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  1. I would have got the mini but I hate those stupid little flat batteries. We always have AA's around the home.
  2. Seems to work great after 3 cooks. Nothing negative to report other than previously noted by others that the range is limited. I have a direct few of the big joe from a window to the kitchen area, about 25', and its fine. It will lose the connection at my place if I wander too far. The previous cheapos I've owned had amazing range but puked out after a couple months. We'll see how this one goes.
  3. Bone Dust. Great recipe from Ted Reader. http://www.napoleongrills.com/recipes/id/608/bone-dust
  4. 3 7-8 pounders is my goto butt cook. 270-280 is ideal and typically I would put them on around 8 in the morning a without problem for dinner. I do foil them at about 160-165. This speeds things up significantly.
  5. For Sci Fi fans, check out Sunshine. Ultimate boyz night in movie .....Snatch.
  6. About 360 lbs of Basques, Maple Leaf and Quebracho. I'm good for most if not all the winter
  7. My first gasket failed after a year...mostly due to me spilling sauce, being messy etc. I fail to understand the need for a lower gasket. If the domes are aligned properly then one gasket on the top should be fine. Spilled sauce could just be cleaned up before closing the top down if this were the case. My .02
  8. Adding a few big chunks on the bottom for air flow, then a 50/50 mix of old and new will get to nuclear temperatures quickly.
  9. Just noticed it's back again for those waiting. I'd buy more but I've got enough to get me through the next winter and I picked a couple more Basques today because....well....I'm weak when I see that big pile at Costco.
  10. Just one more reason I'm glad I bought a KJ....
  11. FWIW, local apple tree orchard here won't sell or give me any wood for smoking because of the pesticides that are possible in the wood. Kind of makes me wonder what the apples are like......
  12. If you want to push your running a bit and the calories burned, try at the half way point one minute of full all out top speed running followed by 1 minute of reasonable paced walking. Repeat and keep this up until the end of your run. This type of HIIT training really burns the fat and gets the heart rate to the top.
  13. As nice as it would be, I really don't need a jr. The firebox splitter really does the job for our needs quite well on smaller cooks.
  14. While sitting back and chilling the other night, I mentioned how much our life has changed since the big joe arrived last year. Great meals, more family time around the table etc....this coming from a diehard gasser pro. She pipes up ..."you should get one of those small Joes for when it's just the two of us"...mother of all things heaven.....is a joe jr in my future????
  15. Nothing better than a true Bratwurst sausage...nice fatty pork with nutmeg and cream in the mix. I haven't made them in years but you got me thinking.....
  16. Really !?!?.....this sounds like the beginning of a perfect Kamado evening...am I missing something?? Turn that badboy 90 deg until it's steady and cook away..... when it's -30c and a 70kph wind you won't find me slaving over a stove.....
  17. Don't forget air nailers....If someone breaks into my home, within 10 minutes I could have my compressor, hose and framing nailer ready to go for serious action.
  18. As a relative newb here myself, I was witness to the last KC event here as well as this recent one. There's a work related forum I do frequent often and it has a character who can really heat things up at times. The difference though is he does it respectfully, yeah he's brash at times and unforgiving but never demeaning. Love him or hate him he adds good spice to the cook!! This is not the case here, it's too bad since her cooking threads were generally positive Imo. But once off track.....some people just can't help themselves. As too the whole language thing, two things that don't seem to go well on forums are foul language and sarcasm, they just don't seem to come across as intended even if appropriate at the time. My .02 ......
  19. "Don dring dat sh(my vocabulary is limited)ee, drink da rum mon.....yah muddha an faddha know best" ...... Well, at least, this is what Caribbean parents told me...... EDIT. holy parental control....whats wrong with the word s.h.i.t.e. This is a REAL legitimate word used hourly in my families part of the world....adding the "e" apparently makes all the difference to my grandmother.
  20. Honey BBQ is awesome on chicken.
  21. I'd argue a retail frozen pizza was ruined long before it hit your Kamado. Make your dough, make your sauce and you will be rewarded.
  22. Looking back over 30 yrs or so the cdn average is typically about .82 ($1.22) vs the US. We really aren't all that much out of the norm considering global economics. At the end of the day, Canada isn't as productive or as diversified or will we ever be.
  23. Just your typical big garden Center. Not sure if the box store type place would have it.
  24. Gunzzz


    Doesn't matter what it looks like, when it start messing with temperatures it's time to go. I just changed mine out after a year of 3-4 cooks a week.
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