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  1. The Facebook Group with the details is Kamado Joe Grilling Smoking and More.
  2. Bobby Brennan has been pretty active on the Facebook Groups answering questions and giving details. Atlanta Grill Co just got chosen yesterday to be the kickoff dealer. Once they made that announcement, people started hammering them to be able to place the order. So they rushed to get the web updated so people could start the pre-orders. I assume they will flesh out the details soon. Maybe even tomorrow once their web master gets to work.
  3. I ordered both. I have been wanting a Kickash Basket for awhile now. So decided to get this one instead. Could have used it tonight. My firebox was full of little tiny remnants tonight when I went to cook our Mothers Day Steak and Shrimp. I got all filthy cleaning up before I could fire it up to cook dinner for my wife and family. There is a thread on the Facebook group where everyone is asking questions. The owner of Atlanta Grill Company is following and answering questions.
  4. Oh, the iKamand is expected to ship by the end of May.
  5. I do not see where anyone has posted about it yet. The iKamand is available for pre-order as of last night. Bobby is using the same retailer who premiered the new Ash Baskets this weekend. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-accessories/products/kamado-joe-ikamand-temperature-controller-big-joe-kj-classic the new ash basket is available to order as well. I just ordered both. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-accessories/products/kamado-joe-charcoal-basket
  6. Yeah, and they were moving fast. While I was there several guys bought multiple units. And someone was pulling in with a large trailer just as we were leaving.
  7. The sell started today at noon. They have a ton of Joes, last years and this years both. I picked up some accessories for my Big Joe and a buddy of mine got himself a brand new Jr to go with his Classic.
  8. Kamado Joe is moving to a new location. They are looking to clear out all open boxed items from their warehouse. The sell was announced today on the Kamado Joe Grilling, Smoking and more Facebook Group by Conor Brennan. I bought my Big Joe at their first Open Box sell several years ago. Has full warranty and I have had Zero problems with buying an open boxed unit. So don't hesitate to purchase. For those who refuse to use Facebook, here is a Copy and Paste of what he posted. Has the dates and times and the address. "A new warehouse for us means great deals for you. Friday, Sept. 22nd (Noon – 4 pm) & Saturday, Sept. 23rd (9 am – 4 pm), come shop factory refurbished grills and accessories for up to 50% off the original price. Must purchase & pick-up at our warehouse (2865 North Berkeley Lake Road NW, Suite 6, Duluth, Georgia 30096). Two days only – everything not in its original box must go. Please contact me on Facebook for further information." For those who do use Facebook, here is a link to the post. https://www.facebook.com/groups/500015733460665/permalink/1221442927984605/?comment_id=1221538271308404&notif_t=group_comment_reply&notif_id=1505418277602092
  9. Reidan

    Mesh wifi?

    My Google Paranoia kicks in thinking about that product. Google makes most of its money tracking you and sending you targeted ads. So having this device in your home guarantees that every single data packet in your house is tracked for ad generating revenue possibility.
  10. Anyone got a good OTA antenna that can be used inside an apartment? My father in law needs to move by the end of the month. Been in this apartment for over 20 years, so his rent is cheap. But, they are tearing it down to widen a major road. New place is gonna be $200 hundred more per month. My wife and I have been paying for basic cable for him for several years after traditional broadcast TV ended. With the increase in rent, and his fixed retirement income, we will have to pick up the extra costs. Need to reduce the costs I will have to pay. So looking to drop that basic cable payment. The indoor OTA antennas for the new HD reception sucked back when traditional broadcast TV ended. Have they gotten better? Got a recommendations for a good model?
  11. Hey, it was good to meet everyone last night. I had fun. Let's do it again sometime!
  12. Reidan

    Mesh wifi?

    Meraki (a Cisco wireless company) used to have a demo program where you could sign up as a company wanting a demo unit. They would give you a free one. Use your work email, your wife's work email, etc, to get a few of them. Then like others said, hard wire them back to your router. I use them at work and they work well. We have large high density installations in multiple buildings.
  13. I am good for it. I work just a few miles from the KJ Office. So if you are in town on KJ business, I will be close by.
  14. Has anyone heard if KJ is having their Fall Clearance Sale again this year? I love my Demo Model Big Joe I bought at the sale back in 2014. And it has full warranty. If you are coming to Georgia in November, might be possible to pick up a slightly used Joe with full warranty and take it back home with you.
  15. When a Red Neck says "Hey ya'll, watch this!"
  16. I love my lodge ci. I grew up with my Granny cooking only on cast iron. I wish I had inherited some of her pieces, but my aunts got them. I have collected my own over the years. Started with a boxed set similar to this one when my son joined the Cub Scouts and we started camping a lot. Now I have added individual pieces that suit my needs. Bought several specifically to fit my Egg and my Big Joe. My wife has Le Creuset Enamled Cast Iron. One pot cost almost as much as all of my Lodge. But she uses my Lodge as much as her Fancy French Ware! The only time I have had to re season a piece of Lodge is when I left it outside. It was under the carport so it did not get directly rained on, but the humidity here in Ga caused it to start rusting. Little steel wool and re seasoning and it is as good as new. I do not think you need to go name brand. I never bought Academy brand CI, but I have bought their store brand Fry Pot for my outdoor Deep Fryer. I used it on the 4th to make a Low Country Boil. It is Good Quality. The original pot that came with my deep fryer (from Bass Pro) is not made as well as the Academy one. So, give it a try.
  17. Keep It! I have an Egg and 2 Joes. They will not fight each other. You can have harmony in a Multi Brand Kamado Family!
  18. The Low Country Boil turned out great. I actually had too much food. Could not fit it all in the pot. When I added the crab legs they were just barely covered with water. Did not have the room to add the shrimp. So I had to pull everything out to finish cooking the shrimp. I need to upgrade my 30 qt pot to something bigger. Was Googling, Academy has a 60 qt pot with a strainer basket for $80. Might pick up one of them.
  19. Dang, I did not take a single pic. Had people sitting outside with me talking and taking pics was the last thing on my mind. Crazy thing is I had my phone in my hand the entire time as I was using the timer app to keep track of when to add the next batch of food to the pot.
  20. Hmmmm, this recommendation has me pondering. Now if only I had some ribs to try it on. My butcher had a sign up that he is closed tomorrow. So if I were to try it, I would have to go get ribs from Publix or Krogers.
  21. ::gasp:: How can this be True?!?! Been thinking about what to cook tomorrow for a week now. Even been discussing it with the guys at work. Since I got my BGE last year, I have not fired up my Boil Pot a single time. So I have decided to do a Low Country Boil instead of grilling or a Low and Slow. Heading out to the butcher shop now to get the shrimp and crab legs.
  22. Hi Kara. Nice to see you again. Look forward to seeing the new KJ Cooks on your Blog. Speaking of, I see that you have a "I will be back soon" sign on your blog.
  23. Welcome from Lawrenceville Ga.
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