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  1. Thank you both. Do you know if anyone has tried installing just the top metal gasket?
  2. Thank you, JaxxQ. I dug up some other threads and have been reading through. Did you have to do any adjustments on your hinge config? Did you use the Permatex Copper Seal or just go with the adhesive that comes on the gaskets?
  3. I have been out of pocket for a while. I have one of the early KJ Classics - color Black. Back in late 2017, I was waiting for the Mesh to come out - it was stated that it would retrofit to any existing KJ. Is that the case? I now need a gasket replacement - with the KJ Mesh work or should I be looking at secondary market?
  4. Well......KJ said they don't know what thread the casters are. Oh well - I was hoping to order them and then only take the grill down once to replace.
  5. I hear you Mewant - and I did go to the KJ site and pose the question to their support. Hopefully they will get back to me shortly. As far as taking the wheel off, I wouldn't risk tipping it over. When I do this, I will grab my SIL and we will take the grill completely out and then take the wheels off. My measuring skills indicate the casters are 3" - I was thinking of going with 4". IF the threads size / count don't match what I can find on line, I can always modify with a drill and make one of the larger Wheels work. Here is one site that I have found with some intriguing possibilities. http://shop.servicecaster.com/threaded-total-lock-casters-s/1975.htm
  6. I have a question about the Classic Joe Stand. One of my locking casters is damaged and does not lock - I don't have any idea how it happened. Additionally, we are having a stone patio put in soon - it will be Tennessee Field Stone surface so it will be somewhat bumpy. So.....as I am thinking of replacing the caster that is damaged, I thought why not upgrade the casters somewhat by getting a larger diameter wheel - maybe polyurethane. Cut to the chase, my question is - does anyone know the the thread size on the stock casters? I tried measuring the little nub that protrudes with a pair of calipers. I couldn't get a good grip on it so I am not sure of the size. I could take the whole thing down - but I am hoping that someone here already knows the answer.
  7. You should check out Wiseman in Winston. Just opened up this past Winter. They have a food truck every day. You can go on Wiseman's web page and they have calendar schedule of what trucks they have scheduled for the entire month - which meshes in with my advice to publicize truck locations. La Vie En Rose is going to be there on Sunday. That Truck definitely has a different menu. They are also working an angle down in Lexington with Bull City Cidery http://www.wisemanbrewing.com/taproom
  8. GrillnBrew - Have you been to "Brown Truck Brewery" beside Kepley's BBQ?
  9. I eat at food trucks fairly often. Usually it is a destination for us. I agree with the unique part - it is ok to be burgers - if there is some of the offerings that are diff. One of the better ones here was named Food Freaks. You could get a regular burger if you wanted but they had 6 or 7 burgers on their menu that were fairly unique. One with Bacon Jam one with peanut butter one with pimento - and so on. The other thing we like is that there are a lot of craft breweries here in NC. There are a lot of Tap Rooms as well besides the Breweries. Food Trucks are regulars at the Breweries. We like to go up to the truck - order our meal and then go get some of the craft beer or cider and wait for the food. Lastly - You need to make sure that people can find you. A lot of the Trucks around here are terrible at broadcasting their location. Keep your FaceBook page up to date with menu and current location - or better a schedule of where you are going to be. Other alternatives would be Instagram or a web page or Twitter - but pay attention to all aspects of owning a biz - advertise where you are going to be. Watch the movie "Chef" if you have any doubts about what I am saying. Incidentally, one of the best Trucks around here "Empanadas Borinquen" served Cubans and Puerto Rican sandwiches that were awesome. Sadly, they have gone out of business... A link to the info on Chef below. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2883512/
  10. My wife's birthday was last month. Much to the horror of my co-workers, I announced that I was getting her a Composter. You're killing your marriage they said. I stood steadfast in my choice. It was a yuge hit. She is even talking about getting a second one so that we can continue to compost while one is "cooking". The marketing hype called it "the most beautiful composter in the world"! https://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Composter-Assembly-Envirocycle-Composting/dp/B0121G9ZJW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493657286&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=composter&psc=1
  11. The guy who ended up with the Egg must be suffering from Grill Envy? I mean - he has to be.....right?
  12. John also posted earlier in this thread that it is going to be retro. The old style works fine - but if there is an upgrade, I'm "up" for it.
  13. Mewant, So.....Bobby did not give any hint when the new gasket would be available for purchase? No worries for me, I am happily cooking on. My gasket is getting a bit thin and long in the tooth but I could easily go a good while longer.
  14. This would be my April "Bump" to the top of the list.
  15. Any Action on the new gasket?
  16. Mine has been cracked for two years as well. Grill on
  17. I posted this in an older December post about Beer - but I think it might get missed there This guy takes Craft Beer art work and animates it - it is pretty cool even if you don't like Craft Beer. "Hop Gun" is one of my faves. http://beerlabelsinmotion.com/
  18. Argon

    101 Best Beers

    Did you check out the labels in motion?
  19. Argon

    101 Best Beers

    This is my kind of topic. Most of these - I'm guessing - are fairly localized to the state in which they are brewed and maybe some of the surrounding states. I have heard of 7 of them and actually tried 4 of the 7. My "significant other-in-law is the brewmeister at one of the craft breweries here in NC. I have tried both of the beers on the list from NC as well as one of the Oregon and one of the Michigan's. Olde Hickory is up in Mr. Setzler's neck of the woods - and I think he has been there? Wicked Weed is one of the top breweries in Asheville - the craft beer capital of the South. One of our favorite things to do is a brewery crawl (drive) where we will hit 4-6 breweries in a 20-30 mile radius. We order up a flight of their beers on tap and then move to the next one. Check out this site with beer labels "in motion". The ones with 3 cans together are particularly "cool". The guy putting these together is unbelievable.... http://beerlabelsinmotion.com/
  20. I second Mewant. I almost always have the deflector on the x rack. If you are doing a long cook, an added advantage is being able to put a bit more lump in.
  21. Our local club took a trip to Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago. We did the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tour where you get to stop on the islands and get out. We didn't see any unusual birds - except maybe the Eiders. We continued up to Chincoteauge - there we were fortunate to see a Snowy Owl. Sitting right on the beach near a bunch of Snow Geese. It was a "lifer" for most of the group.
  22. Welcome to the club. If you cook at temps that high it is not IF you will see a fireball - it is when....
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