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  1. Your problem is NOT air leaks! Your problem is adjusting your vents and chasing temps. I cooked for almost a year with almost none of the original gaskets before replacing them. Even if you had leaks you would be able to control it with the vents. Set the top vent just barely open...a little less than a quarter inch. Set the bottom vent at three quarters of an inch and let it ride for an hour or so. Don't touch it. See where it settles in at and then make a small adjustment to the top vent only. like an eighth of an inch at a time.
  2. https://www.cooksillustrated.com/articles/1131-is-sous-vide-safe Glad the wife is OK. Went through a cancer scare with my wife too. Bottom line is it's safe. Everything causes cancer in this day and age. Cooking with charcoal, eating meat that is cooked where it has burnt edges or crust causes cancer. Eating sausage with nitrates causes cancer.....and on and on and on. Good rule to live by....everything in moderation. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. My 2 cents.
  3. I stopped using a coffee machine years ago. Always break and a pain to clean. Bought one of these and it looks as new and works as good as the day I bought it. https://www.amazon.com/Frieling-Stainless-Patented-Polished-17-Ounce/dp/B0089ZM8Y4/ref=asc_df_B0015VMKME/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167147331067&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7393324568323790974&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9010778&hvtargid=pla-259143388852&th=1
  4. Baker's Percent and Preferments There are two different considerations relating to baker's percent when making bread with preferments. The first is relatively simple: the preferment is treated as any other ingredient. The second, figuring Overall Baker's Percent, is slightly more complicated. Here is a formula for French bread using a poolish: flour 40.12 pounds 100% water 19.32 pounds 48% salt 1.19 pounds 3% yeast 0.72 pounds 1.8% poolish 38.66 pounds 96% Although there is accuracy to the percentages as they are expressed, there is also confusion. Three percent salt seems excessive, 48% water seems far too little. Of course, it is the presence of the poolish, comprised of equal weights flour and water, which makes the formula appear bewildering. It can therefore be a good idea, when using preferments, to also express the formula in terms of Overall Baker's Percent. In other words, computing the sum of all the flour, all the water, etc. and basing our percentages on the total sum. In the above instance, we would break the poolish up into its component parts, and add them in to the proper places. poolish flour 19.32 pounds 100% poolish water 19.32 pounds 100% poolish yeast 0.02 pounds 0.1% Adding these figures in with the rest of the dough, we get the following: flour 40.12 + 19.32 = 59.44 pounds 100% water 19.32 + 19.32 = 38.64 pounds 65% salt 1.19 = 1.19 pounds 2% yeast 0.72 + 0.02 = 0.74 pounds 1.25%
  5. Yep what ckreef said. Everything is disposable nowadays. One year warranty is the standard for the junk coming out of China. There's a reason for a one year warranty....and it aint because they think it will last.
  6. Beautiful! Those big guys don't get that big and old being stupid.
  7. Thanks for the update. Been praying everyday for the little guy.
  8. Will definitely pray for Eric and your family.
  9. I don't think its needed. I have a Vision and never had a problem even in pouring rain.
  10. I could be the charcoal. Try taking the top vent completely off.
  11. Next time try going 2 hours and then foil for an hour. Once you foil close the vents a little and slowly bring the temp down to between 225 and 250. Hopefully within the hour the ribs are foiled. Take out of foil and brush with sauce. Then run nekid for 30 minutes and check to see how close they are to being done. Brush again and it may only need another 10 or 15 minutes or it may need another 30 minutes. Cook by feel not by time. When they are at the texture you like, pull em. I don't like a dark rib so that's why I like to bump the temp down for the last 45 minutes to an hour of the cook. I favor a sweet and spicy sauce and sugars will burn easily. BTW everything looks great and I'll take a fall off the bone rib any day of the week.
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