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  1. One more thing all should know. The 3-2-1 method was devised for full spare ribs cooked at 225°F. It doesn't work for any other ribs or at any other temp w/o some modification.
  2. IMO you have a minimal smoke ring. In the first pic it's the dark on the left hand piece. As Jark said, smoke rings are overrated. It's taste that matters.
  3. That's about what I paid for one 10-12 years ago and thought is was high then. Heck of a deal at today's inflation.
  4. If you want some real chili don't listen to Northern TV shows or visit Cincinnati. Here are some real championship Texas chili recipes. Most if not all have tomato of some sort but none have beans. https://www.casichili.net/recipes.html You will also notice there is only beef for meat, unlike the California "chili" competition recipes.
  5. Look at Smokin-it, Smokin Tex, and Cookshack smokers.
  6. I understand you used volume. Too bad others aren't specific.
  7. Too bad you don't understand the difference weight and volume. You sure don't need to try to cure any meats.
  8. Why is it about half of ya don't/won't/can't specify what a part is??? Is it volume or weight? Use the wrong measure and you wind up with garbage.
  9. I've always been in the no wrap camp. Glad you've found the light. Both look good though.
  10. Not pepper jelly. I'm talking pepper sauce. Hot peppers, a little salt, and plenty of vinegar. No sugar. Folks in the South can hardly eat greens w/o some. Easy to make if ya like it. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Texas-Pete-Pepper-Sauce-4-5-fl-Oz/12166989?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222222025358879&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=e&wl1=s&wl2=c&wl3=10353818527&wl4=pla-1105766788664&wl5=&wl6=&wl7=&wl10=Walmart&wl11=Online&wl12=12166989_0&wl14=texas pete pepper sauce&veh=sem&msclkid=47ec9dbf505a12f6f9a5ffbfe9ab9c14 You can refill with vinegar a time or two.
  11. Looks good! Where's the cornbread and pepper sauce??
  12. My tastebuds are average at best and I like Kroger sharp or extra sharp cheddar. I also like smoked cheddar and smoked gouda. I also found and loved another smoked cheese at a large Kroger in the deli dept that I can't remember the name.
  13. John it's in one of philpom's posts before your post.
  14. I wish there was an Aldi's nearby me for the meat alone.
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