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  1. Thanks for the great info everyone. About how long of a cooking time am I looking at for the 6.5 lb loin at 300ish temp?
  2. I picked up a 6.5 pound boneless pork half loin roast. How do I cook this thing??? I just don't know cuts of meat yet and I've read a lot and looked at a lot of pork recipes on here but I'm still not confident on what to do with this hunk of pig. Is this treated and cooked the same as a pork tenderloin? Any advice or links to the proper recipe, forum, video, etc. is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all - I'm going to be cooking my first turkey for Thanksgiving next week. I'm relatively new to all this and haven't smoked a bird yet. I've done quite a bit of research on brines, rubs, heat, etc. I'm cooking on a Vision Classic B. I think I'll be cooking a bird that's around 15 lbs or so. I'll probably shoot for an internal grill temp of 375. Coupla questions I couldn't find yet: I'm trying to figure out when to do this and how long the cook should take. The bird needs to be ready by lunch (noon). Additionally, I have to transport the bird an hour. Is there some sort of rough equation on how long it should take a bird to cook? X number of minutes per pound at 375? We'd like to be there by mid-morning so I'm trying to determine how early I need to get up to get this thing going. - OR - Follow up question - what happens if I cook the bird the day before? If it's going to take me 5 or more hours to cook, I may just do it on Wednesday evening so that I have enough time to do it and I don't have to get up crazy early on Thursday. If so, should I just foil and refrigerate, and then reheat it in the oven the next day? I have no idea how to keep it from drying out, getting rubbery, etc. As a reference point, I'm mostly working off of John Setzler's video on it: Thanks for any input folks!
  4. One more question: if I get a cheapy pizza stone from Walmart (I think it may hold up as I usually do lower temp cooks), should I preheat the stone or put it in cold? As in, should the pizza stone that I intend to cook on be left in the kamado to heat up with the grill so that I'm putting a cold pizza directly onto a 450 degree stone - or - should I make the pizza, put it onto the cold (room temp) stone and load them both into the 450 grill together? I'm wondering how the crust vs toppings will turn out on the pizza when I cook on a preheated/already hot stone as opposed to the stone going in cold and warming up along with the pizza during the cook. Will the crust burn before the toppings get done if the stone is already hot? Additionally, what if I cook 1 pizza at a time and the same stone is going in and out of the grill a couple of times with new pizzas? Hopefully my questions makes sense....
  5. Thanks everyone - you guys are awesome! My wife gets dough mix from a local Amish store. When I do a good job with the cooking part, the dough (crust) has turned out phenomenal. It makes sense to me that the lower pizza is acting like an additional heat deflector. I'm definitely going to just try one pizza at a time next, and I'll keep it as high as I can inside the dome. I tend to shoot for about 450 degrees for my pizzas. I like them to cook slower as the crust seems to absorb more of the signature kamado flavor the longer I can keep it in there (within reason). I'll continue to tinker with the setup. My kids love the pizzas I've been making so I'm determined to make them perfect. Thanks again for the input folks!
  6. Help please! I've done pizzas a few times on my vision classic B. I'm using the indirect stone from Home Depot dropped down below the grate. I've tried cooks from 350-600 and I usually do 2 pizzas at a time - 1 on each rack (I'm using the stock 2 level rack that comes with the vision). I cook both the pizzas on metal pizza pans. The pizza on the upper rack typically turns out great but the one on the lower rack usually gets the crust burned on the bottom before the toppings get cooked properly. This seems to happen regardless of the cooking temp. I think my fires may have been a bit too big, so I'm gonna back them off. What else am I missing???
  7. Thanks for the info all. Husker - what kind of stone are you baking on? Freddyj, for the cookie: 1 cup butter flavored crisco 3/4 cup of brown sugar 3/4 cup of granulated sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of vanilla Cream all of the above together really well. Then: 2 1/4 cup of all purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt Mix that all in, but don't overmix. Then, 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips (we do a mixture of semi-sweet and milk chocolate) Fold those in till they're spread evenly, but don't overmix. I just spread it evenly on a cookie sheet and baked at 350 till it looks right to you. I'd keep it high in the dome and cook indirect. Keep in mind that, depending on what you cook it on (stone, pan, etc.), it'll continue to bake some even after you pull it out of the kamado.
  8. Wow - pics got all jumbled and turned . . . but you get the idea. Don't hurt your neck! Thanks boerger. Do you shoot for 450f or higher? Average cook time? If you had a big group and are doing multiple pies, would you just keep them warm in an oven? Thanks again for the input
  9. Hi all - just did my second cook last weekend (finally got a few minutes to throw the pics on here). I did 2 pizzas: a chicken/bacon and a canadian bacon. I got the Vision up to 450 for the cook. You'll see on the pics, I did the bottom one on parchment paper on the lava stone and the top one was on a pizza pan. Is there a better setup for that? On the bottom pizza, the bottom of the crust was just about overdone - I pulled it just in time. However, the top one took longer. Should I consider getting another stone - one to go under the grill for overall indirect heat and then another one to cook on? All in all, I'm really happy with how they turned out and the crust had an amazing flavor! After those were done, I went to work on a big cookie. It took me quite a while to go from 450 for the pizzas to the desired 350 for the cookie. Any tips there? I just closed up both vents, then opened the lid every now and then to let some residual heat out. Anything else I coulda done?
  10. Hi all - I'm brand new with kamado cooking and I'd like to try a pizza this weekend. I'm looking for some advice; hope I'm in the right spot. I got the Classic B from SAMs club and I just ordered the $50 dual purpose lava stone from Home Depot. What temps do you like to cook pizzas at? Cook time? Top and bottom settings to get your desired temp? I'm planning on buying premade dough from the store, sauce, ingredients, etc. I think I can assemble those as desired. Do you like to make it all on parch paper? Do you cook it on the paper? I was thinking about doing 2 pizzas. Do you cook the pizza directly on the stone? I was thinking about doing one pizza directly on the stone and then trying to do the other on the upper rack on a metal pizza pan. Think that'll work? As you can see, I have a lot of questions - many of which may seem very basic and gee whiz to you! Feel free to dumb it down as much as you want for me, I need all the help I can get! Thanks all.
  11. I used this in Florida with good success. It takes very little to smoke a mound, and a jug of this stuff lasted me a long time. Not sure if it's equally as effective in AZ. http://www.amazon.com/Advion-Fire-Ant-Bait-UNI1019/dp/B00407FUTA
  12. Hello all - I'm still quite new with my Vision kamado and new to this forum. My question: is there any way to filter some of the recipes, discussions, or general cooking by prep or cook time in here? For example, I'd like to cook again this weekend. I can't Friday or Saturday due to schedule, so that leaves Sunday. I'd like to put something together in the morning that would be ready when we got home from church. So maybe lighting the fire around 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning and eating around 12:30, couch and nap no later than 2:00. So in this case, I'm looking for about a 4 hour cook. It has to be something that doesn't need babysat since I'll be gone for a coupla hours. What's your advice? Is there a way to find or filter info this way on this forum, or do I need to go through individual cooks and recipes and try to find something that I think I can pull off in the timeframe mentioned? Make sense? I've never cooked low and slow or smoked anything. So I'm looking for a 4 hour cook for a newbie, assuming I can hit and hold my temp. Recommendations for a simple 3-4 hr cook or a place to look in this forum? Thanks guys!
  13. Thanks for the props all! It's a done deal - the Vision Classic B is assembled and already hot and dirty! We had burgers, corn on the cob, and grilled peaches and ice creak for dessert. Life is good!
  14. Nice - looks beautiful! Was it light and airy or pretty dense?
  15. Hey all! I'm brand new at all of this - brand new kamado owner, first time Kamado griller today, first real post on here (hope I'm in the right place???) - I'm as new as it gets at this! I bought a Vision Classic-B last night from Sam's Club. The initial plan was to wait to open it till my birthday (September). That plan fell apart when my brother showed up today. The next plan was for us to just open the box and only take a look. You know - we gotta make sure nothing was damaged during shipping and that all the parts are there. Sheesh . . . . the box is open . . . . . might as well put it together, right??? I mean, that thing is pretty heavy, and I've got able-bodied help right there on the spot. Popping the top on the box to rolling the finished product out onto the deck was about 30 minutes. Assembly was smooth with no issues. Everything was A+ right out of the box from what I can tell. I just so happened to have a 20lb bag of charcoal in the garage. Might as well make sure it lights up, right? After all, after reading the forums here I knew I should spend some time tinkering with heat control. Held 200 for a while, then we opened her up - 400 degrees, here I come! Chance smiled upon us, and my wonderful bride happened to whip up some homemade buns this afternoon. She also picked up a couple pounds of 80/20 ground beef. If I'm gonna tinker with heat control, I might as well make some use out of those hot coals, right? You know where this ends up, right??? The burgers were quite good. Not the most amazing, absolute best burger I've had - but it was just my first cook. Gimme time, I'll get there! These were just basic cheeseburgers - a little oil on top to hold the salt and pepper, thumb print in the middle. Grilled em at 400 - what temps do you like to use? Everybody had the table destroyed their burgers and then talked about em! I got pictures of the grilling, but for some reason, I didn't think to stop stuffing my face just to grab a camera! Here's prior to consumption: The Good Lord smiled upon me. In addition to my brand new, still hot Vision sitting on the deck, we had ripe peaches on the counter and vanilla ice cream in the freezer. Even though I had closed both vents to snuff out the fire, I still had plenty of residual heat to grill those peaches. I've done these a few ways. Tonight, we just quartered em, rubbed them in a little olive oil, sprinkle with cinnamon, then they hit the 300 degree rack. About 4 minutes on one side, then flip for another 4 minutes on the other side. I'm looking for some light grill marks, no charring. Pull em when they're done and then I roll them all in a little honey. Drop them in with your vanilla ice cream. Surely you don't need any instructions beyond this point?!?!?! Grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream (peach N cream, we call it) are becoming a warm summer evening family favorite for dessert. I managed to get a pic of this before I slayed it. (I was slowing down a little from the red meat comatose) Side note - how long should I expect it to take for the fire to snuff out once I close both vents? I've had her fully closed for about 2 hours and the temp is still about 230. Does this indicate a possible leak? Now . . . . what should I cook next . . . .???
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