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  1. That's a sweet grill. You're making me want one.
  2. Dry and tough....under cooked. Dry and crumbly....over cooked. Its done when it probes like butter. Not at a certain temp.
  3. Short term pain in exchange for long term gain. Economic security is national security. We now have a president for the people. Ignore what the bought and paid for media and politicians tell you. Oh....Orange man bad!
  4. Frank nailed it. Allow more time. RO lights faster due to size and composition.
  5. Your fine. It will hold for hours in a cooler. Sear when desired. Eat good!
  6. Great advice from all. I do the same as Frank. Put everything in once I'm steady Eddie. Let that thin blue start wisping out and your all systems go. Put ribs on smile and drink a coldie.
  7. Bump the temp to 300 and like ckreef said wrap it now.
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