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  1. Great looking food, looks like a lot of fun, glad you stayed hydrated.
  2. Awesome meals, wife and I camp a dozen times a year with our rv. Never thought of triTip, Jr did a great job.
  3. I'll have to try lamb sometime, looks really good.
  4. Looks tasty, can't beat a good burger.
  5. Yup foil fall off bend test for regular without foil, looking forward to the finish!!
  6. What a bummer but like CC said I'm sure Vision will step up quickly
  7. I've never had grits but I'd love to try that plate!!
  8. The wait is the fun part, very nice.
  9. Man I haven't had lunch yet and looking at those dogs I'm really starving. Tall glass of beer isn't to bad of an idea eather. Very nice!!
  10. You better go for it otherwise you'll have a void in your future setup since you already have spot in your plan.
  11. Edsland


    Jr and camping would be great, sounds like you're doing a lot right with all the requests, makes it all worth it!!
  12. Welcome your going to love the food that'll come off your Kamado
  13. Now I'm confused about dinner, looks great!!
  14. Couldn't agree anymore, in fact I was ready for some pictures on this thread.
  15. Edsland


    That's sure not grandma's engine!!
  16. Best thing for cooking is to fill the bowl before lighting the lump. I use a mapp tourch so it's quick and easy to light it. When you close it down and the fire is out I'll keep the unused and just add more next cook. My bottom slider isn't super tight but I've never had any leaking problem so I just use it.
  17. Really bright young lady, wishing her the best, I'm sure her dad would be very proud.
  18. Great looking salsa, I'd have at least 2!!
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