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  1. Bottom line, hand tightening does not get it done. My forks were constantly coming loose. That having been said...I still love the Joetisserie! I offer this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov9cC_YzCuE
  2. Great money shot! Looks like yo nailed it. Love brisket!
  3. I moved my KJ classic from the rolling cage it comes with to a table I had built. It's got tile underneath, but would like to create an air gap. I can't find any avenue to purchase just the feet. Any suggestions????
  4. I got a GoPro for Christmas and decided to try and make some cooking videos. This is my first...that I was willing to share. Beef Ribs with a quick Looft Lighter demo. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. Beef Ribs Video
  5. Between the Joe and the tile? The Joe is sitting on a ceramic tile...Which separates it from the wood platform it sits on. Not sure why that would be dangerous?
  6. Absolutely smoker08 ! It will get waxed every 3-4 months. Resealed every 2 years. So says the craftsman who built it.
  7. Check out my new table. A guy in my neighborhood has a small business making furniture from reclaimed wood taken from gut rehabs. the wood has been used as post and beam in Baltimore homes for over 150 years and found new life....as my kamado table. That's Kamado Joe Classic BTW. If you're interested in his contact info feel free to message me.
  8. Are you planning on having someone sell KJ in the Baltimore, MD area? Currently there is no dealership within 40 miles of Baltimore....and the closest ones don't display the product.
  9. Good stuff....I will consider myself educated on the subject!
  10. Hmmmm, that's not too close to Baltimore! On a similar note, the dealerships (at least in MD) are woefully under-represented. I have to drive almost an hour out of Baltimore to get to dealer. Doesn't make it easy to pick up accessories.
  11. For the reord.....the turkey breast took 6.5 hours to reach 160 degrees consistantly. It was NOT dry...although I guess it could have been more moist. As John mentioned in his reply it had A LOT of smoke after that much time in the Kamado. Interesting taste but not exactly what I was going for....or the timeframe I was hoping for! I had watched numerous videos and read a few recipes regarding turkey breasts. Most suggested the 325 degree target temp but I saw more than one that ran at 225-250 and decided to try it. For thanksgiving I'll give the higher temps a try and report the difference...if any. Thanks for the feed back.....now I need to figure out what Sous Vide is!
  12. Yup. I'm thinking that exactly. Now I just need to "stall" the wife. She's hungry!
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