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  1. I don't have the bag. I rarely use stand us the table or a tailgate most times
  2. Simple Sunday supper , Ham Club, bacon from Ebels best bacon in state, toast and grilled ham, Colby jack, with a great tomato from a awesome farmers market on Blackstone. Mayo is the ticket toasting bread, read about it forever, it works Italian salad as a side.
  3. Bought first stone 4 years ago 22 is by far my favorite I have 3. I travel all over camping it's amazing 17. Is my go to. This past Friday cooked for 13 on 22, fiancee said don't need 17,;looked at her funny, seafood Alfredo, 4 bags blackened shrimp, 3 bags blackened scallops, 3 cut rings of andouille. Did mushrooms onions first placed in crock with sauce for 2 hrs on simmer. I have friends with 36, my 28 is a dust collector. I cannot imagine traveling with it. In all honesty do over again 3 22 inch. Accessories you've been handled well. I use 6 inch paint scrapers for cleaning flipping searing. Bottles I don't use um because I cook most times in butter. As for press I won't eat a smash Burger unless making big macs One other item lifetime camping table I have 6 ft supports 17 and 22 with room for seasoning
  4. So happy see so many new stoners in this thread
  5. Really simple, Yukon golds skin off, favorite are onaway potatoes. These do no justice prefer carrots a bunch more real carrots over baby carrots and any onion butter water and milk Buddy makes some goofy stuff sometimes it like seriously, other yes . These are awesome super "fluffy" We do with ham, smoked pork chop as protein and homemade apple sauce. Great meal
  6. Thank you means alot. We love our stones. It's very simple cooking, prep to done 30 minutes. As you know their awesome. It's essentially a giant cast iron pan. We use alot of store bought glazes, sauces and spices. Found out with BBQ it's easy dump 50 bucks in a rub or sauce I don't like. If your on Facebook join Blackstone bites and more. I'm a mod there awesome group,no arrogance alot of inspiration and ideas. I feel my pics pale there. Alot of great griddle folks an ideas. Honestly I've probably sold 75 griddles, all my local friends hawk over us, one meal, "I bought a bs,now what". I post on alot of hunting forums, everyone buys them. Seriously outside bbq griddling is the biggest phenomenon in cooking. I get Bob Smith an 20 others require approval every few hours. Keeping with it for sure, 4 years I believe most simple cooker to master. I bbq hard for 12 years got burnt on bbq still smoke a half dozen times a summer. I don't claim be the czar of blackstone, you have any questions shoot me a pm. And please don't think this thread is mine, post away, I'll love it
  7. So sal is on soft diet since emergency surgery. Man what a rough patch. I told her put her feet up, I got supper. No stone but tonight did a picnic ham from Ebels awesome smokehouse and butchef. After she introduced me to picnic I turn nose up to spiral sliced its way better. Orange potatoes a mix of taters, carrots and onion mashed. Best taters my buddy showed me these was skeptical, now favorite. Candied carrots with bacon and grands.
  8. We come from a small farming meat and tater town. Sal found a really nice Chuckie, threw in oven bag with beefy onion soup mixture mini Yukon golds and carrots. Then carmelized onions and mushrooms on stove in cast for topping
  9. I honestly think chuckeye is my favorite steak, I'll take them over a ribeye. Looks awesome
  10. I was on phone sal went to town on Alfredo. Don't care if store bought or homemade. Secret of Alfredo is mushrooms an onions simmered in sauce two hrs over angel hair. Nutty woodsy taste jumps out from shrooms. Blackened chix breast breast on 17
  11. So last night we did a beef Chuck roast so much leftover. So today we did beef carnitas on the 22 Blackstone. Seasoned with 2 gringos chucacabra, lots of oil, sauteed onions, jalepenos, made that sauce again instead of crushed red used ground pretty hot and queso. Honestly critical of our cooking this was amazing and I am not a Mexican fan.
  12. Thanks y'all means alot I have had a helluva year and why I've been absent. Will post in cooler more appropriate than clogging this forum. Sal's a machine amazing indoor cook we grow up in meat and tater town good ol farm meals she's amazing and smoking grilling griddling she kicks butt. I'm dork with the science. Like tonight she said watching grocery games most guys wanna change, I'm like nah favorite show. Nutshell I AND my sisters pulled the plug on ma Christmas Eve, sal had a cancer scare put down my BFF a 8 yr old boxer a month ago. I'm a hunting fool for turkeys, duck,goose only thing got me.through was cooking. Our release Post more later in cooler
  13. Mom said never hate someone. So I'm gonna go with jealous instead congratulations
  14. Ok off topic after 19 years I bit the bullet and proposed in oct. Did it on one of our favorite turkey hunting grounds. Wedding scheduled for May of 2020 on our 20th anniversary weekend. So far I've planned pretty much everything she goes "I can't plan my own wedding"
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