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  1. Hate hearing this. Remoh was a good guy. Knowledgeable about grilling, fishing and music. RIP
  2. Excellent buck!! Congrats to him. A couple of weeks ago I had the last tenderloins from last season. Smoked for 30 minutes. I sliced them and over a few days had them with eggs for breakfast. Can't help but love the tenderloin. Enjoy.
  3. Great lookin meal Jack. You'd pay a princely sum for a meal like that in the Quarter, and wouldn't be as good as I bet those are.
  4. Get well my man. Never had gallstones but I know what kidney stones are like.
  5. Great job just the same. Love those tri tips.
  6. Yum... Paisan!! G-man, I'll never look at those shanks as just grind/stew meat again.
  7. Deer shanks smoked 2 hrs with Greek spices then braised in beef broth and red wine.
  8. Jack, like the other times you've posted the meatballs, this looks delizioso!! I've altered your version for a meatball barley soup that just kills it on a winter day.
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