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  1. Skirt steak and roast veggies

    Then theres the outside and inside skirt too.
  2. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    Check these out Bosco. The owner is very knowledgeable and a nice guy. These may give you that kasumi finish your looking for. https://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/collections/tennen-toishi-natural-stones
  3. Anyone use Stainless Steel pans?

    I have All Clad and they work great. You have to relearn how to cook with SS. No super high heat. When you have a high quality pan with good heat transfer you have to cook at lower temps than what you were used to. I too hate nonstick for the same reasons you listed. I have been moving to carbon steel and cast iron as my nonstick go to. I have one more nonstick pan that is soon to be trashed. Once that one is gone no more nonstick for me. A well seasoned carbon or cast iron will give you the same results and last forever. You just have to treat it a little different. People complain about SS sticking and burning etc, they just haven't learned how to use them properly. One more thing....Bar Keepers Friend is a Friend indeed for SS.
  4. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    I have the Chosera 400, 1000, 3000, and 5000. Like Charles said, the 6000 is a high finish stone. My 5000 will put an edge on my knives that is so polished and shiny it looks like a sword finish. Even under magnification you cant see any scratches from the sharpening. You can go to 6000 or even 8000, but in my opinion its not necessary. At 5000 I can shave with my knives. Most professionals who cook for a living don't go over 3000 due to liking a less polished edge that will have a less chance of slip. The higher you go the more the edge can feel and perform slippery. At 3000 the edge is going to have more bite and less slip. I take my edges to 5000 but like Charles said, its more of a strop motion and I only spend a few minutes on my 5000. Most of the work is done on the 1000 and 3000. If my knives need a touch up I spend a few minutes on the 400 and then quickly move on to the 1000 and then to the 3000 and then a few strop like passes on the 5000 and I'm back in business. Jumping from 1000 to 6000 is doable, but it will take longer on the 6000 to remove the scratches left from the 1000. As you progress through the stones the deeper scratches left from the previous stone are removed by finer scratches until you end up with a fine polish and almost no scratches. Those scratches are the bite or the polish or slip when actually using the knife. You can feel the performance change the higher you go. So its up to the individual as to what they prefer. Also a knife with bite will perform better on certain foods like meat. Some natural stones, even high finish natural stones will leave a bite or a finish on the blade that is refined but hazy. High polish doesn't always mean high performance. Just because you can shave with it doesn't mean it will perform well and hold an edge long. And to make things even more complicated, different metals like different degrees of sharpness and angles, and some stones perform better on some steels and not others. Those numbers like 3000 or 5000 can differ too. A 5000 stone may finish like a 3000 stone from another maker and a 3000 may finish like a 5000 from another maker. I really like the Chosera stones. I haven't had a knife those stones couldn't take to a screaming edge, and do it quickly. They also don't dish easily and will likely outlast me. In the stone world you pay for what you get. Just my 2 cents.
  5. New Japanese Knife

    @Ben S I used to go to the old forum quite a bit but participated very little. Mostly to read about topics I was interested in. Same as I do now with the new forum. I visit every now and then to see what's new in the knife world. I haven't signed up on the new forum. I'm a big Konosuke fan and I like to see what coming to CKTG. Side Note: I picked up one of these cleavers 8x3.25 for $7 a few years ago and its really great for the price. I use it all the time when I don't want to fuss with one of my better knives. It takes a screaming edge and holds if for quite a long time. Super easy to sharpen and its really thin and carbon steel. I got it here. https://www.wokshop.com/newstore/product/carbon-steel-cleaver/ Get one. You will be amazed at how well it cuts.
  6. New Japanese Knife

    One more thing. The KS profile is one of the most if not the most copied profile of any knife. There's a reason for that.
  7. New Japanese Knife

    I haven't used it yet but I don't doubt I will like it. Its been sitting on my desk for over a week now. Been busy. Anyway its like anything else. It used to be plentyfull and easy to get and then the maker was ill and none could be found for close to 2 years. You know how it is...one wants more what one can't have. So the hype and legendary status began. When I first got into J knives the KS was plentiful and one of the knives I was looking hard at. But being new to J knives I was concerned with carbon steel knives in general. I was afraid of damage and rust issues. I went with a Kikuichi TKC based on recommendations from Mark at CKTG and it being a semi stainless knife with a western handle. I wasn't sure I would like J handle and the maintenance was almost like SS and the price was right. Well once bitten by the J knife bug and feeling the performance over my Henkles....it was like the potatoe chips.....you can't just eat one. So after tons of reading and video watching I decided to try something in carbon and one with a J handle. Seemed like Konosuke was highly regarded... well then came the Konosuke Fujiyama B2. After experiencing the Konosuke I was blown away by its laser performance and my fear of carbon went away. I'm a carbon guy all the way now and I prefer a J handle. The B2 steel takes a killer edge and is easy to sharpen. I ended up getting a Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #2 Petty 120mm to use as a pairing knife and it looks exactly like its big brother. Beautiful knife. Then I needed a new slicing knife which lead to the Konosuke white 2 180 petty. The thing is a lazer with the white steel and thin blade, it just amazed me how sharp that knife can get. Both knives just fall through everything they touch. Well, after a few years of use with my knives I developed more of a sense of what I like and what works best. I consider the TKC to be an all around workhorse of a knife. It takes a good edge and holds it for a loooooong time....but in my opinion a well made and hardened carbon blade smokes everything else. The Kono B2 is on the other end of the spectrum....Laser. Great for most but too delicate for other tasks. So....having said all that. That lead me to the in between kinda knife. Half workhorse half laser. Hence the KS. Plus over the years I learned that I prefer a flatter profile because it fits my cutting style. I'm not a rocker type, and I tend to use the front end of the knife a lot. Which the profile and tip of the KS should be just what I'm looking for. Not to mention its white 2, and I really like white 2 for how steep an edge it can take. Also, the maker is in his 80s and those knifes may become a thing of the past. What makes these knives so special to me is the fact that they are hand crafted by craftsmen that have been doing this for hundreds of years and for generations. Some transitioned from Samurai sword making to knife making. For me there is a special feeling and connection that makes these more than a mere knife. When you see the work that goes into these knives and the skill involved...and how long it takes to just make one knife....to me that is special. Some of these knives won't ever be available again. The Kono white I have is one. Its looking like the Kono fuji B2 may be another....and I think once the inventory of KS are gone they may be gone forever as well. It is my understanding that when Masamoto was ill there was a bunch of stock that was needing to be finished, once he got well those knives were finished and put on the market. Which is what your seeing now. The question is....will he be able to make more and does he even want to? Everyone has there opinion on knives and what they like and don't like. Does the Masamoto deserve its legendary status...... I think it does.
  8. New Japanese Knife

    Really nice! Blue 2 is a great steel. I have a Konosuke Fujiyama B2 Gyuto that I love. Your going to love that steel. Can get it crazy, scary sharp and it lasts a good while for a home cook. Easy to sharpen too. My newest knife just arrived. Masamoto KS in White 2 steel. Been wanting one of these for a while. Have fun with it!
  9. Skirt Steak and Chimichurri

    Awesome cook! One of my favorites. Skirt steak is the bomb! Chimichurri is great stuff! Classic Combo. Plated shot looks great!
  10. I'm confused. It shouldn't matter where the probe is placed. Its going to read what the temp is and adjust accordingly. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm on my whatever Bourbon at the moment so maybe its me 8...9...I don't remember. Changing the position will change its reading but it shouldn't change how it reacts to that reading. From what I found....even when I thought my vent was closed enough...I realized it needed to be just open a sliver.My controller was overshooting too due to the vent being open more than it needed. I had it set to what I thought was barely open. It needed to be closed even more. When I did that everything was fine and only fluctuated a few degrees. Your working under a starved fire situation where the controller compensates for that and feeds it the necessary air. If the vent is open just a sliver too much then the controller along with natural draft doesn't allow for the controller to do its thing because you have too much natural draft. Now if you have excessive air leaks beyond what the vent is set too then the controller will seem like its over compensating when actually you have too much natural draft. Starting with a full firebox vs one that is half full or whatever only effects how long the fire will burn. Also these PIDS learn the more you use them. If you set everything up the same then the controller will improve as it learns your pit. I'm half in the bag but .....What am I missing here? One more thing....my dome temp is 25 degrees or more off of what the controller is set at. I don't even bother with the dome temp.
  11. My guess is you have the top vent open too much. It should be open only a sliver. Paper thin.
  12. New Flame Boss 300

    I picked up one around Christmas and have used it about 5 times so far. I had no problems holding temps before so it was a want and not a need. But, I love it. Like others said, you have to have the top vent just barely open. Just a tiny little bit. What I like is I can light one area and set everything up and it will bring the temp up to where its set while I get things ready. Once its about 75 degrees away from my target temp I throw the smoking wood on and the meat. Go inside and watch it from my phone. No going out in the cold to see whats happening. I like that. Plus it allows me to record my cooks for future reference. Its not a need, but it sure makes things even easier. Even though it was easy before I got it. Another thing to keep in mind, these things are learning PIDs. Each time you use it, as long as you set it up the same way....the flame boss will learn your smoker and the acuracy will improve. Not that its going to be off that much anyway. Due to my komado and from what I read about others experience burning hotter in the back, I light a spot in the front and set my pit probe near the back on the grate. This allows it to burn from front to back and gives me what I believe a more accurate reading of the pit. My dome thermo shows 25 to 40 degrees lower than what the pit probe is reading. No biggie as I believe the pit probe to be more accurate as it is next to where the meat is. Another advatage is it brings the smoker up to temp faster than without it. Did I mention I love this thing!
  13. Shun Knives Recomendations

    Sweet! Look at Chosera Stones. I have a set and they are top notch.
  14. Big Joe or Classic

  15. Big Joe or Classic

    Only when you can walk the rice paper without leaving a trace........... When you can snatch the marbles from my hand.......