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    magician reacted to Dub in Gym + produce stand + kamdo + tunes = perfect day for this guy   
    I've had a few days off and been putting off a project that needed doing.  Got'r'dun yesterday and figured I'd relax today and do some cooking.
      Fairly decent session in the gym this morning and hit a local fresh produce stand on the way home.        Family was still sleeping when I fired up the lump & pecan splits.  Good for them.....Better for me...as that meant I could also fire up the kitchen/deck tunes loudly.  I decided to keep the gym music rolling.                   Went through the entire albums for the most part as I did my prep & cook work.    Relaxing day for sure.       I've been a sorry hombre and not hit my local grill store in a while to pick up my favorite rib rub....therefore a substitute was used.  Grabbed this one from Cabelas just before catching  movie with my son this week.  It was not bad.....but I'm gonna make it a priority to get the gold standard rib rub before next batch.                     Two racks of baby backs and a smallish rack of beef ribs today.  I needed to wake the beef ribs up with a few shakes of roostershire sauce before applying the Dizzy Pig coffee beef rub.           Into the smoke they went....         Waited a few minutes and hit 'em again with rubs.           Three hours later....225 with steady pecan smoke.....they were coming around and ready to be wrapped and finished.           Wraps were about the same for each slab.....                   Pot of collards on as soon as the wrapped ribs were returned to the grill.               Squash & corn were prepped for additional sides......                 ALL sides were seasoned to the cook's preference.....me being the cook and final word on said seasoning, lol.                           Everything came out okay if I do say so myself.  Great mid-day cooking time.  Very relaxing.  Looking forward to relaxing more this evening.             babybacks:   beef ribs:       Family dug in and tore it slam up and declared it fit to eat.   I snuck away with a beef rib and some leftover butternut squash finished off with a divine sauce that I have to buy much more of......truly exceptional stuff, in my opinion.         Thanks for looking and please.....please.....post up yer grilling, cooking or other........
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    magician reacted to Aussie Joe in Lamb shanks in red wine and balsamic vinegar on a bed of cauliflower puree   
    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill♨
    Yes I know my gasket is non existant lol but I have a replacement
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    magician got a reaction from TKOBBQ in Nothing but the money!   
    Venison backstrap rubbed with Gyro seasoning and sea salt and sweet potatoes brushed with butter and cinnamon. This was from a big old Kentucky buck.

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    magician got a reaction from Rak73 in Pineapple Stand Chicken!   
    Great looking cook Rak. Everything I've grilled with pineapple has turned out great. Gotta try this one.
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    magician got a reaction from CeramicChef in A "Simple 4th of July" Cook   
    Great job CC.
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    magician reacted to ckreef in Bistro's July 4th Weekend   
    It was a long full weekend at the Bistro. Here is a quick recap.
    Friday night leg quarters.

    Saturday we got up early and went to Lane Packing. A peach orchard and packing facility.

    Brought home some supplies for the weekend.

    Saturday night was date night.
    Yakatori Date Night - Where you go nowhere, get your date drunk, and make her cook her own food.
    Sounds like the perfect date to me. LOL - Actually it's Mrs skreef's favorite date night. We always have a good time playing with the Yakatori grill.

    Sunday got up early and drilled my new smoke pot.

    Dinner was beans fresh off the KK, Brats, and summer slaw.

    After dinner Mrs skreef made a peach cobbler.

    While she was cooking the cobbler I got the fireworks lined up and ready to go. Just a small $100 display.

    Just a couple of pictures from Sunday night fireworks.

    Why do you want to spend extra money on good fiberglass or pvc mortar tubes like these?

    Because the cheap cardboard tubes they give you blast apart! A mortar shell going off in all directions at ground level definitely adds to the excitement factor.

    During all this we were working on various house projects. Even so we managed to find time for a motorcycle ride Monday morning.

    Got home and spent some time canning various things.
    Reef's Komodo Peaches,
    Reef's Blueberry BBQ Sauce, and
    Grilled Peach Reef Jam.

    Monday night was a few ribs.

    That's all I got. Various other threads posted detailing some of this. A great weekend for sure.
    Reef's Bistro
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    magician reacted to Rak73 in Pineapple Stand Chicken!   
    Hiya friends!
    I haven't posted for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been cooking!
    Today I was trying a recipe from Diva Q's new book and it was seriously good!  Pineapple stand chicken served with fried rice.  The chicken was moist and tasty with a hint of sweetness, really good combo of flavours.
    The book..

    Step 1...turn the pineapple into a stand...

    Step 2..Season chicken and place on stand.  I figured since I was using pineapple, something with an asian theme would be great.  The family with happy with this decision

    Step 3..Cook chicken around 300F until done.  Mine looked a little drunk and leaning, but it held up!

    Step 4...serve and enjoy!

    PS - the rest of the pineapple was grilled and served with ice-cream.....if you know my kids (and me), you'll understand how there are no pics of that!!! 
    Thanks for looking
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    magician reacted to CeramicChef in A "Simple 4th of July" Cook   
    Howdy Gurus!
    So as many of you know, I was planning on a Simple 4th of July Cook.  I wasn't entertaining a big group of folks as I've done for years. I was just having my brothers over to drink a little beer, grill some dogs, burgers, and sausages, eat a few chips,  and watch a little baseball, etc.  Well, here is the result of a "Simple 4th of July!"  I knew I was in trouble and the best laid plans of mice and CC were shot to hades when I walked out of Sam's Club with over $200 in food and beverage!
    Here is the table with the appiteasers on it.  

    Here is TheBeast getting loaded up for his time to shine!  I spiral cut jalapeño and cheese sausage, and Oscar Mayer hot dogs (what else? ) My brother loves spiral cut ever since I introduced him to them.

    Next up on the grate was the burgers.  Gotta stage this cook ...

    Here is a money shot that is just a couple of simple dogs, some German potato salad made by my brother who lives just around the corner and an ear of corn.  

    That's all the money shot.  However, I guess my house is now known as BBQ Central as all of a sudden, my neighbors show up carrying burgers, buns, and beer, and they just came in and sat down!  At the end of it all there were about 30 folks here.  It looked like the swarm of locusts of Biblical proportions eating at my table!  A great time was had by all.  
    Just a great 4th of July here at ChezChef!  I hope your 4th was as much fun as was mine!
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    magician reacted to karld in Greetings from Central Louisiana   
    Hey everyone.
    I lucked out and bought a Acorn from a fellow who used it twice and didn't like it for only 75 bucks. My score!
    Today I fired it up for the first time and am slow cooking a boston butt with apple wood.
    I was able to nail my temp and it seems stable at 260 degrees.
    Just the smell alone on the car port is amazing!!!!
    I think this is going to be my new favorite thing to cook on!
    I am very much open to any and all suggestions on using this thing...
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    magician got a reaction from Marty in Nothing but the money!   
    Venison backstrap rubbed with Gyro seasoning and sea salt and sweet potatoes brushed with butter and cinnamon. This was from a big old Kentucky buck.

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    magician reacted to Cgriller64 in Santa Maria TriTip   
    Went with a family favorite for the 4th. Santa Maria TriTip with Santa Maria Salsa, Santa Maria Pinquinto Beans, and garlic bread.
    The first time I made this dish it was the version I found in Raichlen's BBQ USA. Have made many versions over the years but this is the one the family favors the best.
    This version is off the top of my head but it's close to the book.
    Dry Rub for the TriTip
    Garlic Powder
    Dried Mexican Oregano
    Dried Crushed Rosemary

    Applied liberally 3 or 4 hours prior to the cook.
    4 Roma Tomatoes seeded and diced
    2 celery stalks diced
    3 greens onion diced
    1 Anaheim Pepper seeded and diced
    Chopped Cilantro
    Tapatio hot sauce
    Cider vinegar
    Lime juice
    Dried Mexican Oregano
    Dried crushed Rosemary

    The dry rub and salsa are pretty much by the book but the beans I went off the rails a little bit due to laziness and ingredients on hand.
    2 cans Pinquinto beans (too lazy to use dried)
    1 Vidalia onion diced
    Diced panchetta and prosciutto (items on hand-pork is pork - right?)
    Chopped cilantro
    Chile Sauce
    Tapatio hot sauce
    Taco Bell sauce ( I used this once a long time ago and the family won't let me leave it out. Usually have a bottle on hand but didn't today so had the use a few packets from the fast food condiment drawer. Right next to the Arby's horsey sauce.
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    magician reacted to Bamaspot in Patriotic Pie   
    Fired the Akorn up early this morning and had two rubbed Butts on by 7:30.
    Quick peak 2 hours in:

    The dome thermometer stayed between 250 & 275 throughout the cook with very little fiddling.
    About 2:30 I started checking the IT and they were probing tender by 3:30.


    Wrapped them in foil and into the cooler for a couple of hours.
    They turned out just right.

    The spread:

    BBQ, fried green tomatoes, sweet corn, and some red, white, and blue fruit sticks my daughter put together.

    Best part of the meal though was this pie my daughter put together for us.
    Strawberries and blueberries.
    It was a very patriotic pie.

    Thanks for looking.
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    magician got a reaction from Aussie Joe in Nothing but the money!   
    Venison backstrap rubbed with Gyro seasoning and sea salt and sweet potatoes brushed with butter and cinnamon. This was from a big old Kentucky buck.

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    magician got a reaction from wickedcajun in Nothing but the money!   
    Venison backstrap rubbed with Gyro seasoning and sea salt and sweet potatoes brushed with butter and cinnamon. This was from a big old Kentucky buck.

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    magician got a reaction from Panchango in Nothing but the money!   
    Venison backstrap rubbed with Gyro seasoning and sea salt and sweet potatoes brushed with butter and cinnamon. This was from a big old Kentucky buck.

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    magician reacted to Panchango in Nothing but the money!   
    Marinated drumsticks and boneless skinless thighs in a sesame ginger mix. Grilled raised direct at 400F and Slathered with a kicked up BBQ sauce.  Served with roasted potatoes, squash, and steamed corn.  Simple yet satisfying meal tonight.

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    magician reacted to Stilltime in Nothing but the money!   
    A bunch of chicken wings on the big grill, and a baker's dozen atomic buffalo turds on the little grill [emoji16]
    After pics in about an hour!
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    magician got a reaction from CeramicChef in Nothing but the money!   
    Venison backstrap rubbed with Gyro seasoning and sea salt and sweet potatoes brushed with butter and cinnamon. This was from a big old Kentucky buck.

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    magician got a reaction from CeramicChef in Planked Garlic Marinated Salmon   
    Great looking cook CC. Excellent job and I love planked fish too. Will have to look for the sugar maple. I've used oak and hickory and both worked nicely.
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    magician got a reaction from freddyjbbq in brisket coma need a food nap!!   
    Couldn't agree more. Excellent brisket Freddy.
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    magician reacted to Fnjay in Lots of firsts on this brisket!   
    First one on the big joe. First low low n slow overnight. First no wrap. First long rest......Just shy 14lb prime packer rubbed with black ops and smoke with oak. Kept it bellow 250 and most of the time at 220-230.
    Did a really minimal trim. It just didn't seem to need much messing with.

    On at about 8PM

    There she rolls

    Still needs a few hours....going no wrap all the way baby! Another first.

    And done..probe tender at 2:30pm...went into cooler for about 3.5 hours till everyone was well "hydrated" and ready to eat. Another first....I've never bothered with long rest before.

    Moist n tender with hella nice bark!

    The bend

    I was happy with it, as was all the guests. Even every kid had themselves a brisky samich! I chopped this all up and mixed point and flat. Really liked it that way. Changed too many variables all at once vs previous brisket so I was a bit nervous.....all in all best one to date though!
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    magician reacted to CeramicChef in Planked Garlic Marinated Salmon   
    So last evening was a nice night to try a cook that I only do occasionally ... planked salmon.  I found these Canadian Sugar Maple planks at the local BBQ Speciality Shop and they were on sale ... at $14.95!  I'm a sucker and got a package as I had a nice couple of pieces of salmon marinating in an olive oil, garlic, a tad bit of lemon juice, red pepper flakes, etc.  Here is that cook.  
    I soaked the planks about 2 hours as prescribed on the packaging and here it is going on the grate.

    This picture shows the salmon placed on the plank after the plank had heated for about 45 minutes and was flipped.  I decided to use the marinade and poured it on top of the salmon.

    Here is a top view immediately the salmon went on the plank.

    This is a shot of the salmon right before I pulled it.

    Now the table shots ... This is a salad a Friend made for me; her's  was about a third this size!  Pete The Salt Pig likes seeing me eat salad instead of his kin!  

    Here are a couple of money shots.


    This was a really nice cook.  I'm a big fan os fish and I'll cook fish just about any way you can imagine.  In every previous cook, I've always tossed the plank but this time the Canadian Sugar Maple came through the cook in great shape.  I washed it off and put it back on the grate to sanitize and dry at the direction of the guys at the BBQ Speciality Store.  We'll see how that works out.  
    Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July Holiday.  Please don't drink and drive!
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    magician reacted to freddyjbbq in brisket coma need a food nap!!   
    12# before trimming
    injected yesterday with a mixture of beef broth, black coffee, onion & garlic powders.
    rubbed with oak ridge black ops and dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee at 2 am whilst the grill was warming up.
    onto the grill at 3am, off the grill at 3pm.

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    magician got a reaction from Jack. in Pork Medallions w/ Blackberry Horseradish Relish   
    Excellent job as always Jack. That looks delicious!
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    magician reacted to Jack. in Pork Medallions w/ Blackberry Horseradish Relish   
    2 pork tenderloins brined in kosher salt, brown sugar, minced garlic and thyme, spun on the JT to IT of 140*.

    2 cups blackberries, 2 TBS sugar, 1 TBS drained, prepared horseradish, 1 TBS lime juice, 1 TBS EVOO, 2 TBS finely chopped basil, cooked over medium heat, stirring gently about 5 minutes.

    The pork sliced into 1/2" medallions, dressed with the relish, garnished with chiffonade of basil, and served with fingerling potatoes roasted with thyme, and asparagus.


    Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.

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