  12. There is an outer and an inner ring. The inner ring protrudes below the top of the Akorns lower shell. That still leaves some wiggle room but the weight of the loaded spit keeps it steady. Hope this pic helps. Shows the frame upside down.
  13. You're welcome. I thought I remembered some curiousity expressed earlier. Re your hamster wheel, I'm having a hard time imagining. Any pics?
  14. The rod spins slowly and the opposite end just sits on its indentation in the extension ring, so there's no torque effect. Don't know what else would make it unstable.It's fairly heavy, feels like cast aluminum.
  15. Don't know why I went on and on about the seal. Fact is the opening around the spinning rod is a half circle on one side of about 3/4 inch. That in itself would have made cool down problematic if I hadn't removed it. Sorry I missed the leakage pic. Cook was unexpectedly quick. The other thing I should note is the cooking temp I used was from the dome thermometer. Temp closer to the fire and just above the heat deflector was probably higher. With no grill in place how would you measure temp?
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