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  1. That's what I thought but was not sure. Thanks
  2. Thanks it looking more and more like that's the way to go. Also looking into Gourmet Guru also.
  3. The komodo kamado is sure a beautiful unit. It might be for my personal use.
  4. Primo seems to make more as of rightnow. I got an email from the owner of KK they are pricey
  5. Thanks bud, Th idea of using the Oval shape as a selling feature is what's pushing me towards the Primo. I have yet to see a primo at any of the patio/bbq stores around here which is/was a bit of concern. The customer service is going to be a big factor because from a dealers standpoint, there is nothing worse than a customer breathing down your neck when your hands are bound because of crappy customers service from a manufacturer.
  6. Thanks Ckreef. I have reached out to the owner of Primo, but apparently he is out of town.
  7. Hey guys, I have a bit of decision to make. I am dealer looking to sell kamado style grills. I used to sell the Kamado Joe Brands, but after relocating to a new town, I was told that they can't sign me up as a dealer and I understand their reasoning of wanting to protect their smaller independent dealers and not wanting to have to many dealers competing against each other. I respect that and will miss dealing with Meghan and their great customer service. It does suck a bit because I really believe in their product. So I am faced with the decision of looking for a new line to carry besides the Big Green Egg Line. There is nothing with the Big Green Egg line, but the market around me is saturated with them, which is why I loved the Joe and all that it had to offer. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Located in Canada
  8. @K'man, like that each person got their own hock.
  9. Homer997 is the friend that made the hock. He is alive.
  10. @K'man, not a problem at all. Nice info.
  11. They are so good that I am having the two he dropped of as finger food.
  12. Buddy of mine just made these. They are pretty tasty. He brined them for a week, smoked them for 2 hour at 175-200.
  13. I have not figured that one out yet. That seems to be normal with rotisserie motors.
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