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  1. I have found for cleaning oven racks & grill racks, place them in a plastic tote or anything large enough so they lay flat. Fill with hot water enough to cover racks. Add some dishwashing detergent like Cascade. Leave overnight & wipe clean in the morning.
  2. CharlieB_DE, A friend told me about this forum when I told him I bought a Saffire. How do others find this place? I guess a web search would get it started. Anyway, I went to buy a Weber S330 natural gas grill & Steve was there with the Saffire. I looked at both grills but when Steve showed me the difference I bought the Saffire. Glad I did. By the way, Steve lives one block down from me. I need to stop by his place & get some more pointers. Great guy. Good neighbor. Bnelsonr
  3. The new model Saffire (2014) has re designed the opening. It now has a round, screw in cover. Works nice.
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