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  1. Broil King have stepped up the quality of their accessories quite a bit. The pizza stone is inexpensive and top quality. http://www.bbqs.com/all-products/accessories/pizza-stones/15-pizza-stone.html Edit: oops didn't see the JR tag. I guess this one wont fit.
  2. A little update.......finished up work early today, so I snacked off the last of the ribs (before my son got home from school !!) I was loving the smokey bark and I realized I messed up a little. I forgot to use the deflector plates during the cook. I used a 2, 1.75, 20min cook method at 260f like I mentioned. Other than a little smokier and firmer they were spectacular. I'm kind of struggling now which I prefer....to deflect or not to deflect, that is the question. Interesting how a little mistake introduces more possibilities.
  3. Ribs came out great. The wind didn't seems to cause any issues for me. Could be the position of my joe and a typical windy day at that side of the house just works well. My setting were "normal" for 260f and it didn't budge for the entire cook..
  4. -20c (4F) with a -36c wind chill (-32f) and the Big joe is holding rock solid at 260F while my bbback ribs are wonderously soaking in some hickory and maple smoke. I'm not bringing a camera out in this cold so you just gotta believe me, only thing in my hand is some 12 yr old rum to fight off the chill.
  5. I hit mine with my map torch for a few seconds, works fine. I think it's moisture in the gunk freezing between uses.
  6. I had a high temp pizza cook up to speed in what seemed like normal time the other day at -18c.....freakin cold. What I did notice though is that it seemed to burn through more coal than normal.
  7. Savings on quality takeout pizza will pay for my big joe in very short order. As good as a couple local players are around here, mine is much better.
  8. Seems odd that it's one pc. I wonder why they don't make them in 3-4 pcs with little bump outs to keep them away from the main body and maintain the airspace. Would pretty much eliminate this problem.
  9. I've only done about 1/2 dozen butts but I pretty much remove 95% of surface fat from it. There's still plenty of fat on the inside where it counts.
  10. The bacon barely releases much grease before it hits the pot in my case. I just smoke it for 1/2 hr or so then it cooks in the CI pot. The burgers do mess things up a bit but I just scrap most of it into the coal, it burns off in a minute or two.
  11. Made the same burgers again, so here's the missing money shot from the first time......freakin' good burgers....
  12. I've been pumping and hitting the gym for a few decades. Love it, I find it very relaxing and healthy. I do work out, bike, run etc at home for a few months in the summer due to work and golfing and generally being just plain busier but I find it harder to get motivated at times and there's a ton more distractions from kids, phone, the refrigerator etc.. When I hit the gym I've dedicated the time there to working out 100% and can accomplish more in less time. I'm a complete gym snob and rarely strike up any conversation...maybe in the changeroom. I'm there to get 'er done, not chat. The secret is to just make it a part of your regular rountine. I'm self employed so I'm considerably more flexible in my gym time but new habits are easily formed with a little commitment. While I've never used it that total body thing it looks like a joke imo. You'd be much better off with a reasonable multipurpose weight machine or a bunch or free weights, bench, bar, floor mat etc. If you're starting from basically zero then it's probably a reasonable start but it wouldn't take long to get bored with it and in search of a something more substantial. My .02....
  13. I tried everything but solved it by getting a free warranty replacement from KJ.....
  14. He is a little needy for attention isn't he.....
  15. I'm not of much help....I got a brined, butter/applejuice/beer injected bird 40 min in on the grill right now.
  16. I've been using my mapp torch since I got it in july-aug this year...still going strong at 2-3 cooks a week. How much more efficient do we need to be??
  17. 550-600 for me but my dough has olive oil and a little sugar in it. Any hotter it will burn before the top cooks.
  18. I love it. Use it all the time for small family cooks on the big joe. Saves coal, makes a deeper hotter fire, when used in conjunction with a deflector plate on the opposite side it is perfect slow heat for smoking and then reverse searing steaks. I've pretty much talked myself out of getting a KJ jr because of it.....
  19. Hey...don't knock Bulk Barn. Any place that sells smoked paprika is ok with me.
  20. I kind of got away from sausage making the last few yrs because we have so many good European sausage makers in my city, it's very competitive.....but I think I'm gonna pull out my equipment for this recipe. fwiw, I've never used any cure in my sausage, if you freeze whats not eaten the first day and cook properly there's not much point in it.
  21. The more I use the divide and conquer on my big joe the less I'm thinking about a joe jr........of any colour.
  22. I don't want to beat this thing to death and don't think for one minute I don't recognize that there is a duty of care and attention needed when using any cutting board but....here is the Ontario regulation allowing wooden cutting boards. I can't imagine it being different in any other part of NA for the most part. Every Chinese food place has a monster end grain cutting board for chopping, you can't chop on stainless steel counters.
  23. You want an end grain cutting board, not a face grain such as the one you've shown. Those will always warp, crack etc over a short term without trying hard. I've made many end grain maple boards, sometimes giving them to clients after a large kitchen reno, a couple for myself and a few for friends. Better to go plastic than a face grain board, you'll pay much more for a end grain board though. Wood kills bacteria and many tests available document this. They perform much better and are safer than the plastic comparables.
  24. A few more points.....first biggish snow fall of the season underway as we speak, looking like 8-10" probably. Hardly worth mentioning really but the 60k (40mph) winds will whip it up nicely. All I can think about is some Guiness packed in snow, pork butts and bbq baked beans and making day of it. Sucks that I gotta wait till the weekend though....you southern folks will never understand.
  25. Saying it's too cold for grilling is like saying it's too cold to go fishing.....both are easily fixed with an appropriate beverage on hand.
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