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  1. Considering the amount of smoke that rolls through their place, it's a small price to pay......
  2. It's supposed to rain like a $!$!%# tomorrow what better thing to do than cook 3 butts on the Big Joe. Two for the neighbours and one for us......it's all good.
  3. Fwiw, I think the broilking stone is the best bang for your buck out there. Top quality and low price. To answer a previous question about the ribbed underside........Panini, oh yea!!!
  4. Just got a knock on the door, 2 more bags appeared. I'm now fully stocked for awhile, about 300lbs of Basques, Maple leaf and Quebracho....ready for summer, just add meat.
  5. I've had three cooks with this lump since it arrived last week. It's impressive stuff. Nice sized chunks even a few that were too big that needed to be broken down a bit. It burns a long time. I haven't weighed, timed or done anything scientific but it's obvious by the amount of lump still left that it's very slow burning. It has a very light smoke profile, I mean it barely smokes at all (no sparking on light up either). After I lit it up, I went back after 5 min to see if it was actually still burning because I saw no smoke coming out of the Joe. To be honest though, I do love the light up smell of Basques and Maple leaf. Reminds me of camping as a kid since its the same native wood we would burn typically in a campfire. So you really get no additional smoke flavour from this stuff, but that allows you to really dial in your smoke with additional chunks of your favourite wood. Lighting up the lump the second time, it seemed to light faster and get hot faster than what I'm used to with previously burned lump. At $1 per pound vs about $.70 for Basques, it's really a wash since the Quebracho burns so much longer. I think it may even be a little bit better deal if you're counting pennies...... and it's delivered to your door. I'll be buying more....
  6. Space lump......if there is life on other planets surely they have Kamados.
  7. I suggested to my wife we sell our excellent Dacor wall oven to fund further investment in Kamado research. Apparently this is not going to happen anytime soon......
  8. 16 hr butts, really?? I've been Kamodo..ing almost a year only ever came to about half that length on an unfoiled 8 pounder. I here of these long cooks but from my experience it just never happens. Typically butt for me is around 6 hours with foiling at 165 and cooking at at 250-270. Is the envelope pushed in both directions, say a monster butt cooking at 225 to get those times?? I've only done one brisket....it was lack lustre and stupid expensive.
  9. I've got my 2nd annual Porkfest coming up so I think this will work well for the long cook times with a bunch of smoking wood added. I'll give it a go this weekend and experiment a bit and post my impressions.
  10. This is weird. Ordered this http://www.amazon.ca/Quebracho-QHWC40LB-40-Pound-Hardwood-Charcoal/dp/B009P166SK/ref=sr_1_1?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1431460087&sr=1-1&keywords=quebracho But got this....Fogo Quebracho. It looks like very serious charcoal. What the heck, it came in two days free shipping I'm sure it will burn forever. I'll post the results after a couple weekend cooks. If you look closely the font and info is all the same, I guess the original picture is not the most up to date bag. p.s sorry about the sideways picture, no idea why it flips like that.
  11. I remember seeing one in my Kamado shopping days (daze) before settling in on my big joe. It looked quite nice, although I thought the wood chute tube thing was a bit gimmicky. The stainless stand was impressive and I don't remember it being priced out of the norm. I just figured it was better to go with a company better represented in the field where service and warranty track records are proven.
  12. Fwiw, I reverse sear only to add a nice smoke punch to my steak, usually mesquite. Otherwise I would just grill direct.
  13. I usually keep it at around 225-250 indirect using the divide and conquer keeping the meat on the cool side for a longer slower smoke period till about 110 internal temp. Take them off, tent them, remove the deflector, then crank up the joe. A quick sear once the grill is very hot . It takes very little time to finish up.
  14. Damn, now that's pizza.....worthy of further research and trials. One of my favourites pizza's is made by my B.I.L.'s mother. She's Italian and about 80 yrs old barely speaks passable english. She's from Calabria area and it's just a medium thick dough lightly sauced and lightly cheesed but, it's incredibly flavourful, light and extremely addictive. You could keep eating until you bust.
  15. Other than a few Maple Leaf and one Dragons breath, I use the Basques all the time. It's price and quality can't be beat in Ottawa at Costco. Yeah I can pay much more to get longer burn and bigger chunks elsewhere but really I'd rather put the extra cash into better quality meat. I'd rate Basque a solid 7/10. Maple leaf a little better 7.5-8/10. Dragon breath was a nice burn but lots of ash.
  16. I shove an old hair dryer into the air intake. Full blast no heat, it really supercharges the charcoal fast.
  17. Sounds like you need to visit Chicago The perfect response! Ok so what makes a Chicago style pizza, a Chicago pizza?? I have no idea how the legend was born.
  18. Let's not get our panties in a knot....The thread was meant to challenge, annoy, cause chaos and general mayhem, all in the pursuit of better pizza. A very worthwhile cause imo....
  19. Notice how you move further north the Pizza gets better and better.. Just a few hundred more km north and it's pizza perfection. Cross the border and be prepared to step up your game......
  20. Stick to pork, son of Georgia ....leave the Pizza to those who really know.
  21. Thread by which all other Pizza should be measured by...... Pizza is serious food, I put my self through college cooking pizza at a Greek owned local tavern that was busy beyond all sanity....Here's my latest take on a gourmet addition for the family 30 years later. Yes, my son is not stepping up as he should, although he did do most of the chopping and shredding. Garlic fried shrimp, bacon, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, olives, hot pepper mix, two cheese blend..... on top of fresh made dough and sauce. My Son's half.....minus the artichoke, hot peppers, and red peppers, so sad really..... Enjoy.... P.S. The last picture sucks......too blurry. Too bad it's all gone or I'd take another shot.
  22. Exactly what I intend to do. It still works and is holding together but when it falls apart I don't want to be stuck waiting on a backorder firebox. Really though, why don't all these players up the firebox construction either through design or material use or both. Shipping me the new one must have cost more than the actual firebox itself...
  23. I got mine at the fireplace center on Boyd. It was the only place with a big joe at the time. Good thing though is Capital City BBQ is now a KJ dealer....love that place. They have it all, KJ rubs, charcoal, accessories...you name it.
  24. Cleanup up the BJ last weekend after the long winter and noticed a crack in he firebox. I had pictures in to KJ on Tuesday and a new firebox was on my porch this afternoon (Friday) when I came home. Can't ask for better than that, well other than a non cracking firebox but apparently its common to all players. I still think though that a 4 pc firebox with a few little nubs/bumps at the back to keep it spaced out from the main body would eliminate 90% of these type of warranty claims....
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