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  1. Her birthday was Saturday but we were busy with youth deer hunt. Said let's do something different, text a friend that i graduated with that owns local butcher shop buy alot from her. Essentially you get prime at choice prices, it's not graded, just locally grown beef. It's marbled so good. Text her Friday, can I get a 2 3/4 to 3 inch tomahawk ribeye. Show up look was wowed 3.3 lbs for 32 bucks expected 50. We throw this behometh in oven to 110, got lump in grill flaming hot. Sear to 125, by time we made our plates it rested cooked up medium rare 130. We grilled a potato pack with Portabellas mushrooms onions doused in butter with beefy onion soup mix. She made her grammas sweet corn in milk with pepper and butter and garden maters.. This thing was awesome
  2. Really cool weekend. I love the youth hunt sal and I always take friends kids or family. We took my best friends youngest, Sat night was amazing, Tony (bf) calls oldest son shot one. 5 minutes later sal spots a, buck, 2nd then third buck, All nice, sal coached him. Bang deer runs thirty yards piles. Heart shot Great night, today we went to his house, to skin process, Sal and Tony went to work. I'm allergic to deer so I am bartender and knife sharpener .Capped night off with venison loin and inners on kamado cooked to 125 and rested. Really cool weekend. Picture is leftovers for tommorow for sammiches
  3. Enlighten me. I'm a reverse sear guy on thick steaks whether outside or in the house on cast. I'm not being snoody, but I come to these forums to learn and hear different opinions. Cooked perfect for me looks amazing
  4. Hate is not a strong enough word loath is better just kidding looks great
  5. Yeah I'll break out kamados soon I miss it. Craving my own ribs and sauce and pp. Summer is going way to fast.
  6. Brined pork tenderloin yesterday, smoked on kettle offset to 140 and finished with a peach glaze. Smoked Mac and cheese with bacon and carmelized onions. With candied carrots
  7. So this is a recipe near and dear and this is a story more then a cook to me might lost ma Christmas eve have had with goose, venison, beef duck, and turkey, mom's made this since I was a kid. She got the recipe from a deceased friend. When ma passed I asked dad for her cookbooks he said sure, so immediately I start shaking them for her homegrown recipes. Couldn't find the two I wanted were missing. One day I broke down bawling in truck. Sal what's wrong? "I said I miss mom's cooking I may never see these recipes again" The Lil things still kill me. That's when I break. Luckily by grace of God he who gave ma recipe daughter saw my plight asked is this it. Made it tonight It's it. This is a dish all my college buddies come up, request next visit. The other recipe I was crying about luckily my aunt had from Grandma which my mom took I'll have on my birthday as it was always my choice Blackstone for beef and Chinese veggies, Szechuan concoction sauce over angel hair saturated in butter and Parm. It's the recipe
  8. Sounds awesome. Doing tenderloin tommorow one of my favorites. And your right, you can cook up a meal in 30-40 minutes including prep. People think it took you hours. I used to smoke 2-3 times a week for 12 years, but it's time consuming. The thought of getting up.at 4 put butt on is not that appealing anymore. But to be honest I'm kinda bbqed out, ate so much over that period, stopped at joints in every big bbq city. Now bbq has invaded the north, restaurants and trailers all over. Always leave dissatisfied, years ago I'd stop now I'd rather go elsewhere The bs is the easiest moron proof cooking device that whips up show stoppers in a hurry. Hardest thing is thinking what to cook. I saw your list may add to it, possibilities are endless. Ck you on Facebook?
  9. Cooked on 17" tonight. Phillys, sweet peppers onionss on BS in Butter and shaved ribeye. On brioche Buns. I doused mine in St Elmo's Creamy Horseradish sauce. I use this, and their cocktail sauce on shrimp, you like horse radish on roids these are your sauces. Also did our first Michigan sweet corn on stone basted in garlic herb butter every quarter turn.
  10. Did tatchos tonight crown tater tots and taco meat on Blackstone with refried beans, lettuce, black olives, onions, jalepenos, tomatoes, topped with sour cream and taco sauce
  11. Then Monday we had storms rolling in had to rush. We were at my aunt's had 22 loaded down with chicken and steak skewers she fired up kettle and did veggies over lump in a basket. We always do the meat and veggies separate as we like med rare, put um all on a skewer together u choose between overdone steak good veggies or underdone veggies and good steak
  12. So I've been doing so much cooking over campfire, neglected stones for a week showed it been humid. It only took half an hour bring back to life, 3 coats of Crisco. My God. Mother's up I remember her saying she loves breakfast for supper. Fired up 22, bacon eggs toast and hash brown patties all on stone I like griddle toast way better than toaster, and it makes the best patties,Crisco more crisco extra crispy.
  13. I have 28, 22, 17. Honestly 28 has been in storage all year. We made fajitas for 13 on just the 22. If I had do over I'd have a fleet 17 and 22s. Our board is Blackstone Bites and More. We have 15000 members and have probably 50 join requests a day. Deserei Dukes started the board she is the cooks on commercial Blackstone and they use alot of her pics, she is one of the faces of Blackstone. Wait til you see her pics. Outside celebrity posts best looking food I've seen online. There's another group, but there's alot of arguments and know it alls on there. We don't tolerate that we are a place for ideas and inspiration
  14. Shrimp with Cajun seasoning tonight, with garlic and herb green beans and baby asparagus over open flame. Hassleback onion stuffed yukons in oven.
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