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  1. Well, then use a plain ole propane/Mapp torch from the hardware store.
  2. Dman, looks great! Let me suggest some cheese sauce on the greenery and some remoulade for the seafood.
  3. When you hit the stall at lower cooking temps you can wrap in foil or pink butcher paper w/o wax coating, crank up the temp, or pan and cover the pan with foil. If you wrap in foil or pan most folks add some liquid to the cook. You can also wrap/pan and crank temps. When I was cooking on my stick burner I simply cooked at higher temps to minimize the stall and cook cleaner smoke. With my current pellet grill I cook low for an hour or two for smoke flavor and then crank the temp to get the food done.
  4. A bit late to the discussion But bigger is almost always better. 26" weber > 22" >18". Works the same with most cookers space allowing.
  5. Tony C's injectables. https://www.tonychachere.com/shop/?products[refinementList][product_category.sortable_name][0]=0003_Injectable Marinades
  6. Harbour Freight weed burner. https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=weed burning torch
  7. The ones with bone are from the butt. The boneless ones are from the loin.
  8. Cooking at 250-260°F is fine for a flat. You could even go 275-300° and be good. Cook it fat cap down to protect the bottom from the heat. Season with whatever you like. Yes it will likely go to 200°+ in the thickest part. You want it to probe tender with an object similar to a probe thermometer or chopstick. You want it to feel like poking it into room temp peanut butter. I've heard of people topping with bacon but have never done it myself.
  9. Absolutely beautiful photo Phil.
  10. Sorry, I don't know what to recommend up in Canada.
  11. Your better half got you a nice grill. Congrats! She's a keeper. Please feed it good charcoal - Not Kingsford.
  12. Currently PK is showing a hibachi version and the flip kit version. IMO it would be nice to have an intermediate version with lid too. https://www.pkgrills.com/pkgo-hibachi/
  13. 9mm or Super? Enquiring minds would like to know.
  14. What size dish? 8" x 8"? Sorry, didn't notice this was a necro thread.
  15. Just wait 'til you read the directions for bbq ribs.
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