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  1. Thank you. Their awesome aren't they, I love my akorns, but I have fallen in love with these, perfect compliment to a kamado. Everyone I know is buying them now lol
  2. Today, Sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms in Alfredo sauce for an hour. Threw Cajun spicened bay scallops and tiger shrimp on the blackstone, served over three cheese tortellini.
  3. Football saturday day quick meal on 22. Bacon, toast ciattaba buns ham seared on blackstone, put under broiler sear habenero cheese, store bought Mac salad and pickles.
  4. So sal and I decided beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon from 4 h steer on 22 blackstone 2:30 each side, 125f Sal made her twice baked taters she changed up no sour cream instead this time, chip dip.
  5. Picked up some porterhouse from a farmer buddy, fired up 22 did those to 130 with fried taters in Lipton onion soup mixture and carmelized onions and mushrooms in bourbon brown sugar glaze.
  6. Went full blown redneck, easy meal tonight. Fired up 17 for chili dogs and chips. Dog, chili, cheese onion. Nothing fancy
  7. Did pork tenderloin two ways last night one with BBQ sauce other bourbon glaze, tookem to 140. Had corn on the cob, fried taters with onions and mushrooms. No plated pic, some people look at u like you are crazy when doing them lol
  8. So sal spoiled me tonight fired up 17" blackstone for Tot- Cho's. Tater tots well crisped, tons of melted cheese, burger, olives, tomatoes,lettuce,onion,sour cream. #Tater tots>chips
  9. Marinated pork chops in Tony chacheres pork marinade it's great in a pinch, corn in husk, 5-5-5-5, baked some taters cut, sprinkled on onion soup mix, to the stone to crisp.
  10. So been craving a good blt, went to garden picked some mater's. Went to my butcher (who's smokin hot btw) got cottage bacon, it's from the butt, went next door got fresh bread, corn is ready, 5 minutes a quarter turn on Blackstone husk on liberal butter. Few pierogi's as a sideManaged everything on 17 including toast
  11. Sal and I fired up 17 an 22 blackstones this evening. Brined pork tenderloin cooked to 140 coated in sauce, vegetable medley and a berry salad
  12. A little breakfast for supper, eggs, hamsteak bacon, tots on the 17. Turned out awesome.
  13. So sal wanted blackened catfish, corn and zucchini. I whipped up a tarter sauce, mayo, sweet relish splash of mustard and I diced fresh chili peppers to add. Sal hates tarter, said best she's had, it was tasty. Normally do corn on BS unhusked, tonight changed up, took silk off, peeled back, buttered, rotated every four minutes, peel husk back ,re butter and 1/4 turn.
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