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    magician reacted to jrow17 in Saturday cooking on the Classic   
    So today I fired up the Classic and I threw on some potato wedges that were pre boiled and then rubbed with some grape seed oil and a rub made up of Cotija cheese,salt,pepper,garlic powder,paprika,Italian seasonings.
    Then I threw on some chipotle lime marinated sirloin cuts that I picked up at Central Market. This is my go to for some good quality meat and the marinated meats are off the charts good. I also picked up a orange habanero tenderloin for tomorrow.
    The asparagus was tossed in grape seed oil and a lemon garlic rub that I got last week
    these were delicious

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    magician reacted to Tarheel in Nothing but the money!   
    Prime sirloin, reverse seared. Delicious!

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    magician reacted to Aussie Joe in Nothing but the money!   
    Sticky Drumsticks
    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill♨
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    magician reacted to deltacottonboy12 in Nothing but the money!   
    Ground deer meat/pork sausage, mushrooms, onion, diced pepper and rice. Homemade stuffed peppers

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    magician reacted to usmc6004 in Tri tip   
    Before anyone says anything, it rested too long for my taste, but Holy hell it was good. Ive never had a smoke ring like this on a tri tip. I just want to say thanks to everyone here for the tips to control the fire.
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    magician reacted to Panchango in Nothing but the money!   
    Went through the freezer and found a 3lb rib steak vacuum packed since Easter (when it was ridiculously inexpensive) that I had forgotten about. Added some pecan smoke to it and did a reverse sear until it was on the rare side of medium rare.  Served with some grilled potatoes, patty pan squash and a side salad. Giddy up....

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    magician reacted to Smokehowze in Where has Smokehowze Been?   
    Where has Smokehowze Been?
    I know some folks on the Forum have probably noticed my relative absence and unusual lack of post participation for most of the year.  I wanted to provide an update to what I consider to be my Kamado Guru family.
    Fundamentally, I have been all too occupied with some out of town intense family matters, certain projects at work and related personal and business travel to have time to pursue the usual Kamado meals and Forum conversations.
    If you will indulge me, I will touch on the personal story.  My quite active mid-eighties year old father who lived quite successfully by himself in Louisiana, was unexpectedly diagnosed with what turned out to be a terminal illness around Thanksgiving time last year.  Quite the shock as anyone can imagine, especially if you have gone or are going through similar in your personal or family lives.  In retrospect, it hit me harder than I thought. 
    Unfortunately, daddy passed away earlier this year.   He remained active and a trooper with God’s comforting hand driving his attitude until the end.   At the onset of his diagnosis, my brother, who also lives in Louisiana, but not in the same area, and I both made a promise to our father to take care of him until the end and abide by his wishes of remaining in his home and enjoying his life as long as he was able.      
    Needless to say, this became one of my personal priorities in life.  With the wonderful support of my family I was able to, along with my brother, give the necessary personal commitment and have the time away from home and my family to honor our promise.  For this, I am grateful and thank the Lord.  It's funny how much closer two brothers can become than they already were when jointly shouldering a situation like this and how complementing skills seem to magically surface to meet the task at hand.
    Subsequent to his passing, we have had to address the many usual and time consuming estate issues.  A major deadline item was the refurbishment by my brother and I of a 60 year old house.  While it had been well maintained, it nonetheless required significant personal time investment and some considered updating to most importantly hit the beginning of a summer real estate selling season and to sell at the right price point in the current market and area.  All while both of us were carrying on our full time regular jobs.  Happily, all this did come to successful fruition and this particular major family task is off the list.    
    Hence - little to no time at all for things like social media.  So with these things behind me but not forgotten, let’s hope and pray that the rest of 2016 proceeds on a more normal course.
    I expect to be soon be back in the usual swing of cooking, enjoying meals and in time well spent with my family, as well as experiencing the wonderful posts on this Forum and resuming my frequent contributions to the same.
    I write this not for sympathy but in celebration of life and its journeys.   In this busy world, the real priorities of life - God, family, friends, and others and what we do around this aspect of life does stand the test of time and is what really matters.  This is the real message.
    Thanks for letting me share this personal story with the many friends that I have made here over the last several years. 
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    magician reacted to ckreef in Shark Fillets   
    My weekend cooking plans got all screwed up again. None of the grocery stores in town had my main ingredient for a planned Mediterranean cook. Go figure but I do have that worked out for next weekend.
    Meanwhile I did find some really fat (over 2") shark fillets. Planked them on Prometheus.

    I had some small potato halves and squash grilling on Cassiopeia.

    Dinner is ready.

    After dinner adult beverage was a Bistro Mud Slide.

    For desert we had cheesecake stuffed peaches. Fortunately my son came outside and enquired about the peaches. I guess we were enjoying the mud slides a little too much and almost burnt up the peaches - LOL

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    magician reacted to Smokehowze in Angus Beef Brisket & Smash Taters   
    Angus Beef Brisket & Smash Taters
    I needed to prepare a special family meal on Saturday.   So... this cook was a Restaurant Depot 16 pound Angus Beef Brisket packer. So tuck in your bibs and let's get to it.

    I bought the larger size packer instead of the 12-13 pounders as it was very limber on the flex test - and only $3.29 per pound.  And we like leftovers...
    To allow for best cooking, I divided this large packer into two portions such that each piece was a more uniform thickness.  Dividing also allowed me to use the expansion rack in Big Joe to stack the meat slabs.  Nice looking meat.


    Fat trim was only about two pounds of which the best fat went into the freezer for use in the future when I am making sausage and need some extra beef fat.   Simply seasoned overnight in fridge with Montreal Steak as a rub.
    Since I had to hit a deadline for an early evening meal, I wanted to start about 7 am and cook this brisket at roughly 300 degrees, but Joe stabilized nicely at 325 so I just went with that.   Smoke element was hickory and pecan for about 3 hour’s duration -until the foil step.  
    Because of the higher temps I foiled the meats at each portions respective stall point (with ¼ cup low sodium beef broth addition) and left the meat foiled until done. 
    Surprisingly, this cook went very fast – even faster than I anticipated - which was not an issue as the foiled meat was towel wrapped and placed in a cooler as a faux Cambro to hold the meat until meal time.    The thinner flat was done in 5 hours and the point in 6. Both portions tested probe tender right at 203-205 degrees.  Stall period because of foiling and higher heat was very short.   Also, I think cook went faster because this particular brisket seemed very tender at the onset.

    The result was a great brisket, excellent flavor with just the right tender texture and a good “pull”.  Very moist and juicy.  Because of the foil and the rest time the bark was soft but on a brisket we prefer that over hard bark and dry meat.  Family said it was the best brisket so far.

    Since Joe was at 325, I let him coast along in a holding pattern and later bumped the temps up to 425- 450 still indirect with another small piece of pecan wood in order to roast the smash taters for about 25 minutes.
    The red new potatoes after boiling and draining were “smashed”.  They were topped with fine chopped fresh garlic further pureed with a fork using the tines and a bit of salt as a grinding agent.   The garlic stirred in with some olive oil was painted on the potatoes and a top coat of grated Parmesan cheese and a fresh grind black pepper rounded out the preparation.  

    Additional sides were a nice chopped mixed salad contributed by Mrs Smokehowze.   Fresh sliced cucumbers were marinated in the juice from my homemade fermented jalapeno peppers for added meal zing.  


    Finally, add some rosemary artisan bread from Costco bakery and we have a gourmet 'meat and taters' dinner feast!

    Hope you enjoyed viewing this meal.  With the right approach, cooking brisket at 325 degrees can give the same excellent results in a much shorter period of time.  Try it next time you need to short cut the cooking session.
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    magician got a reaction from Marty in Nothing but the money!   
    Deer shanks smoked 2 hrs with Greek spices then braised in beef broth and red wine.

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    magician reacted to wkosnik in My first pork loin   
    So... I've never actually grilled a pork loin before and a month or so ago my wife had actually put one in the freezer and thought this weekend would be great to try out the new Meat Church seasonings I got in the mail on Friday. I didn't measure the amount I used but I used generous but even amounts of each the Season-all and Honey Hog Hot Bbq. Also, I injected it with a mix of water, apple cider vinegar and both seasonings.
    I let it rest, wrapped in plastic wrap for about 10 hours.
    Got my Akorn up to about 325. It slowly raised to about 350, but by then it was finished. Honestly, I didn't notice how long it took. I did add a few pieces of pecan chunk to my heat deflector so it would smolder. And it did give a nice mild flavor, and slight smoke ring.
    I cooked it to 165 degrees and I should have went 155. The wife won't eat it medium, so I went with well done. Nice and moist, but slightly crumbly. Went just a bit long. But the rubs were fantastic! I couldn't tell if the injection made a difference to be honest. But everything turned out great. Wifey ate 4 slices....way more than she normally would eat. Always a good sign.

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    magician reacted to JoeC in Nothing but the money!   
    Chicken quesadillas with mango salsa.

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    magician reacted to Jesse in Nothing but the money!   
    Not sure if I posted this here or not, neighbor was having a birthday party for his little girl. 32 lbs of pork butt and 16 lbs of chuck roast for BBQ beef. This was done on my neighbors Big Joe and my Large Egg.

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    magician reacted to JoeC in Nothing but the money!   
    I posted this yesterday, but seems it got deleted.  Used what was left of the mojo pork I made, for some tacos.  pico, avocado, honey chipotle ailoi, and cilantro.

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    magician got a reaction from Bamaspot in Nothing but the money!   
    Deer shanks smoked 2 hrs with Greek spices then braised in beef broth and red wine.

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    magician got a reaction from Smoke and Awe in Nothing but the money!   
    Deer shanks smoked 2 hrs with Greek spices then braised in beef broth and red wine.

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    magician reacted to Aussie Joe in Fed in the Med challange   
    For this challenge I will be taking you to Turkey to indulge in Islim Kebab with Turkish Pilav enjoy.
    I started off by blending some onion and garlicthere are a few variations to this dish so I chose Lamb minceI added some rosemary and thyme then some lemon zest and S&P I then added the the onion and garlicbread crumbs and an eggand mixed it all together left that in the fridge and started slicing up some egg plantand left them in water and salt to get rid of the bitterness I made a mock up of Jack's meatball tin yesterdayso I thought I would use that rolled up some of the lamb and placed in the tinI then drained and dried off the egg plant and gave them a coat of oil. I had the Joe sitting at 400f when I placed the egg plant and minceI let them go for 20 min then took offI then made the islim kebab put two pieces of egg plant in a cross placed meat and scewred then added a slice of tomatoes green capsicum and a little meat ball I cooked the egg plant was not the biggest so I had to use a few toothpicsthen I placed them in a dishand poured some tomatoes sauce around themI left the Joe sitting at 400 and put them on for 30 minwhilst that was going I started on the Pilav fried up the risoni I could not get hold off any Turkish rice so used the next best thing threw it in and let cook for a couple of minutes with some chicken stock and saltthen added water until it was ready. And plated not the best shot but I can say these tasted fantasticthanks for looking
    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill♨
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    magician reacted to Panchango in Nothing but the money!   
    A simple cook of skinless thighs with a spicy mustard based bbq sauce.  Served with grilled okra and patty pan squash from the garden and roasted potatoes.

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    magician reacted to Aussie Joe in Nothing but the money!   
    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill♨
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    magician got a reaction from DerHusker in Atomic Shrimp   
    Excellent job on those swimps!!
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    magician got a reaction from Jack. in Kamado Smoked Italian Meatballs   
    Jack, like the other times you've posted the meatballs, this looks delizioso!! I've altered your version for a meatball barley soup that just kills it on a winter day.
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    magician reacted to DerHusker in Atomic Shrimp   
    Atomic Shrimp = Bacon Wrapped Shrimp stuffed with Smoked Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeño.
    This weekend I also made these again.
    I took some U13 shrimp and split them as much as possible and then filled the cavity with sharp cheddar cheese, then a slice of jalapeno and then wrapped them in bacon.

    I place them on the preheated (to 300) kamado for 5 to 6 minutes per side.



    Let them cool for just a few minutes and then plated them up with some cilantro garnish.


    These are sooo tasty.
    Thanks for looking.
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    magician reacted to Jack. in Kamado Smoked Italian Meatballs   
    I first posted this cook back in early 2013. Since then I make kamado meatballs whenever my wife wants spaghetti and meatballs.  Tonight is the night, so here we go again.
    Ingredients are 3 to 1 80%/20% ground chuck to crumbled hot Italian sausage, shredded Romano, minced garlic, onion powder, chopped Italian parsley, Italian blend seasonings and two beaten eggs.
    Formed into balls slightly smaller than a tennis ball and placed in my meatball roasting pan and cooked indirect with a cube of cherry wood @ 400* to an IT of 160.
    Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.

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    magician got a reaction from wickedcajun in Chicken in pie form   
    Brotha, that looks awesome. I gained 3 pounds just reading about it!!
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    magician got a reaction from CeramicChef in Chicken in pie form   
    Brotha, that looks awesome. I gained 3 pounds just reading about it!!
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