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  1. You got new KJ basket in UK already! Where did you order, if I may ask? I have been looking for it, but no online shop carries.
  2. afingerhut, How do you fit the cap on Junior? Diameter is much bigger on Smoke ware cap, right? Is there adaptor?
  3. Hi Andy, sorry to cause misunderstanding. SS cap I am talking about is SmokeWare's SS cap, not the one of KJ SS cap. I really like SmokeWare's cap, but I have to take top cover away to do pizza and steak as temp does not go up more than 500 degree. I think new KJ cap solve all problems and it looks very good!!
  4. I really want one! I have SS chimney cap, but I realised that it does not have an enough air flaw to make Kamado 600 degree. Opening is not big enough I think. I hope KJ will make enough of those when they start selling as it will be extremely popular for sure!
  5. Wow! I definitely wish to get it! Looks so sweeeeeeet!
  6. EMan2000, I am sorry to learn your experience, but I felt that you are a bit too meticulous. Yes, it is not a cheap shopping, but those pits and slight paint loss is extremely minor issues, and touch-up paint would do a brilliant job. My KJ classic does have similar pits and loss of paint area. Yes, devider needs to be replaced as it is broken. At the end of the day, the Kamado is made in China. You cannot expect extreme high finish as you demand. High finish is not the KJ grill's selling point, not like Komodo Kamado which you would need to spend three times more. But this is still one excellent cooking devise. I am sure, after 10-20 cooks on it, you will forget about those minor issues and would appreciate and enjoy how wonderful KJ is. Personally my experience with KJ support is excellent. No other companies can support you like KJ on this planet.
  7. Hi Everyone! I happened to find a following new grill grate called 'Quad Grate'. They are saying that this grate is much better than SS grates and cast iron grate. I wonder if there are anyone confirming their statement? http://www.quadcooker.com/quadgrate-1/ They say: Along comes QuadGrate, the new replacement cooking grid for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe grills. QuadGrate delivers superior results thanks to its unique, patented design and precision construction. No other upgrade grate performs better. Not aluminum. Not cast iron. Not stainless steel. Sear to perfection: Would you hold a valuable cut of Prime beef over a fire with a fork? That's essentially what you're doing when you cook on a stainless steel wire grate. QuadGrate sears in moisture and flavors with ample surface area and excellent conductive cooking properties. Achieve higher, more evenly distributed heat: QuadGrate is not constructed of 13 pounds of case-hardened, laser-cut steel plate to build your biceps. Instead, its heavy weight contributes to improved heat retention and more even heat distribution across the grill area. Upgrade your grate for the last time: Cook once on QuadGrate and you'll never go back to stainless steel or cast iron. And unlike lesser replacement grates and upgrades, QuadGrate comes with a lifetime warranty. When it comes to grilling, good is not good enough. All your grilled creations will be outstanding with QuadGrate, and your friends and family will rave. To introduce QuadGrate to market, we are offering special pricing to a limited number of premium ceramic grill owners and outdoor living resellers. Join us now. You'll be among the first to experience the world's best grill surface, designed exclusively to complement the world's best grills.
  8. Hi Sdbrown, I am in UK (south west, Aylesbury) and in love with my Kamado Joe classic. I used to use grocery store charcoal and I hated them. I now purchase the Restaurant Grade charcoal 15kg bag from Big K through internet order. The bag contains quite large chunks although it is inevitable to have some crashed small ones on the bottom of the bag too. It burns very clean and gets very very hot over 700 F if you wish. I highly recommend it. Here is a link. http://www.bigkproducts.co.uk/Product-Restaurant-Grade-Lumpwood-Charcoal-(ACH15)_22.aspx You need to buy at least 2 bags for them to deliver to your door. Good luck and happy grilling!
  9. I have bought my classic in the summer 2014, and I have kept mu KJC outside with the joe cover regardless of weather condition. Even it is wet weather, you have no problem to start fire, unless you have a heavy storm. Just enjoy cooking!!
  10. I have one question. I thought you are also testing charcoal grate. This prototype still has classical grate with relatively small holes. Is there going to be new updated grates as well?
  11. This is really nice. I look forward to your report, John!
  12. Thanks. But I meant the skewer rack/holder but not the skewer.
  13. Hi those look great, Skreef. Btw I am interested in the skewer holder you used in the picture. Where did you get it?
  14. I like the design! It is very distinctive and original! This will prevent water coming inside even you leave it out side without cover. However, I felt it may be a bit too tall, especially the opening area. Current cap is low profile, and this cap is quite tall. So, balance (looking) may be quite different. Would you please add a picture of whole kamado joe with the cap? I guess this is to get enough air flow when doing pizza/steak cooks. Is it possible to make it slightly shorter profile overall and perhaps widen the opening to compensate airflow? Another question is how easy to control airflow when you wish to do low and slow. Does it have tapered opening when it closes?
  15. Oh, they changed the design a bit. New one is better! Prototype that I have has a lip of top part on the other side of rectangular hole. This way the lip does not get exposed directly to the hot air! This is cool!
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