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  1. I started simple in order..... Burgers, then sausage, indirect chicken, reverse seared steaks, smoked ribs, pizza, ports butts. Pork butts turned out to be pretty simple on a kamado.
  2. Fwiw since I have less then 25 cooks on my new kamado big Joe, I use the divide and conquer all the time. Either for a reverse sear or for a generally cooler spot to place other items keeping warm etc.. I only have about 200 lbs of charcoal tucked away so I'm still at that cheap stage. This weekend though is my first annual labour day weekend "Porkfest". It's all about the butts and baby backs.....add some fresh corn and a cabbage head worth of slaw, it's all good. I can't get over 450 either with the divider in but it hasn't really hurt my steaks. Everything else like a few pcs of chicken is generally in the 350-400 range.
  3. Be sure to get the coupon on the website for your first order. Very nice quality, pricing is about the same as a better butcher around here.
  4. My neighbour mentioned her pillow smelled like bacon the night of my day long applewood smoked pork butt. She loves it so I brought her lunch the next day. No mention of smoke since.
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