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  1. Excellent post JJ and great story of sticking with the spirit of the season.
  2. The challenge with this kind of roast is that a lot of recipes call for a high heat sear followed by a roast at around 350-375. If you do this, you will likely overcooked the outer 1-inch or so of your roast, even if you have a beautiful rare center. I have found a reverse sear at about 250F, followed by a high heat(500F) provides the most consistent temperature edge to edge. This post is a great example. http://komodokamadoforum.com/topic/5080-post-christmas-prime-rib-roast/]http://komodokamadof...rime-rib-roast/
  3. The stones are extremely thick and expensive. I had it in there for about an hour. The grill was just under 500 and the stone never got above 375 according to my thermo laser gun thingy. (that's the technical name for those, right?) Hogs, if the baking stone never got above 375, I would heat it longer before cooking. I will heat soak the KK, pizza stone in place, for at least an hour. There is a lot of mass there to absorb heat. If you heat soak effectively you don't lose much heat if you are cooking multiple pies. Plenty of approaches, this is what works for me.
  4. Nice looking pies. You did it right. No heat deflector for high heat baking/pizza. Dennis designed that stone to be used directly.
  5. Excellent! They look awesome with the cabinet.
  6. Funny Wilbur. My family would love that! Bosco, the 32" is just way too much real estate for me. I think I'm good.
  7. Thanks everyone. Haven't used the gasser in about 8-9 months.
  8. Good looking meal![emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
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