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  1. Very nice cook, don't think ive ever have raspberry beer. I do like a blueberry beer a place has in the summer near me.
  2. Ii would ask for a new one
  3. I have battery operated led light with a flexible neck and a big clip I clip to the shelves
  4. Welcome, I have an Acorn that’s 6 years old. Do yourself a favor and google a cover that’s made for it. They are pretty cheap but keeps rust at bay.
  5. Year round with cover, living in Illinois I cook at least once a week.
  6. Wow, guacamole looks great ,one of my wife's favorite. What do you put in yours?
  7. I make a tent out of a piece of aluminum foil with a slit for the thumb lever. Stays on with no problems
  8. I cover my Acorn after it cools down , I use it twice a week going on 5 years no rust no leaks no problems.
  9. Amateur nothing it sure looks good.
  10. Great review, I hope it's still serving you well. I've had mine about 3 years and still love cooking on it.
  11. Wow, picture perfect, I bet you had 10 happy guest!!
  12. Looks delicious if you need to get rid of any of the pink ones I'll gladly take them.
  13. Hummmm I might pay for the dinner if you fly me out 1st class
  14. I feel the same that's why I drank the whole beer.
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