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  1. My kind of breakfasts. Those biscuits look amazing! Mind sharing the recipe?
  2. landscaper

    Pizza Night

  3. landscaper

    Good Smoke vs Bad Smoke

    Perfectly stated by all.
  4. landscaper

    Traeger chicken wings

    Those look Awesome! Beautiful color.
  5. landscaper

    Big Green Egg and strong winds

  6. Looks really good! I picked one up when John alerted that they were discounting the older model. They are built solid. I haven't used it yet. Tip.... I saw where they wrapped the bottom with foil for easy cleanup.
  7. landscaper

    Czech Night at our House

    Really Nice! I grew up on both of those dishes. Still make them. Pagash and pierogi both with potato and cabbage too. Good stuff!
  8. landscaper

    Sunday Morning in the Mountains

    Same here. The deer eat my roses and my flowers and the garden. But they are cute little buggers.
  9. landscaper

    Workin' on a deep dish

    Looks good to me! I have never made a Chicago style before but have been interested in trying. Don't let ckreef fool you....he's a great pizza maker. Being from the NE originally and growing up with some spectacular NY style pizza. I've had to learn to make my own also. No offense but its hard to get a good pizza in Ga. Like what I'm used to anyway. So I make my own. After years of working on it I'm satisfied with what I can make at home. Baking is a whole other animal, and good pizza can be intimidating when first starting. Lots of time spent on pizza forums and books. But....when you get a good pie its all worth it. Take notes and measure everything with a scale. Nothing like a good pizza.
  10. landscaper

    Feet for stand alone

    Beautiful outdoor kitchen! Personally I would order the feet or like Keeper suggested. My concern would be the Joe unexpectedly falling backward and smashing on the ground. Not sure how likely that would be...especially without the feet.....but I'm paranoid like that. I have seen where people have lifted the lid too fast and then let go and the egg fall over backwards stand and all. Something to consider..
  11. Looks like Kingsford is selling stand alone steakagers. On sale now. 20% off. The master 15 is reasonable. https://www.thesteakager.com/shop/master-15
  12. landscaper

    Beef back ribs

    Oh and the ribs look great Pesto!