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  1. I wrapped all my individual pieces in towels and blankets. Even put a blanket between the lid and the bottom. I got the lift strap things to lift it with my step dad and I. It was a big joe and it was awful we had to take breaks sitting it down but we got it moved from one house to the other. The biggest worry was it's safety in the uhaul.
  2. From shoppers choice: "I heard back from Kamado Joe this afternoon. It looks like the total for the parts for putting stainless on the Big Joe is going to come to $336.50. The vent is $47.50, the handle $74.00 and the band and hinge, $215.00. It is going to take them 12-16 weeks to get it to you though since they don\'t have it on hand." I had asked about this a couple weeks ago. That is what I got for a quote. I'm not above wanting cheaper prices LOL. Is that reasonable? If not, I suppose I need to look at other dealers.
  3. kirkc18

    Cold smoke

    Is there any attachments or rigging to do cold smoking on my Big Joe? I am curing more meat. I did the bacon and it was amazing, though friends and family all got a chunk and the next is all mine LOL. I am also curing a ham I may cold smoke. Any ideas?
  4. I bought the same one. It lit ok with propane, but the mapp gas is super quick to light the fire. Love my torch. First time I used one was to light a grill. LOL
  5. Thank you all for your advice, The rind is in the fridge, I plan on making some pork rinds *fried with it but may take the grill approach and split it with my pug. As for the bacon, lots of ideas for my next batch.
  6. Trying my hand at bacon this coming week. I did a basic cure then added nice aromatics and a touch of brown sugar(not much). I added bacon, onion, bay leaf, fennel seeds, and a touch of thyme. I plan on smoking over apple wood or maybe cherry. Any suggestions? I have 3 other bellies still rind on vacuum packed in the freezer. I think one will be pancetta, but that is 2 others to go. Open to any discussion.
  7. I did something a bit crazy but bare with me, I cooked at 225 for first few hours, then let it get to 325-350 range a few hours then dropped it back down to 225. The idea was maximal smoke penetration, cook center a bit faster, then break down collagen with the last few being low and slow. It didn't stall forever at the 160 ish level. I know it's sacrilegious, but it did well for me.
  8. What do you do for uncured hot dog? My partner has a psuedo tumor and curing salt really messes with her. Also, I'm getting ready to try bacon. Let me know how it goes.
  9. They look a lot like the KJ fire starters they discontinued not too long ago.
  10. You may have gotten a better sear somewhere about 600 to 700 degrees. I typically do it 700 plus when possible. Still looks good to me though. Hope you enjoy your new kamado.
  11. kirkc18


    Thank you all for your replies. I'll put more consideration into it. :D
  12. kirkc18


    I actually live in a pretty nice place for restaurants. There is plenty of travel where I am at. I live near one of the bigger natural attractions in WV. Stuff I take for granted for the most part. Anywho, there are plenty of good nice restaurants here but one town over (read about 7 min away) there aren't any and it also gets tourism. The food truck idea has crossed my mind. Unfortunately, for me to be able to really focus on business alone I would have to be able to pay myself a low 6 figure salary over time. I can work both jobs for a while, but I don't want that to become the norm for long.
  13. kirkc18


    In all honesty, I doubt I would do much by way of grilling at my proposed restaurant. I would lean more towards a fusion of country cooking and other types cooking. I make things like country eggs benedict replacing the meat with bacon, breakfast wontons, fish taco rissotto *dont knock it till you try it*, etc. Classic broccoli cheddar, etc. I have a small catering business, but a brick and mortar thing would probably be a bit more complicated.
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