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  1. Anybody run into this large of a difference in readings? 200 on Akorn and 270 on the ET 732. ET 732 probe is inserted into the probe holder and attached to the grate above the smoking plate.
  2. Thanks folks. That is exactly what I was needing to know. I have been freaking out trying to figure out what was going on and why. So much to learn, but dang the food taste so much better than on propane. I havent used the propane since buying this grill.
  3. Im new at smoking with my new Akorn but have run into this situation on a couple of occasions while smoking. The first was with a picnic roast and tonight with a chicken. Both times my internal meat seems to stall out below the desired internal meat temp Im trying to reach. Tonight my chicken has stalled at 153 while trying to reach 165. I bought an ET-732 from a local Green Egg dealer but am also verifying my internal temp with a hand held thermometer so Im confident in the internal reading. I have had to increase the grill temp from 225-230 to a higher temp in order to try and reach a 165 internal temp. The chicken has been on the Akorn for almost 5 hrs. Is this normal?
  4. Hi All I am new to the ceramic scene and picked up an Akorn last week. Was searching for some tips on how to smoke my first chicken and ran across this forum. Already seeing a lot of terms and techniques being thrown around that I have no idea what ppl are talking about so I guess I have more to learn than I thought. Have only cooked hamburgers and brats on it once and they turned out great. So much better than gas grill. Looking to eventually buy a higher end product but this will do for now as I learn some skills. I have already used customer service and was impressed. I twisted off the threads on the thermometer while assembling the grill. Called them up and they immediately sent me a new one free of charge.
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