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  1. When mine cracked it was in the shape of a giant V and it fell inward. I called & sent pictures to Vision on July 3, 2014 & they said they would ship it out on Monday. Not wanting to miss out cooking on the 4th, I used some old furnace cement and placed it in the wedge along with a stainless steel worm screw strap on the outside w/ extra furnace cement. 3 years later the new replacement firebox is taking up needed space in the garage because the broken one is working fine.
  2. Use the 91% alcohol for the best results.
  3. Charcoal will absorb VOC's and other process odors. If your batch was near bottom of the charcoal making it may have added "flavors". To combat this open the bag for 2-3 weeks before using and let it sit in a dry area. This will allow the VOC's to gas off. I keep 2-3 bags open all the time. When you first open a bag (lesser brands have more smell) you can get that odor & over the weeks that odor will dissipate.
  4. Andy posted this awhile back & I kept it as a great reference:
  5. By using the aluminum foil to fill the gap I'm back to my old setting. For Easter I spun a 5# butt on the JT & had no trouble holding the temp. @ 225*-235*. The longer the cook & the lower the temp. the more careful I am to making sure the foil is in there tight. There will be some leakage between the square spit & the foil. The picture I posted was from some pineapples that I was spinning the day before. As you can see the heat/smoke went through the first third of the foil but never made it out.
  6. Cut the small stuff to 4" in length & wrap it tight in a foil pack. Put 2 small holes in the foil & toss on the coals.
  7. Don't know if it makes any difference but if you want to seal up the left side I've been doing this: I take a strip of aluminum foil and fold it in half 5-6 times. Then wrap it 3-4 times around the rod.
  8. This is a little off the subject but if you want a WOW factor for your Mac & Cheese try this. Once it's cooked put a scoop of your Mac & Cheese in an oiled up waffle iron for an additional cook. Talk about a crust on the Mac & Cheese plus a middle gooey center.
  9. When I cook my ribs & if I foil them I start out smoking phase with bone side down. When it's time to foil them I roll the ribs into the foil and cook meat side down. This way more juice on the meat & less chance for the bones to poke through the bottom of the foil. When it's time to dry them out I open the foil at one end pour the juice into a pan for basting. Then I open the foil completely roll them out & they are back to being bone side down. By rolling them you have less chance of breaking the slab since you are not using a pair of tongs. I take them off the grill with two 8" long spatulas , one at each end. For Baby Back ribs that are foiled I cook them 2/1.5/0.5+. I use the foil when I don't have the time to watch them closely and cook un-foiled when I can sit on the porch w/ a drink in hand, bast the ribs & stay out of the main kitchen.
  10. I have the new fire box for my Big Joe. I can thank the fine staff at the KJ HQ for my replacement of my cracked old style firebox. And that being said my 2 year old Kick Ash basket fits fine.
  11. spanky28017 The ribs look great. What temp are you cooking the ribs at?
  12. Location:
  13. New fire bowl in place. Thank you KJ. Ask me where the old one is? It is sitting in the Gulf of Mexico as an additional artificial reef off the coast of St. Petersburg FL & at the edge of a sunken boat wreck. By the end of Summer I will be catching some extra grouper there.
  14. I bought a cheap stone at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It broke on it's second cook. I brought it back & they gave me a new one. I've been using that one for ten years & it doing great. I also have the KJ Big Joe pizza stone that has been working great along with a couple other brands.