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  1. Thanks. I made this and it was awesome. My wife orders salmon at restaurants often and she said that was the best she has ever had. I used Crown Royal peach instead of Jack Daniel’s honey because that’s what I had. The cook took longer than expected. After 2:45 minutes I took the salmon off and finished in the air fryer oven on broil for a few minutes. That actually seemed to caramelize the glaze really well and got the center up to 140. Thanks for the video, enjoyed it.
  2. Hey John, is the orange zest the orange peeling? Looks like in the video it’s more the orange itself and not the peeling. I googled how to zest an orange and everything was scraping the outside of the orange. Plan on making this tonight.
  3. On starting your fire, you might try closing the lid as soon as the starter cube stops blazing. The goal is to get all the ceramic hot ASAP.
  4. Thought I would give Grill Grates a try so I got the 13.75 set that’s made for the akorn jr. or any 14” grill. They fit but the gasket on the lid hits them and the lid won’t close. I had to grind the tops of the grates back some to get it to work. I’m not sure if it’s just mine because the gasket looks to be more to the inside of the lid rather than centered on the lip. Just wondering if anyone else had the same issue.
  5. Thanks ckreef and John, I have ordered the KAB and look forward to putting it in use. I also called Primo and talked to Denise about the KAB. She talked to her manager and he said I didn't have to purchase the grate but if they determine that the KAB caused damage to the new firebowl that it wouldn't be covered under warranty. We all know the basket is not going to crack the firebowl but it's not worth taking the chance they may not cover it next time for the $60 price of the grate. What can you do
  6. They will send me a new bowl, they just won’t warranty it.
  7. They told me if the grate is cracked it can expand when hot and cause the new bowl to crack
  8. I have thought about the Kick Ash basket even before I new about this problem. To keep the warranty on the new fire bowl, I have to purchase a new Primo fire grate. That came directly from Primo after I contacted them about the fire bowl crack. They want pictures of the grate to make sure it isn't cracked before they will send the bowl. If it is cracked andyou don't purchase a new one that voids the warranty on the bowl.
  9. I purchased the Primo XL less than two years ago. I knew going in that the fire bowl was going to crack, as with all ceramic grills. What I didn't know was the fire grate also cracks and is is not covered under the 20 year warranty. So looks like I'll be spending $60.00 every two years (if it doesn't go up) for the next 18 years. Not to happy about that. I take very good care of my grill and have only had it over 500 degrees once. I thought I did my research on all the ceramics before deciding on Primo but I don't remember seeing anything about the fire grate cracking and causing the bowl to crack. Is this just with the oval? I know I don't have to replace the bowl or grate to keep using the grill but I'm real particular with my stuff and I don't like seeing that crack every time I fill the box. It's almost cracked all the way down so I also would be scared to remove the bowl for cleaning. Primo needs to go to work and come up with a grate that doesn't crack.
  10. Got a little more done around the edge than I would like but was still pretty darn good. Next time I’ll wait and sear at 120 internal instead of 110
  11. Thanks! I went ahead and wrapped it double layer of foil and put it back on the grill with thermometer
  12. Thanks. I already shut the vents. It’s holding internal temp of 152. When it starts to drop I will put it in cooler to hold. I was wanting this to be sliced roast with gravy and mashed tators.
  13. Yeah it feels pretty tender except for the thickness part in the center. Wonder how long I can hold this above 140? This is for dinner tonight I’ve held pork butts for 4 hours
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