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  1. This may have already been posted but I didn't see it. Today I was at menards and they are starting to get their grills in for the season and they had a mini akorn. It was $199 and looked to be about 12".
  2. I'm not 100% sure, but that looks like it's galvanized if you heat it up too hot it gives off dangerous fumes so i would be careful if you are cooking over it.
  3. Ya i would assume it does. I just built a mini WSM and have a cheap thermometer for it and is almost spot on at 212 but at 250 it's about 9 off and 19 off at 300 from my maverick.
  4. You won't want to touch that gas grill after using this. The only thing my gas grill is used for anymore is a shed for my smoking stone and upper grate.
  5. I have been contemplating building something, but i can't figure out what i'm going to use for a cover. I thought about going to lowes and measuring a weber performer and making it the same size so i could use a cover for that.
  6. What are you wanting to seal just the bottom vent? If thats all you want to do i could send you some of the grey BGE felt.
  7. I put my hooks facing inward to fix that problem and now they don't occasionally fall off when i lower the shelves.
  8. After further inspection today most of the wood didn't get burnt. My chunks are bigger than my charcoal so i might need to cut them down so i can get them stacked in tighter.
  9. At the temp i run for smoking i am usually a little less than 1 on the bottom and right at 1 on the top.
  10. I just bought that same unit from amazon a month ago and it came with the holder for the pit temp.
  11. I'll take some pics next time to show what i'm doing. I don't have any problems with the mini wsm.
  12. It only has smoke coming out of the vent for about an hour and I get barely any smoke flavor
  13. I have been having a hard time getting very much smoke from this grill. My normal method is to stack about 4 chunks of apple wood in my "volcano" when starting and then throwing one on the top. It seems like I only get any smoke for the first hour or so. Usually not all my wood gets burned up when I am starting my fire the next tome i use the grill.
  14. I believe that the temperature is more stable with the smoking stone but I believe the main benefit is the heat sink ability the stone has. I think it absorbs some of the heat and evens out the temperature in the Kamado. This is what a heat sink is supposed to do. The CGK is insulated and holds heat very well and will recover temps quickly even if you don't use the stone. However, I do think the heat sink effect from the stone makes it better. Other opinions may vary. This^
  15. What one did you get and how did you hook it up.
  16. I was having all kinds of problems keeping my temp down and now I can keep it within 5 degrees of the target temp for 6+ hours. I fire it up just like that thread says then when it gets to 150 I shut the bottom down to 1 and the top to 1.5 then wait it out. It takes a lot longer to get up to temp but it's easier to control.
  17. I fill mine up to just below my smoking stone.
  18. Mine didn't fit right the first couple times i put it on. The first few times i put it on i stretched it over the handle and it fits perfectly now.
  19. I smoked a butt yesterday and my maverick was reading about 280 and my done thermometer was reading right around 200.
  20. Yes John your set up is cheaper and unbreakable. My loss was the result of doing some thing stupid. I was just a little surprised at how easy it broke. It just tipped over--that was all. IMO is is more fragile that a dinner plate. It looks pretty soft and porous inside. It's made of clay basically, and like clay or ceramic it's very brittle. I'm sorry that it broke, especially because it's not all that easy to get. Time to try the pizza pan method for comparison! I used the pizza pan for about a month before i got my smoking stone and i think the smoking stone works better.
  21. I bought the 73 before reading any reviews on it and I does everything I wanted it to do. With the grill out on my patio it will still work in my bedroom on the other side of the house. Probably 45-50 feet through a couple walls.
  22. I'm sure if i tried to push it i could have made it happen since i had over $1,000 worth of stuff in my cart but it kinda pissed me off that they were pricks about it so i left the cart sitting there and went and bought all my stuff from menards.
  23. Thats what i ended up getting mine from menards for after Lowes wouldn't price match.
  24. I noticed that yesterday and had to seal a couple places up when i was caulking the inner and outer pan.
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