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  1. Though I rarely use the Royal Oak due to light weight that burns up fast although that is a benefit on weeknight/ fast cooks as it does get going really quick. My real dislike is the numbers of pieces that are not fully carbonized and are still brown and burn like wood instead of charcoal with the campfire smell. Also stones or concrete in the bag.
  2. Morning! Wings are fun and a favorite cook for me. There are different techniques out there but I Like the Raised Direct at 350F 20 minutes a side. Dry wings very well with paper towels or fridge air dry. Light coat avocado oil. Garlic powder and Dizzy Pig Ragin River rub, chunk of wood. I usually cherry or pecan. Flip after 20 minutes. Glazed with Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce last few minutes. Yes the Demerara and maple sugars in the rub will burn if your temps and fire aren't spot on. I like them better this way than the results from indirect baking/smoking although they were good also but different. YMMV. Fall off the bone, Moist meat. Crispy Skin. Char. Deep Flavor. Different Rub combos and glazes are fun to play with. Wings are pricey for the little meat but cheap fun cook overall.
  3. Great Kitchen! Get the Feet. They are just a few bucks in the grand scheme. My classic is very stable on them and the air gap is there. Now if outdoor Refrigerators would last more than one year here.
  4. That is it! IT's been too many weeks of this low carb.. Time to start some yeast! These are in your Alpha I guess? Fabulous.
  5. Pretty clean in there. I played with a blaze at my local BBQ store. Really like the features and the Engineering.
  6. Welcome from Scottsdale! Be glad to offer any help you need
  7. Come and get them. 7/7-7-16 Kamado Joe's in 18", 24" and 13.5" sizes. 30Lbs KJ Big Block Lump 30Lbs $22 12155 Tech Center DrivePoway, CA92064-7156
  8. No Kamado Guru in or around Huntington Beach area?
  9. Working the Roadshow but always buy some lump from myself.
  10. You Guru know the drill. 6/9-6/18 Joe's, Lump and classic Joetisserie available. Come and get them.
  11. Still have a lot of Grills and Charcoal and Joetisserie here at the Phoenix Roadshows!! Most empty store I've ever been to. Like a ghost town. This is the only Roadshow for the Valley in 2017. Come stock up and say Hi.
  12. Phoenix area! Come stock up on New 2017 Big Joe's, Classic , Jr's, JoeTisserie for 18" and 30Lb Big Block Lump Charcoal $22 a bag!! 5/5-5/14/2017 Costco #665 1646 W Montebello Ave Phoenix, AZ 85015 Please spread the word to anyone who may not be on the Guru. Neighbors,Eggheads etc. Thanks.
  13. I make more flank than any other steak. Looks great !
  14. Don't give up.. Soon your oven will be very lonely and your neighbors won't leave you alone.
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