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  1. As much as this cooks an awesome steak, I'm addicted to the mesquite I add in a reverse sear.
  2. You're welcome to it.....again. If you want to wait a few days to see if there are any others takers, it's all good.
  3. Got a handful off cut offs here for anyone interested. Ottawa area pickup or possible delivery if I happen to be wondering by your area. This is all clean furniture grade wood. No stain, glue etc. Paul
  4. Looks like the perfect cook. Prime rib on the Kamado is amazing. I typically use a montreal steak spice with mesquite chunks for smoke and let the meat do the talking.
  5. thanks - how long to receive the email? You get an email immediately with a coupon code. I picked up my two bags today since I was in the area.
  6. Fwiw, if you sign up for the lowes email flyers you get a $10 coupon for a $50 order. I just did to reduce the price of two KJ bags of lump from 25.99/bag to 20.99. Borderline expensive for my tastes but I thought it's a good excuse to give KJ lump a try. Free delivery too. No idea how well KJ is going to sell there but they had a $300 Acorn right beside the $1200 KJ in the store. For the non believer that may be a tough sell.
  7. I would buy it exclusively as well. I don't think they sell many bags @ $99 or anywhere close to that price. Have you every tried Kebroak? It sits at $40 all the time. I'm tempted to buy a bag & see what it's like. Glenn I have a bag not happy - lots of small pieces - might just be the bag i got Must be just the odd bag, I've gone through about 6 bags of quebracho, all had huge chunks. One did have a bit more dust at the bottom than I would consider a normal mount.
  8. I was watching it too....I really don't understand why the pricing is so moronically random. I have a bit of a mental barrier with lump over $1/lb, If they just kept it at $40 I would buy it exclusively.
  9. I've found that this is really charcoal dependant. The better, larger more consistent lumps can go from bag to grill without issue. Pieces are large enough to allow for good air flow and a good burn. Lump made of smaller bits benefits from being placed reasonably well to achieve good results, with larger chunks on the bottom and the rest poured over top......If I sort I just use 5 gallon pails.
  10. Got a response back from Costco. "Costco Canada and Costco US, although part of the same company, operate separately. Not all products and services that are offered in the US are available in Canada and not all Canadian products and services are offered in the US. Selection is very similar but, there are many differences for various reasons. Please note that Kamado Joe products are not part of the regular US inventory at the warehouses and are only offered during the special roadshow events. There are currently no plans to offer these products in Canada; your suggestion was sent to the buying team for review. If you have any further inquiries, please reply to this e-mail or call our member service agents at 1-800-463-3783, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. They will be happy to assist you." I followed up with another email encouraging bringing the roadshow here and bringing in the KJ lump.
  11. I saw a Joe jr today here in Ottawa, no lump though. Hopefully that will show up and along with a sale or two, I'll load up a few bags.
  12. What temp does this type of cook typically get to. Is there a way to adjust it? Or does it just plain work as is?
  13. Contracting and cabinet making pays for my bbq habit. As a result I have way more cherry scraps than I could possibly ever use or smoke. This is all clean milled wood, no glue, stain etc. Furniture grade so it's nice and dry. If you want to swing by and pick up a box or two let me know.
  14. I wish Costco here would bring in the two bag deals on KJ lump like they do in the states. Why don't we all fire off an email to Costco making a suggestion to do this??
  15. Classic extender fits a BJ, and fwiw, I find it a better fit than the BJ extender since it allows more access to the bottom level.
  16. I do the same. There's also a lot steam produced when Kamado cooking and this water vapour freezes on the daisy wheel upon cool down. A little tap with a spatula or a few seconds with the map torch takes care of it.
  17. Independant Grocers has bone in fresh Maple Leaf butts on sale for $1.29 lb. I picked up 3. They need a bit of trimming from what I can see but they're a good size and great price from what I typically pay at the Butcher. Mind you those are well trimmed, boneless and netted. Still, a good price to stock up on. Not sure if this price extends beyond to the rest of the province or not but probably worth a call or popping over.
  18. I'd suggest that's a little too long a cooktime for bbback ribs. Reduce by 1 to 1.5 hrs depending on meatiness of ribs, cut in half too.
  19. Wouldn't catch me injecting a beautiful prime rib. Just Montreal steak spice, slow cooked at 260 with a little mesquite wood.......heaven.
  20. Funny thing, I had some Delbert McClinton rocking out the other weekend. My son comes around the corner and asked what I was cooking. "Nothing" I said since we were heading out that evening. He looked confused since he associated the music with me whipping up something yummy on the BJ.
  21. Reverse sear. 225 deg slow smoke until steaks hit 110 then remove from grill and raise the temp 600. A quick toss back on the grill to finish it off to your desired temp and its the best steak out there. I got a couple nice strip thick strip loins ready for tonight. Mesquite in the one and only for me when it comes to beef.
  22. That no longer qualifies as lump and moves into the "chunk" category.
  23. I love Quebracho. Burns forever, huge chunks, very good value and delivered free to my door. One minor thing, while it does have no real smoke profile it does add a bad taste to food if the lump is not fully flamed over. Once your temps have stabilized then it's no issue. Good thing though because of the big chunks and air flow, it hits good heat in record time, but putting things on early gets an off, acrid taste.
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