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  1. So I'm considering getting a gasser to go with my vision. Local Walmart has Spirit E-210s on clearance for 299. Looking for something for a small family of three to be able to do quick burgers dogs or chicken since I can do all the low and slow and pizzas easily on the vision. Anything significantly better on the genesis models that would make me want to shell out the extra cash? We don't really have need for a side burner. Can you get stainless grates for the spirit?
  2. jswinehart

    Weber clearance / Should I get a gasser?

    Huh may have to check my local Home Depot and see what their clearance prices look like.
  3. jswinehart

    Vision Accessory Kit?

    Anyone else seen these in their local SAMs club? Bit pricey still but mine just showed up in the clearance section gonna keep an eye on these.
  4. Saw this over on slickdeals figured id share here. Great deal on the Victorinox 12" slicer right now. 3rd party seller on amazon with 18 left $31 after shipping: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000CFDB9/
  5. Saw this on slickdeals and hadn't seen this posted yet so figured I'd share for anyone in the market like I was. Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Thermometer [amazon.com] http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00FM8DJHQ/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2LM6ZPY06LT1N $69.99 - $20 off code 5EUBTJ62 = $49.99 with free shipping Seller is DBRoth with free prime shipping. Apologies if that's a mobile link sharing from my phone.
  6. Do the MM Tri Ply sets often go out of stock? I wanted to finally pick a set of these up but they're now out of stock online and not carried in any of my local stores. Any affordable alternatives out there? Hopefully they dont stop carrying these under the members mark brand now that most everything in store is transitioning to their new Simply Right.
  7. jswinehart

    ET-733 sale $50 w/ FS

    Good to hear haven't seen anything as to when the code expires.
  8. jswinehart

    New Maverick ET-735 coming

    Looks like at least one seller on Amazon has these in stock now and is shipping. Has anyone received one yet?
  9. jswinehart

    Black Friday Vision at Sams Club

    If the clearance deal didn't hit your area this could be a good deal.
  10. jswinehart

    Vision Accessory Kit?

    Six on the shelf here and have been in the back corner since they came in. They actually showed up after the grills had been sold out and most are done grilling for the year here in Michigan. I suspect they'll go down further.
  11. jswinehart

    Vision Accessory Kit?

    Now on clearance.
  12. jswinehart

    Vision Accessory Kit?

    12.2" on the small 14" on the large. Can just barely read it in the original picture.
  13. jswinehart

    Need a portable cooker

    Picked up a jumbo Joe at target last year for $18. Packs up reasonably and that bale to hold it all together is nice.
  14. jswinehart

    Vision Accessory Kit?

    If I hadn't already picked up the diffuser and an ash tool. Btw from the looks of this thing the diffuser rack is adjustable in size. I assume the two sizes of stone are normal and smaller? Should have taken a pic of the specs.
  15. Actually looks like the costco model from last year. All of the SAMs club units have the black cast aluminum vent don't they?
  16. Well i forgot to take pictures of the food but this was the result of my first 6 hour low and slow cook. Have an email into Vision this afternoon. We'll see how quickly they respond after the holiday.
  17. jswinehart

    Rada Cutlery

    I'll have to do a brisket when I get back from my next work trip. Doing mostly chicken this weekend. The boning knife worked great but the real test is going to be how well does it hold it's edge.
  18. jswinehart

    Rada Cutlery

    Completed my collection of knives this week with a few more knives from Rada. Had my wife pick them up at the flea market in Shipshewana. Picked up a Slicer (8), Carver/Boning(7), Filet(18), and 2 paring knives(4) for 40 bucks after taxes. All to go along with the chefs knife I already had I'll be giving them a try this afternoon boning a chicken
  19. jswinehart

    Rada Cutlery

    I've always been a fan of their paring knives in the past so I'm looking forward to trying these.
  20. jswinehart

    Walmart's Savings Catcher...

    There's also an iphone and maybe even android app that you can just scan your receipt with so you don't have to enter them online.
  21. Purchased my first kamado tonight moving up from a weber kettle. 249 at my local sams they had 3 left. Had to return and exchange before leaving though was opening the box to fit it in our SUV and found it was shattered. Picking up replacement in the morning. Curious though does the SAMs club model come with the lava stone deflector? Thought I saw a round stone in the box while moving things around.
  22. jswinehart

    Picture of Vision at SAMs??

    . This was portage michigan.
  23. jswinehart

    Picture of Vision at SAMs??

    Check online price and stock at your local store first I know mine is now sold out.
  24. jswinehart

    My first Kamado, 249 classic from Sams

    I see now, far to thin for the deflector. All assembled today but unfortunately I'm off tomorrow for business for two weeks. Looks like my first big cook will have to be a party Labor Day weekend