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  1. I've read threads where folks were still paying $2-3/ lb this summer (2013) for brisket but flats are $6.50/ lb. at our local Publix in Nov 2013. For comparison, Winn Dixie across the street is $6.20/ lb.. Points were 30ยข less and if I order a whole packer it'll be somewhere between the two prices. I love me some brisket but at $6.50/lb for some lean, sirloin-looking beef, I'll pass. For those of us that don't enjoy the same selection and price as the rest of the free world, is there a secret source for Q, especially brisket? Thanks, Brian
  2. This forum is a great resource and being able to solicit input from folks with diverse backgrounds made this repair easier. Thank you to all that offered advice. I used rivnuts per 5H4N3's suggestion and reinstalled the hinge with new bolts and a few shim washers. Had I been able to source them locally, I would have tried these AVK A-R series threaded inserts because I was installing into irregular holes.
  3. A few days ago I tipped my stone-cold Akorn towards myself to drain rainwater off the bottom shelf and dumped the whole thing over quite forcibly. I had a firm grip on the handle so as the lower half wheeled away from me and struck the ground I wrenched the lid open too far. The force pulled 3 of the 8 threaded anchors out of the lid and lower half and deformed the skin around all 8 holes. Replacement lid and bottom are $110 each so I'm soliciting repair ideas... I tried JB Weld without success; the lid exerts too much leverage and pulled the anchors right out. The skin around the remaining anchors flexes when the lid is fully open so I expect it to fatigue quickly without a proper repair. Before I make doublers, can anyone recommend an expanding anchor or another repair method? Thanks, Brian Here's the area after re-forming with a ball-peen hammer and intial attempt at JB Weld.
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