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  1. From what I've been told on numerous clearance Items....its up to the store manager usually as to what gets clearance and how much of a mark down. So even though one store may have a certain price another may be totally different. YMMV
  2. landscaper

    First Post in a Long Time

    You stole that brother!
  3. landscaper

    Lasagna on the Alfa

    That is funny! My pantry looks the same. In fact I had to make another pantry in my laundry room. Yes I'm a foodie and yes I have a problem.
  4. landscaper

    Couple of good books

    I try to bake a recipe at least 2 times to see if it was me or the recipe that screwed up. Most times its me. There is so much that can effect the finished product and how the bread or pizza turns out. I'm not familiar with the book or the recipe so I can't comment on that. Before I really got into baking I had a bunch of failures because I didn't understand all that goes into it. I just followed the recipe and most were pretty vague. After much reading and research I discovered how much I didn't really know. I have a much better understanding of it all now but I have a lot to learn. The hardest thing I think is knowing what the dough should look like at the various stages of the whole process. That knowledge only comes with practice and repetition. Everything from mixing time and temperature to hydration levels, fermentation time, flour type, baking temp and on and on. Don't give up on the recipe and make sure you are following it to a T. Perhaps if you post the recipe and the workflow and what your using to bake and the temp. Maybe I or someone else can help you get a better result. Happy Baking!
  5. landscaper

    Smoked Bacon Pizza? - Yes!

    Pizza....Bacon! YUM!
  6. landscaper

    Nothing but WFO money!

    That looks scrumptious! Nice Job!
  7. landscaper

    Konro SS Grate

    Awesome ckreef! I told you that sucker was heavy duty. Glad you like it. I haven't tried it out yet either. Looking forward to the first cook on it.
  8. landscaper

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    38 years and I still haven't figured that one out yet. Maybe one day.
  9. landscaper

    Perfect Pork Belly Tacos

    Pork belly is such a good piece of meat. I love love love a good taco and that looks great!
  10. landscaper

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    We may be in the minority but...we haven't exchanged gifts in years. Instead I rather make it her day and do what she loves. Whatever that may be. Queen for a day kind of thing. Although she is Queen everyday. You would be surprised...she will remember and cherish the acts more than any present you can give her. I made my wife an extravagant 8 course dinner that lasted most of the evening and late into the night. That was years ago and she still talks about it to this day. That was better than anything I could have purchased for her. Your wife sounds like my wife. Doesn't really need anything or want anything. Yeah you can buy her one of those and I'm sure she would love it. But its the simple things that matter most. The things you do from the heart.
  11. http://marketing.thermoworks.com/public/viewmessage/html/39965/4tawe3l0d7923dy9rrjzcm8almk62/6e560310191d81ebe8a3371de5bda227
  12. landscaper

    Extreme Diet Trends

    Some pizza I made last week. White pizza with Broccoli, Rosemary and Garlic.....and a Sausage pizza with onion.
  13. landscaper

    Extreme Diet Trends

    That's crazy! Buy hey I'd hit it!
  14. landscaper

    Extreme Diet Trends

    If I can't eat bread....pizza...cheese etc..........shoot me now!
  15. landscaper

    Extreme Diet Trends

    People don't realize how many calories they take in in a single day. Start actually weighing what you eat at every meal and count the calories. Most would be surprised at the amount they OVER eat. By the time the day is over most have consumed 1.5 to 2 times what the normal recommended allowance of calories. Like Heavy G said. Nutrisystem works because the calories are counted for you. You can do the same yourself and save the money. Calories in .....Calories out. Its really easy to get fat. I know from experience.