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  1. Was gonna do seafood Alfredo last night. I suggested cloning Mancinos seafeed sub Sal's eyes lit up. She ran got everything we needed, toasted on ciabbetta with Swiss, onions and roasted redskins
  2. Didn't eat til 11:30. Had a tritip from L&J, hassleback yukons stuffed with cheese and onions and a salad garnished with a mix of berries
  3. Got my #1 gift on list. I've seen it used on Food Network for competition with high end. Chefs when pinched for time, it adds smoke flavor in 1-3 minutes Watch the videos, pretty cool. No way it adds smoke like smoking, but a bit of smoke flavor in a hurry. From cocktails to meat to apps. I'll give a review after couple a uses. Anyone have one?
  4. So we rented a place on the lake for 6 months it's perfect So there's a stove but the middle is a gas grill with a great fan. Last night tried it was awesome, sure beats going outside in N MI winter's Went to L&J today that's our favorite store, awesome meat, my life longfriend she owns it she takes care of us. picked up some thick pork chops hit with blackening seasoning on grill to 140. Cheesy green beans and boxed rice. Dang juicy and tasty.
  5. CK is right more you use more seasoned it gets. I moderate a large Blackstone group and it comes up regularly I'll throw out another tip. After cooking scrape, turn burners to med give a light coat of Pam. Let it go til smoke subsides. Turn off, essentially your giving a light seasoning and prevents rust and sticking next cook.
  6. Been busy deer hunting haven't posted much. We had a good season Sally killed two 8s in two days so we started cooking them. Have never thought about brining vennie. Oh WTH. Tenderloin med rare with sliced potatoes in beefy onion soup mix and olive oil and boxed stuffing. Other cook backstrap med rare. We've been buying Hi Mountain black pepper and garlic seasoning sal can make a mean loaded mash I think I like this better all Hi Mountain stuff is quality and regular ol bush beans Bambi beatdown coming late antlerless season
  7. We've got 8 clippers. They're perfect size knife for gutting, skinning and kitchen work. The high carbon sharpens so easy
  8. Sal has been craving goulash. She went to town making up her own version. I was stuffed by supper as she'd constantly bring me a spoonful, "what does it need" five minutes later "what does it need" It's really good got the perfect tolerable bite. She's a mad scientist in kitchen. It's over three cheese tortellini. I'm not huge on goulash but this was dang amazing
  9. Bwahaha. Never knew we had a rocket scientist on forum or the best redneck engineer ever Just playing owl
  10. So with the food truck we've been thinking about trying get I tip up town, North American Snowmobile Festival and some mentioned launch at Linwood Saginaw bay during ice fishing on weekends. So we've been tweaking our soup recipes. So got a picnic ham and a couple pounds of bacon from L&J Meats other day. Sal went to work on a corn chowder/Potato Soup hybrid. She makes a mean chowder and a potato soup, which one do I do, heck I'll cook um together"she asks how is it" I'm like the best thickest tastiest I've had. She's a mad scientist indoor cooking.
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