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  1. I tried the pellet gun route but my home backs onto thousands of acres of protected federal land. You could kill a hundred today and there would be another 100 tomorrow. I estimate in total there is about eleventymillion of them living out there.... Trust me, a bag of poop and the problem is solved.
  2. Finally, after years of losing 30% of my very precious harvest I found the answer. Composted chicken poop. Not only does it fertilize, it's cheap, comes in a big bag of pellets and the little buggers stay clear of the area. Tonight it's mesquite smoked reverse seared steaks, fresh tomato and garden basil with a little balsamic, bqqed corn........I'm a happy man.
  3. 100% agree....well I don't eat any really bad stuff. But life IS about moderation. Too much of pretty much anything for booze, food, exercise, religion, work, sun...... eventually you pay a price. What's the point of living to 90 if you deny yourself the things that make life worth living???
  4. You got that right. My 4 bags finally showed up after about a month of waiting. I can't imagine the Canadian "deal" is going to last much longer. I love the Quebracho but it's at my psychological limit of what I want to pay for charcoal.
  5. I ordered it at $40 CDN. I waited a month or so until it was placed but who cares, its a deal at this price with free delivery.
  6. 4 beautiful bags of Quebracho showed up today making my total 6, along with the existing 2 bags of Maple leaf and 4 bags or Basques......bring on the end of the world, I'll be eating well.
  7. Got to give this a go for sure. The flavours have me written all over it. Thanks.
  8. Just start eating the first.......the 2nd will be ready to go in minutes.
  9. Gunzzz

    Le Tour

    I've had a client try to explain to me how it works but I sort of glazed over after 30 minutes....aren't races supposed to be the fastest guy to the finish line wins???
  10. I just ordered 4 more backordered bags of Quebracho. C'mon Canadians...step up and Amazon will pick up their game.
  11. I find excessive cursing is the best way to cure a too hot Kamado, that and a little burping of the lid.
  12. Pizza on the Kamado is a heck of a thing. A couple weeks ago after picking up my son from his sports, I suggested we get a pizza from Joes on the way home (our pre Kamado pizza supplier and darn good too) He made a ill looking face and asked why we couldn't just make one on the bbq. I mentioned we're out of dough and sauce so we'd have to make batches of both and we'd be at least an 1.5 hrs before we eat. "That's alright, I'll wait. I'll grate the cheese".....At 13, he already gets it. I see a Kamado in his future.
  13. The quality of the lump I have found plays a big factor too in reuse of lump. The Basques I always have on hand gets a big boost from even a little bit of additional lump added, comes up to temp faster as well. The Quebracho lump lites fast and gets hot very fast the 2nd time around on it's own. I've sort of been playing it by trial and error the last bit. I had a bunch of short cooks recently, fish, sausages, burgers. A full bowl off lump barely gets going before these cooks are done, leaving mostly a full bowl the next cook. After 3 or 4 cooks the remaining basques needs a kickstart.
  14. Did the Parliament Hill run for years and years....now I'm just too old, or bored with it. I'd rather kick back....
  15. It's all about the bbback ribs.......ribs, glorious ribs. We start off the day with an early 18 holes, back home to fire up the big joe and make some maple/bacon bbq sauce, rub the ribs and away we go. A nice smokey apple and hickory cook and a pineapple juice and lemon slice foiling with friends and family waiting for the cover of darkness to light up some fireworks with neighbours....it's all good. What's your plan?
  16. Meatballs on the Kamado are a thing to behold. We can't cook them any other way now that the big joe has taken over our lives. If this thread isn't enough to push you to try then you might as well go back to a gas grill.
  17. That's really disappointing. How often does it go on sale?? I'm down one out of the three bags I picked up. While I still have about 200 lbs of ml and basques I'd love to load up with quebracho for next winter.
  18. So.....enquiring mind needs to know. Did you try my recipe, what's your rating.....
  19. Not too long with grill on upper level. It's about a one drink cook......10 min?. I'd go skinless but skin down First if you must. You won't get as much marinade flavour with the skin on, maybe marinade longer.
  20. Lime juice, about a full lime or more for 4 fillets Soy sauce, generous amount so it does not suck it all in Crushed garlic . One or two cloves per fillet. Generous amount of course ground black pepper. Flip a few times while soaking in.. Let marinate 25 min while grill gets up to about 400, don't over marinate! Too long and it becomes salty. Spray oil grill and add fish. As soon as it turns opaque inside remove immediately. Report back here, I've had many rave reviews from friends.
  21. Built this for a client last year, it's awesome......my installer/dealer is a big fan of Denon. The connectivity with other home systems and Denon service it top notch.
  22. Wasn't crazing the result of removing lead from glazes?? or some other noxious stuff? The silicone is hardly worth getting bent out of shape over. In a couple years worth of sun exposure, it will need to be redone anyway.
  23. Burned many bags of the Basques. It's very good lump.
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