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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I wasn’t sure how I should have posted the info that I did so I hope that was okay.
  2. I joined the forum a few years ago, and even though I’ve never made a post, I’ve consulted this sight often. I’ve been looking for a good weather resistant table option for my Big Joe, because it resides outside, without a roof, in sunny, rainy Florida. I finally bought one that met my needs and I’m looking forward to cooking with eat. I drop a new Big Joe II into it yesterday morning, and grilled steaks for lunch and smoked ribs for dinner. So far, it’s fantastic. Once I have worked with it a little more, I’ll share some observations. To give you an idea of how I use my Big Joe (which I consider to be one of the most versatile cooking tools on the planet), I’ve shared a couple of pics of my first and last cooks on an original Big Joe Classic and one of my first day of cooking on a Big Joe II (yesterday). I still can’t get over the air lift hinge - wow! Totally effortless and precise. And finally, you can see the table, complete with ribs made three ways sitting on top, about to go on: 1) Heath Riles Championship Ribs with Glaze, 2) Dry Ribs using Malcom Reeves Rub, with some help from Jack Stacks, and 3) Dry Ribs from the cutoffs using Corky’s From Memphis, which was my first experience (many years ago) with eating a rib without sauce - what an idea. Initial thoughts on the Wellspring Table: Excellent materials - aluminum frame, powder coat aluminum top, sides and back, and HDPE doors. Rubber gaskets across the top of the doors with excellent latches. Table layout - the right side prep and cooking area is substantial. The left side offers just enough room for my ThermoWorks Smoke Thermometer. Overall Initial Impression: High quality of materials, precise construction, great layout and high value for what you get. More to follow as I get to know the table better. Sorry that this message got a bit longer than I intended. But I hope you find some information useful. Cheers!
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