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  1. Notice how you move further north the Pizza gets better and better.. Just a few hundred more km north and it's pizza perfection. Cross the border and be prepared to step up your game......
  2. Stick to pork, son of Georgia ....leave the Pizza to those who really know.
  3. Thread by which all other Pizza should be measured by...... Pizza is serious food, I put my self through college cooking pizza at a Greek owned local tavern that was busy beyond all sanity....Here's my latest take on a gourmet addition for the family 30 years later. Yes, my son is not stepping up as he should, although he did do most of the chopping and shredding. Garlic fried shrimp, bacon, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, olives, hot pepper mix, two cheese blend..... on top of fresh made dough and sauce. My Son's half.....minus the artichoke, hot peppers, and red peppers, so sad really..... Enjoy.... P.S. The last picture sucks......too blurry. Too bad it's all gone or I'd take another shot.
  4. Exactly what I intend to do. It still works and is holding together but when it falls apart I don't want to be stuck waiting on a backorder firebox. Really though, why don't all these players up the firebox construction either through design or material use or both. Shipping me the new one must have cost more than the actual firebox itself...
  5. I got mine at the fireplace center on Boyd. It was the only place with a big joe at the time. Good thing though is Capital City BBQ is now a KJ dealer....love that place. They have it all, KJ rubs, charcoal, accessories...you name it.
  6. Cleanup up the BJ last weekend after the long winter and noticed a crack in he firebox. I had pictures in to KJ on Tuesday and a new firebox was on my porch this afternoon (Friday) when I came home. Can't ask for better than that, well other than a non cracking firebox but apparently its common to all players. I still think though that a 4 pc firebox with a few little nubs/bumps at the back to keep it spaced out from the main body would eliminate 90% of these type of warranty claims....
  7. I'm a big fan of Tsunami spin and Raging River. Pineapple Head is great on grilled fruit.
  8. This is our go to marinade at home, it's fantastic on salmon and steak. Generous amount of soy sauce so everything stays puddled, one lime squeezed for 4 nice filets 1-2 cloves crushed garlic per filet Generous fresh ground course black pepper. Soak 30 min or so for salmon, flip a few times. For steaks don't over marinade, 25 min is good or it will be too salty.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again, This is the entire Caribbean enclosed in a bag.....thank me later. Direct from Barbados, but look around at specialty stores. Or, make the trip, it's worth it.
  10. I owned a T7 for a number of years. It does a spectacular job on knives. I'm a general contractor and a custom woodworker/cabinet maker so I also sharpen chisels, plane irons and a million other things. I ended up selling it because of other methods for those non knife items do a better and faster job, but for knives it's the bomb. To be honest it's a little much for just personal use of knives and the annual lawnmower blade sharpening. check out the T4, less money and equal in result. For knives I now use a 1" Viel belt grinder. Laser sharp edges that will cut through meat with gravity alone.
  11. Start shovelling and get that baby cooking.
  12. Lots of recipes around, can't seem to find the basis of mine anywhere here on my computer. It did change over the years the most important at my end was an all pork recipe, one butt plus another good chunk of fat trimmings. Real cream not milk, and nutmeg. Those 3 ingredients are what make bratwurst what it's supposed to be imo. Cooking properly too. Needs to be poached in beer, onions and seasoning before finishing off on the grill. Making my mouth water just thinking about it.......
  13. Fantastic sharpener for those challenged with dull blades. I'd had one for over 10 yrs, its a no brainer to get razor sharp. I usually go to 2000 grit followed by a honing on a matching leather belt with compound. One of the best bangs per buck out there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN02NIj1oVo#t=138 Spending any kind of money of good knives is pointless if you can't get them sharp...truly sharp. I do a handful of friends knives on occasion after some frustrating (and dangerous) attempts at cutting with knives at their place. Honestly, working with the equivalent of a big butter knife is just an accident waiting to happen.
  14. I kind of got away from sausage making after a few years. We have so many good European deli and sausage makers here in town that convenience won me over. Still though, my Bratwurst is the best around.
  15. Bosco...that seems quite a bit different from my experience. I do find it slightly more smokey while heating up but settles in to a nice even clean heat. I have no problem reaching pizza cook temps with a mostly freshish load of coal. Maybe you a had a weird batch......
  16. Picking up some salmon and some hamburger today along with a few weekly items. The Natures Own http://www.basquescharcoal.com/nos-produits/?lang=en is fully stocked again and ready for sweet cooks all summer long. For the price, $12 or so, it's hard to beat. I still have a few bags that survived the winter. I'm thinking though if a handful of us up north put some pressure on Costco here we may see some KJ lump, Fogo, or Maple leaf next year.... Nothing wrong with the Basques but it's mostly smaller pieces with a biggish lump thrown in..., it would be nice to chunk up now and then. Yes I can get all kinds of nice lump locally but at 2x the price...it's hard to stomach.
  17. What's the point of a watch?? Haven't worn one in 40 yrs (and I'm 50)......not about to start now, there are clocks everywhere. Seriously, it's just trying to make market share out of a non existant market.....with most of the world on a cell, got to create a new niche.....
  18. Maple Leaf claims only a wheat binder in the briquettes....Probably be fine if you're in a pinch. http://mapleleafcharcoal.com/products/bbq/ I can certainly vouch for the lump they make, sweet stuff. Now if only I could get Costco on board...
  19. Dude, are you bored or something?......Instead of so much time and effort developing a web page, just get a Kamado and start cooking.
  20. Meat across the border is not allowed. I think it's an plot of some kind....
  21. Finally, Capital City Appliance and BBQ here in Ottawa is a KJ dealer. The biggest and best bbq store in town. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw red KJ's around in abundance on my way to the applewood chunks. ...along with KJ rubs, pizza stones, red bags of Charcoal, covers, grills, the whole shebang. Eggs are gonna be taking a beating....get it??beaten eggs?? Now, what I'm I going to cook with this bottle of KJ Peach rub??? Suggestions?
  22. Yum. I walked by the six pack of peppers at Costco the last week and talked myself out of them. Next time I wont.......
  23. I saw one at a grocery store giveaway. It was nothing special and the whole self starter thing seems like a service problem waiting to happen. 20 seconds with a torch is not worthy of a complete redesign.
  24. Ok I'm gonna say it...hopefully I wont be banned from the site, I think the KK grills are ugly. I have no doubt they are spectacular cookers, but even if I had the money to spend on one I couldn't stand looking at it. Too busy tile explosion headache for me. I'll take my nearly as good big joe any day of the week over the KK.
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