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    magician reacted to jsavoie88 in Nothing but the money!   
    Ribeye cap steaks, grilled asparagus, and homemade macaroni and cheese.

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    magician reacted to rickcharles606 in Venison tenderloin?   
    It's deer season, and yes we hunt in this family. My 13 yr old son took his first buck yesterday and we will grill it up. We gave most of the meat away, with exception to the tenderloins and a few nice steaks.

    Tonight I trimmed the fat and silver skin from the tenderloin and its marinating overnight. The marinade is one I've used on flank steak and even sirloins in the past. The family loves it, so we will see how it does on this tenderloin.
    1.5 cups orange juice
    1 cup of soy
    .25 cups Worcestershire sauce
    1 clove garlic chopped
    .50 onion chopped
    Tomorrow before I put it on, I'll wrap it in bacon.
    Then cook indirect at around 375-400 until the internal temp hits 135-ish then pull it, wrap in foil, cooler to rest for 30 min. Then serve.
    We will see how it goes
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    magician reacted to wb.tarleton in Nothing but the money!   
    Made a 10 pound butt for pulled pork for my first low and slow. It took 14 hours for the 10 pounder but was worth it. I did not open the kamado once the entire cook. I put three solo cups full of hickory pellets around the side of the charcoal "volcano" and they smoked the entire time because they were not in the lit part of the coals. Had a drip pan with cider, cider vinegar, onions, garlic and bell peppers. Kept it at 225-250 until the "stall" and then up to 275 to power through it.

    The wife and my 10 year old were fighting over the bark pieces. Lol

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    magician reacted to Hosermage in Nothing but the money!   
    Finally found a market that would sell me some beef ribs...  Tried it on the Jr tonight.

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    magician reacted to Smokehowze in Nothing but the money!   
    When you get the pork cravings ----

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    magician reacted to POOLGUYINCT in Nothing but the money!   
    Left over st Louie rack from yesterday..
    foiled it & reheated on gasser tonight, tossed them in buffalo sauce & rinsed with Marie's blue cheese dressing....
    man oh man!!! Buffalo Ribs are going to be a staple trademark party cook around my house!!!  Could be a signature dish...

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    magician reacted to Aussie Joe in Nothing but the money!   

    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill[emoji621]

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    magician got a reaction from Marty in Nothing but the money!   
    Deer shanks smoked 2 hrs with Greek spices then braised in beef broth and red wine.

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    magician reacted to Jack. in Tatatalk Test Photo   
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    magician reacted to bwarbiany in Greek Lamb Chops and Greek Salad   
    My August challenge entry. 
    Lamb Chops marinated in EVOO, oregano, garlic, S&P. Grilled hot and fast. Served with a greek salad.

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    magician reacted to Meatlover in Gotta share this one...   
    Haven't smoked anything in several weeks so with mamma going out of town I decided to get cozy with my grill again.
    I thawed out a Butt that I had picked up when they were on sale for $0.99/lb.   Got a wild hair idea to smoke a small brisket under it to let the pork fat keep the brisket moist.    Also got a wild hair to make up a rub with coffee in it.   Turned out great so I figured I would share.
    Brisket rub:
    1 part ground black pepper
    1 part onion powder
    1 part garlic salt
    2 parts espresso ground coffee

    Covered it well...  (file to large to add ???)
    Placed the pork butt on the top rack over the brisket.   I have started cutting slices in my butts and shoulders when I smoke them to get more rub and smoke into the meat.  Probably can't see it but my deflector plate was covered in fat juice.

    Pulled the brisket, rested it and dug into it.   The flavor was amazing...   Give this rub a try!

    Had to take a few samples...

    My grill was so satisfied, she left me a wet spot on the patio...

    On another note...
    While I was at Publix picking up a brisket, I saw a pork belly roll (had never seen) so I picked up one of those along with some beef ribs to do the same thing; pork belly over the beef ribs.    Ate those last night and they were delicious.

    While I was chowing on the ribs I put the pork belly on the Joetisserie to crackle it up a little bit.  Skin turned out very good but I should have smoked the belly longer to render more of the fat out.

    About to pull the butt off to let it rest and then pull it before the football game tonight.    
    Thanks for looking and have a great rest of your weekend!
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    magician got a reaction from Jack. in U6 Shrimp w/ Crab Imperial Stuffing   
    Great lookin meal Jack. You'd pay a princely sum for a meal like that in the Quarter, and wouldn't be as good as I bet those are.
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    magician reacted to 75tranzam in "Fed in the Med!" entree caught Sunday...   
    You know it would be easy to think that but I feel the opposite is true! I just got a new position/promotion at Capital One I was supposed to start tomorrow (Monday) with a substantial raise and my daughter just started college at VCU last week as well so I can't complain about bad luck at all. I'll be starting my new role a week later due to recovery time but my sister is coming for a planned visit with my nephew so I'll have more time to spend with her.
    Considering what could have happened if I hadn't gone to the Urgent Care and gotten such good care there and at the hospital God has really been good to me and looked out for me and my family and most importantly blessed me recently.
    No complaints from me!
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    magician reacted to ckreef in Stuffed Tilapia   
    Tilapia stuffed with a Turkish aromatic rice and served with mashed Butternut Squash.
    Mrs skreef was in charge of the mashed Butternut Squash. She cooked the squash on Prometheus.

    I had previously made the Turkish aromatic rice. The stuffing process.

    Once we had 3 stuffed we added some fresh dill, lemon slices and a squirt of fresh lemon juice.

    On Cassiopeia indirect at 400*about 20 minutes.

    Served with the mashed Butternut Squash with a brown sugar/cinnamon/butter.
    This is one dinner I'll toot my own horn for. Fantastic. That rice is a perfect compliment to fish and the squash was over the top.

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    magician reacted to Jack. in U6 Shrimp w/ Crab Imperial Stuffing   
    4-6 count wild caught colossal shrimp, 3.5-4 oz. each, brined 1 hour in kosher salt, turbinado sugar, Old Bay seasoning, minced garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice.
    The shrimp butterflied and dressed with a few strips of medium-hot roasted Hatch chiles.
    The shrimp stuffed with homemade lump Crab Imperial and placed in a 12" nonstick roasting pan with the extra Crab Imperial placed in a small dish and centered in the roaster. A generous sprinkle of Pookie G's Sa-Weet seasoning followed by a light sprinkle of Hungarian smoked paprika for color.
    Baked indirect in a 400* kamado and plated simply with rice pilaf.
    As a friend of ours says, "OUTSTANDING".
    Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.

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    magician got a reaction from 75tranzam in "Fed in the Med!" entree caught Sunday...   
    Get well my man. Never had gallstones but I know what kidney stones are like.
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    magician reacted to JoeC in Does Anyone Else Cook for Their Dogs/Pets?   
    The first born always gets a little something in his bowl...  He also enjoys a good cigar after a meal.


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    magician reacted to Hworx in I ADDED LEGS TO MY Akorn JR.   
    I got tired of bending over to use the Akorn JR so I added some legs to it.  I went to Lowe's and bought a 10' piece of 1 1/2" Thinwall conduit (EMT) and 3 conduit couplings with screws to secure the conduit.  I cut the legs about 18" long.  The Legs on the Akorn JR are just a little bit smaller than the conduit but the couplings still tighten up just fine and the legs are secure. The cooking surface is about 34" off the ground with the legs.
    I am going to paint them Black but thought it might be easier to see what I have done if the legs were not painted yet.
    If anyone else comes up with a better or different idea for adding legs feel free to jump in here.  I know I could have built a table but didn't want it in the way and wanted a more traditional look.  I may make a tray to fit lower down on the legs at some later date.
    Thanks for listening,

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    magician reacted to Chuck0531 in Nothing but the money!   
    Smoked turkey breast with KJ poultry rub:
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    magician reacted to 75tranzam in "Fed in the Med!" entree caught Sunday...   
    My son caught a 5lb bass today at our favorite fishing hole. Now it's time to figure out how to cook it for the challenge! My sister and nephew are coming for a week this Sunday so I'll have time to plan my cook.

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    magician reacted to Cgriller64 in Osso Bucco Kamado Style   
    Sunday Dinner - Osso Bucco with Saffron Risotto alla Cgriller
    Another family favorite moved from the kitchen to the Joe Classic.
    Some key ingredients:

    Thick cut Veal Shanks

    Garden Fresh Veggies - Carrots, Celery, Onion, Shallot, and Italian Parsley

    and don't forget some Arborio Rice, Pesto, Italian Tomatoes, Porcini and Garlic Infused Olive Oil, and last but not least, Saffron threads.

    Placed on the Joe around 325 degrees.

    Ready for a couple hours of bubbling goodness.

    Time to get the risotto going.

    Pulled the veal and let the sauce reduce.

    Topped with a gremolata, added some crusty bread and a glass of Pinot Grigio, and dinner is served.
    Thanks for taking a peek.
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    magician got a reaction from Jack. in Does Anyone Else Cook for Their Dogs/Pets?   
    Yep, often too.
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    magician reacted to Jack. in Does Anyone Else Cook for Their Dogs/Pets?   
    I can almost always find chicken thighs and/or drumsticks at about $1.00/lb.  I can also find pretty inexpensive beef and pork cuts.  I use the residual heat from a "people" cook on one of my kamados to cook up a bunch of thighs, drumsticks, clearance 7 blade chuck, clearance pork chops or loins, keep it in the fridge until it's time to shred or chop, mix it with kibble (ours are still pups, although 20 week old 40 pound pups, so they get puppy kibble) and my dogs REALLY enjoy their food. 
    These days, if they smell smoke on me and I say, "Cmon' Daddy's cookin' on the kamado", they practically fall over each other getting out the door to watch and enjoy the smells.  They know something good is coming very soon.
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    magician got a reaction from jkill73 in Tri tip   
    Great job just the same. Love those tri tips.
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    magician got a reaction from jrow17 in Saturday cooking on the Classic   
    Great job Jose!!!
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