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  1. Nope! Ran mine all the time without a controller. The FB I have is just convenient.
  2. Vacuum seal and freeze. Reheat in microwave or sous vide or water bath in pot. Frozen for a year or more.
  3. I'm not sure but I would think they would use some type of acidifier.
  4. That's crazy. I'm sure you know this about garlic but I'll post it anyway for others who may not be aware. Foods that need to be blanched first: • Broccoli • Cauliflower • Cabbage • Brussels Sprouts • Turnips • Other cruciferous vegetables Unfortunately there are just a few foods that cannot be vacuum sealed. Some foods contain anaerobic bacteria, which can grow without the presence of air, meaning even within a vacuum sealed pouch these bacteria will continue to grow and may pose a risk to your health. Foods that cannot be vacuum sealed: • Mushrooms • Garlic • Soft cheeses • Brie • Camembert • Ricotta ... • Other soft and unpasteurized cheeses
  5. I bought a Vacmaster 215 a few months back. I love the dam thing. I use it a bunch. We have a foodsaver too but we hardly used it due to the expensive bags and the PIA factor. Although bags have come down in price as more competition has entered the market. I had one seal break on some chicken breast I froze. But that was probably user error. Correct seal time and making sure the bags are not wrinkled or wet when sealing is the key. Its a huge time saver and it saves freezer space as well. I think your going to love it John. Vacmaster is Chinese made too so I would guess that they share the same components. I saw the one you bought and thought about it. Price is good. I was just worried about support and parts. Which is why I went with the Vacmaster. Looking forward to your review.
  6. I too bought a VacMaster. Best decision I made. We have a foodsaver but hardly used it over the years due to it being so fussy and horrible on liquids. The Vacmaster is a breeze to use and does a fantastic job. I bought a SS table and put wheels on it and have the VacMaster setup on it. Sucker weighs 85 lbs. so you have to have a dedicated spot for it. But man is it worth it. Bags are cheap too. I use it several times a week. OP If you can swing a Vacmaster you won't regret it.
  7. Couple tips. Stretch the dough to the size you want...actually a little bigger as it will shrink a little...before putting it on the peel. Dust the peel with some flour before putting on the peel. Only leave the dough on the peel long enough to dress the pie. The longer it sits the more its going to stick as it transfers moisture to the peel. Lastly....pick up one end of the dough and blow under the dough. Give it a little shake and launch. Blowing under the dough is a tip that has helped me. Works like a charm. One more thing. In the beginning I was using too much flour mixed with Semolina flour.....problem is it burns and you can taste it in the final pie. Cut back on both flours and started to blow underneath before launch and the results are much better. One one more thing....rub the flour into the peel. You don't need much at all. I have a peel similar to this I got at RD. https://www.webstaurantstore.com/american-metalcraft-2414-15-1-2-x-13-7-8-wood-pizza-peel-with-8-handle/1242414.html
  8. Noooo. I was talking about pics of the pizza!
  9. Outstanding! Makes me just want to take a bite! A little salty, savory and sweet....whats not to love!
  10. Like they say....pics or it didn't happen!
  11. Worth it? Maybe. RD can be good but it varies by location and part of the country from what I understand. I have been to two near me and they mostly carry the same stuff but not everything. I like the one near me. Prices are pretty good and you can get stuff that you can't find in other places. Like Picanna and Tri tips. Kitchen tools, knives, storage containers, all kinds of stuff. I go a few times per month. It complements Costco and BJs for me. I buy a lot of bulk and freeze things. Check it out, I think you will like it.
  12. My bet is that thing is going to be KILLER! Nice job!
  13. Here's a good one to try. Its delicious.
  14. Love me some smoked chuckies! Those look fantastic!
  15. Your doing it right. If you want the smoke to last a little longer, put a few chunks around the perimeter of the lit coals. As the cook progresses and the fire burns, it will start those other pieces and you will get a longer smoke. Yes smoke is there even when you can barely see it. One other thing I do is. If I'm looking at a long smoke on say a brisket or butt. I use smoke packs made from double wrapped heavy foil and soaked wood chips. 2 large sized packets. Punch a few holes in the top. One next to the coals that are ignited and one towards the rear. In most kamados the fire tends to spread towards the rear. By the time the first one has finished doing its thing the fire has spread to the rear and then that pack takes over. I can have thin blue smoke for a very long time doing it that way. Once the meat hits about 170 its done taking on anymore smoke anyway. Be careful though. You can over do it. Everyone's smoke tolerance is different and you have to find out what works for you. Oh and yes....soaking chips and even using chips is taboo. But it works for me. I don't soak chunks when using them for short smokes like ribs.
  16. One of the things I wanted to do this winter was to work on my baking skills. Your not kidding when you say baking is a science. I've learned a bunch over the last few months and it has really changed the way I look at baking. So many things can effect the outcome. Everything you do from start to finish has to be done properly. Even what you add to the mixer should be done in a certain way as it can effect the outcome. Friction factor, flour temp, room temp, water temp, hydration, the addition of oil and salt and how it effects the dough. You have to document everything and weight to exact measurements. I even purchased a scale that can read in 100 of a gram. Starters, biga, poolish, pate ferment etc.There is so much to learn when it comes to baking. I find I really like to bake and playing with the dough. Its very satisfying.
  17. I have not done it myself but it is my understanding that you can without negative effects.
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