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  1. Very late update. Got 8th out of 30 teams at the Sam's Club regional comp for pork. Unfortunately, my teams other meats bombed and we did not do well at all. Temps still fluctuate more than I'd like on the Akorn. Might try my Guru on it and see how that goes.
  2. That's a good idea to send them some info and pics. I've seen a one other team using an Akorn, but really didn't get a chance to go over and ask about how they are using it (which meat). It does get the odd look or two sitting next to our team's BGE (brisket), WSM (ribs), and weber kettle (Chicken). A fine result against all the Jambos, Backwoods and Onyx Oven's out there. At least on that one day with that one meat.
  3. My competition BBQ team, Brown Liquor BBQ, won 1st Place Pork at the Sam's Club National BBQ Tour event in Laurel, MD last weekend. We used the Akorn to smoke the winning entry. While I won't say our Akorn was flawless in holding temps for the entire cook, it was steady enough to help get into the winners circle. :D This is the 4th competition we've used the Akorn to cook on for pork. We got it to replace lugging a Primo XL to competitions and so far the lighter, less expensive (especially if it gets knocked over) Akorn has performed admirably. I modded the the vent, ash pan and lid with BGE gasket, but will have to upgrade to the higher temp gasket because it got torched with an aggressive high temp pizza cook Not sure if this is the 1st BBQ competition "win" using an Akorn, but thought others on this forum would find the news interesting. We'll be using it again this weekend at the Sam's Regional event in Chesapeake VA. http://www.kcbs.us/news.php?id=544
  4. Going on year two with my XL and still love it. So much space and steady temps. Just wait until you are doing a low and slow in the winter without worrying about dropping temps. I'm very glad I made the plunge.
  5. My wife got me one too for Father's Day. I use it all the time. And my wife likes that I use it all the time (I would have been happy to stick with starter cubes) It actually works very well.
  6. I get Royal Oak at Restaurant Depot super cheap, so I use that mostly. I've used Wicked Good and while it was really good, it was also $25. RO is very consistent and solid stuff.
  7. Tsunami Spin is really good. Great on ribs and chicken wings. Raging River went really well on salmon and shrimp I threw on the Akorn. They are all solid, fresh tasting rubs. I'm still working my way through the sample box my family got me from the Dizzy Pig store down the road in Manassas.
  8. Golf. And competition BBQ. Of course my two kids (5&7) are my real hobby right now. Throw in my wife's two horses and, well, that pretty much does it for any spare time we have!
  9. Looks like you are doing great with your new toy. You are correct about the temps and the pizza: no need to get it screaming hot to get great pizza cooked on top and crust. Yeah, you hear about these pizza ovens that churn out great pizza at 700+, but really, no one is going to know that your pizza was cooked at 400-450. I burned many a pizza until I just took the temps down a notch.
  10. I've got a BBQ Guru DX2 for my Primo XL and it works very well. Although I have not gotten the adapter for my Akorn, the dozens of smokes I've done with the Guru make me a believer. It is pricey, but once I set the Guru up I just go to bed. If you haven't been to the Naked Whiz web site for reviews, you should. Good luck!
  11. I don't know of a clone recipe, but I've used Bad Byron's on a number of pork butts. Really good flavor. I cut mine with some turbinado sugar to ease up on the spiciness. You might want to check with your local Big Green Egg dealer. Many of them carry racks of rubs (Dizzy Pig, Plow Boys etc) and likely Bad Byron's . I get mine at a small hardware store that's also a BGE dealer.
  12. Hello from Woodbridge. My brother has lived in Yorktown for 14 years and it's a real nice area. Congrats on the new rig!
  13. Solid advice! The only thing I would humbly add is regarding the wood chunks: 4-5 "might" be too much smoke flavor. Especially if it's a strong type of wood like hickory or mesquite. Apple, cherry and pecan are considered lighter smoke woods. 2-3 tennis ball sized chunks is plenty in my opinion. Good luck!
  14. I've had my thermapen (ultra fast white) for two years and it's awesome. Nothing gets overcooked or undercooked anymore because I use this thing everytime I grill. My only consideration in replacing it would be to get the splashproof version out now.
  15. I went to my local BGE dealer who was selling his XL gaskets for $5!! Apparently they are phasing those out and stocking the higher temp (nomex?) BGE gaskets exclusively. I'm afraid I snagged the last one though. Anyways, I sealed everyting I could and it was so easy. Thanks for the tips and pics of this mod.
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