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  1. landscaper

    WFO Installation Thread

    IFun part for me cause I will get to enjoy this with my love for years to come.  In life.....that's all that matters. The simple things.
  2. landscaper

    Konro Scallops

    Why thank you skreef. It is a lot of fun. Been fooling around with it for a few days. Its really convenient and did I say fun. Your husband's a bad...or should I say good influence. I see a pizza oven in my future.
  3. landscaper

    WFO Installation Thread

    Oh man this is gonna be fun! Pavers... and everything... Looks fantastic! Really nice job!
  4. landscaper

    Konro Scallops

  5. landscaper

    Konro Scallops

    Messed around last evening and made some quick Sirloin skewers marinated in the usual garlic, ginger, soy etc etc. Skewed some onions and peppers too. You know how it is when you want to play with the new toy. Anyway here are a few pics. The breaking in fire. I did a quick skim of those books and will report back with a quick review.
  6. landscaper

    Konro Scallops

    Nice cook Ckreef. Look what showed up yesterday.
  7. landscaper

    WFO Installation Thread

  8. landscaper

    LG Konro Yakatori - unboxing thread

    Your a bad influence CKreef. I just ordered the medium.
  9. landscaper

    Some new knives

    I came from using an 8 inch knife and thought a 210 would be a good fit. But like you I prefer the longer 240. It took a bit of an adjustment and I kept poking myself between my thumb and forefinger when doing bridge cuts due to not being used to the length. Hurt like hell too. The KS has become my favorite knife. Its the perfect length. The perfect weight. Its lazer like yet hefty enough to power through tougher products. The flat profile fits my cutting style perfectly and its white steel that takes such a keen edge it blows me away. They say there is no perfect knife but I think I found my perfect knife. At least for me. I should have bought two just in case something happened to it. That's the thing with knives, it takes a while before you figure out what your cutting style is and what blade fits your style. It took me a couple of years to figure out what I prefer and now when considering a knife I know what to look for. I prefer flatter profiles and 240 length and I'm a fan of white steel. Not that I need another knife. But you know how that is.
  10. landscaper

    New knives

    Awesome! I'm a fan of white steel. You're going to love that knife.
  11. That is SWEET! Crazy story, you da man! Can't wait to see it fired up! Congrats!
  12. landscaper

    New Flame Boss 300

    I did a cook about 2 weeks ago and had the exact same issue. I also noticed it wasn't always detecting an open lid. I thought it was a fluke and haven't used it since. So we will see the next time I use it. Maybe they did a software update and screwed things up. Curious as to what they respond back with.
  13. landscaper

    Green Light for WFO

  14. landscaper

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Nice color!