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  1. Here's mine, for what it's worth - modified Stubb's recipe... always been a hit since the first one I did. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/13601-meatloaf-check/
  2. DAYUM Bigs... now I've gotta try that! Nice work!
  3. Faithful iGrill2 user here for almost a year - you won't be disappointed; congrats!
  4. Chicken, sundried tomato, feta, moz, spinach and basil. White hot, and yes, the box has a crack in her: 575 degrees for 3 mins, spin and 3 more: And tada! Cheers!
  5. Yep; same thing happened to me with many stones, and the lava stone heat diffuser for the Vision itself - lesson learned: Use no foil whatsoever; just let it get dirty and then flip it over to burn off the residue/soot.
  6. I go with rinsed wings/drummies, patted dry on a cookie sheet. Generous ground sea salt and ground pepper only, put on direct (upper deck of my Vision) over 325-350 coals. 15 minutes, flip, and 15 more. Flip again, and baste with sauce of your choice Another 5, flip and sauce again Another 5, flip and sauce again Pick one of three options at this point, based on desired "crispiness": 1) More flips as-is until they get where you want (watch for drying out/burning of sauce) 2) Oven at 200 in a pyrex 3) Quick broil on the sheet This was with about 10 minutes to go on Saturday with two sauces: Chili Dan's Start to Finish sauce at left, and Stubbs Sweet Heat with 1tsp honey, 1tsp Chula and some Sriracha at right:
  7. ABTs for yet another Lightning loss Saturday... going to switch it up and do oysters tonight for better luck.
  8. Looks great, love loafs on the grill - you have a recipe for that bad boy, by chance?
  9. My wife has given up on asking me, "you're seriously going to grill again?". I'm pushing 10 1/2 months since the infection took over, and I can literally count on one hand the number of weeks that I haven't cooked at least 6 nights a week on it. Last night was pasta night; SWMBO makes a killer meat sauce with pork/chicken/veal, and so... Setzler's herb-smoked meatballs.
  10. Mandatory grilling conditions. thx Douglas!
  11. I haven't searched it out, but has anyone used Chili Dan's Start to Finish sauce? Friend of mine brought some back from a recent trip to Ohio where she met the guy who makes and sells it. Absolutely awesome on wings with nothing else necessary... S/P the wings and on to the upper deck of the Vision at 400 direct for 15, flip and 15 more. Move to indirect, sauce, run for 5 and flip/sauce every 5 for 15-20 or until they get where you want 'em. I do another quick 3 minutes per side back on direct at the end to crisp 'em up. Was a great night for a cigar and wings (and unfortunately, a Lightning loss in the Cup Finals). Cheers!
  12. Rob, that's just a cheap stand that came with a previous one I got at Target (which shattered after 3 runs, btw - they're like $16 and include the stand). Certainly wouldn't be necessary, but I just like getting it up higher into the dome to help with the toppings getting crisped up in a short time. edit: here's a link to that stone/stand at Target, btw. Welcome to the board, BTW - LOTS of great people on here who will help from A to Z! -B
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