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  1. Bwahaha. Never knew we had a rocket scientist on forum or the best redneck engineer ever Just playing owl
  2. So with the food truck we've been thinking about trying get I tip up town, North American Snowmobile Festival and some mentioned launch at Linwood Saginaw bay during ice fishing on weekends. So we've been tweaking our soup recipes. So got a picnic ham and a couple pounds of bacon from L&J Meats other day. Sal went to work on a corn chowder/Potato Soup hybrid. She makes a mean chowder and a potato soup, which one do I do, heck I'll cook um together"she asks how is it" I'm like the best thickest tastiest I've had. She's a mad scientist indoor cooking.
  3. 50 mph winds cold and rain means one thing So buying food trailer gonna do winter events we needed a new chili recipe. We both love our moms but wanted something different. So my fiancee mad scientist in kitchen goes to work. Took her hours lil this lil that add more of this. She freakan nailed it, I've ate chili in hundreds of establishments, quite possibly best I've ever had. She goes try this handing me a spoonful there is a hint of sweet from brown sugar on front and a hint of heat on backend. Totally correct. Gives your toungue a tingle. Perfect lil touch of heat and it's tasty and thick. I hate stewed tomatoes in my chili and this has none
  4. Went to L&J Meats asked for a small tri tip, pretty cool when a girl that was one of your best friends since kindergarten is now your butcher,we marinated over night in St.Elmos steak sauce reverse seared to 128. She made Yukon gold garlic mashed taters, green beans and garden maters.
  5. Called Heather at L&J Meats had some 2.5-3 inch chuckeyes cut. Cool when a friend since kindergarten is your butcher. Marinated in a charbonnet steak sauce over night reverse seared to 115 then seared to 128. One of the best steaks we have ever had. Veggie packet with ghost chili sauce, it's hot! Cold shrimp with the best cocktail sauce St.Elmos
  6. I'd hit it weird but probably awesome. We all eat cat and dog at Chinese buffet.
  7. I'll do my best pry it out. Sals privy when it comes to her family recipes.
  8. With a washout yesterday and it being Oct, no outdoor cooking, sal whipped up her bacon corn chowder with garlic cheese bread from a local market. Sure fit the bill for the day. Sal's indoor cooking is amazing like your grandma made, she's old school.
  9. Last night made Hobo Stew, on the grill squash,green beans, potato, onions and smoked sausage. Grilled garlic and cheese sourdough Found a ghost chili sauce at a local market and seasoned with that, liberally. It's hot straight outta bottle like really hot, once you cook with it, it's perfect flavor and spice
  10. We love shopping local went L&J's for smoked pork chops, went to Murray's market for acorn squash and redskins. Sal made breaded Potato pancakes with her homemade remeoulade. Smoked chops easiest, cheapest, quickest thing ever
  11. Yesterday was at L&J Meats picked up a small picnic ham, fall food, threw in oven bag, smashed redskins and green beans on stove with garlic and herb. Never knew what a picnic ham was til met Sally, keep your spiral sliced hams to yourself. So much more tender and juicy
  12. Sal and I went to L&J meats owner has been a friend since kindergarten, we buy prime at choice prices it's non graded, today picked up a beautiful rib eye. Reverse seared to 130 with garlic/herb asparagus and Cajun grilled shrimp Did little baby zucchini inside with shore lunch Cajun and Sal's homemade remeoulade sauce. Steak so tender was hard to flip on grill
  13. Bwahaha I look at sal and go I'm scared everyday since, I go through ubre anxiety about everything Cooking and hunting is my release, hopefully this is an awesome adventure.
  14. Funny I followed that thread when I was a regular there. Gonna be one hell of an adventure
  15. That's awesome I'd do in a heartbeat, our wedding will be small not wedding party. I have 9 groomsmen, but I only have 9 people I consider as brothers can't pick and choose. Trust circle is small. We're back woods people, Sal's dress is simple, bridesmaids are simple. Instead of tux guys are gonna wear rock revival jeans and cowboy boots and a vest. Pig roast for reception, need find a good venue where everyone can stay so no Dewey's, Gonna do a hayride between wedding and reception for wedding party.
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