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  1. Always a good time. I haven't fished a tournament in probably 8 years. They are fun but also a lot of work. Just don't have the time anymore. Much rather spend my time trying to catch Flat Heads on the river when I get time. Hope you had fun.
  2. Looks great to me. The last butt I done I used mustard for a base coat before I put rub on for the first time. I will for sure do it again. And for the higher temp I'm not against that either. I usually cook low for the first 3 to 4 hours to get good smoke and then crank it up to 300 to 325 just to speed up the cook.
  3. I probably don't go as deep as most into the craft beer but I do love beer. IPA I have had a few although there not my first choice I can drink some of them. If I can find sampler packs that's what I go with unless I find one I like and I'll get that. But for the most part I like Oktoberfest, Killian's Red on draft only don't care for it out of a bottle. Fat Tire, Amberbock Black and Tan Yuengling witch we can't get around here. I don't go to far off the path but will try it once anyway. Glad someone brought this up I was thinking about starting a thread on craft beer also. Where I'm at our
  4. dsch824

    Guitar Gods

    Both very good. SRV could play seen a video where he played the guitar behind his back that was awesome. I listen to a bunch of different music and there are a lot of great guitar players out there. Jimmi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, some might not think so but I really like Chris Cornell. To name a few. But I like all music except rap a few artist are ok. Rock, 90's alt more of the grunge era. Country old and new. The best thing about music is there is basically a style for every mood.
  5. Looks good. All these cooks on all the post gives me so many things I want to try. I am probably out about 2 years to get half of it done. My motto is while grilling you should have at least one beverage just to keep from messing something up.
  6. How did you like the leg and wing rack? Did work up to your expectations. By the way it all looks good.
  7. I don't really spray the butt for keeping moisture in the meat @aljoseph. Although it probably doesn't hurt anything. I think it helps with the bark. By using the Cherry RC it caramelizes better of the bark. But there has been times I forgot the RC and just cooked with out. They both turn out great. Thanks for asking.
  8. Makes me hungry and I'm still stuffed from supper. But it was a late one. Glad your son enjoys cooking on the grill.
  9. Forgot to tell all I cooked this fat cap down. That was the first time I cooked a but that way. And it worked very well Probably cook my next one that way also.
  10. This isn't the first butt I've cooked. Just one I've taken pictures of. I think I've been a member of Kamado Guru for a little over a month. And going to show my cook for the day trying different things I haven't tried before from this site. Started with a 8 lb Boston Butt. Never rubbed one up with mustard until today and it worked well with just my rub of seasoned salt, onion powder, garlic powder, raw sugar, and black pepper. With the Acorn up to temp. I slapped the old but on the grill. After the Butts on a couple hours I like to spray mine with Cherry RC. This is what it looked like at
  11. On the wine subject. Don't know a lot about it. I have a Aunt that likes to drink wine and she stores her wine as close to the basement floor as she can says it works well. Depending on location I believe ground temp is somewhere around 55 degrees.
  12. The guy had a vision and an idea. He followed it and I hope it works out for him. I like the idea would I personal own one maybe after I seen reviews. My personal opinion is I hope it works better than the VCR and DVD combo players everyone I had one would break and then you would have to replace whole unit. But wish the guy best of luck.
  13. Got a Butt on myself. Hopefully get some stuff uploaded when all completed. Looks like its going to turn out great. Enjoy the cook.
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