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  1. I used the cotton balls for low and slow when I had the Akorn but now I have the Primo XL it seemed to take way to long to get to a 250 temp, so I've just been using the iron. I'm sure my lump has doubled from the Akorn days.....kinda wishing I hadn't sold it, those things heat up so quick and with very little heat source.
  2. Never thought about that, good point. I always use an electric iron, just leave it in shorter amount of time if I'm doing low and slow
  3. Yeah your right it does. Most working gurus like me probably reserve the long cooks for the weekend so are doing the higher temp stuff during the week I guess.
  4. Since the middle of February I've went through 1 35# bag of fogo, 2 35# bags of jealous devil, 1 20# of primo, 2 15# of royal oak. Ran out last night......fogo arrived today just in time. Wondering home much some of you gurus go through that grill more than I do. Anyone keep up with it? Only reason I know is I got new kamado in February and loaded up on lump.
  5. Whew.....me too! I was hoping I wasn't by myself LOL. We were playing the dating game a few weeks ago and one of the questions was "what does it take to get your husband going" my wife's answer was "start talking about grilling/food"
  6. I tell myself every time I cook ribs to wait until the kamado gets stabilized @ 250 let the smoke die down some then put the meat on. What do I do? As soon as it hits 200 and I see all that smoke rolling I throw the meat on......somebody stop me and say be patient son
  7. Doubles as a rib rack too
  8. Looks like it's gonna be a good finish.....for you and us watching the masters and not eating ribs
  9. I've started doing that since I got a Primo XL. If I'm not using the divider my fire would only burn two maybe three wood chunks when laying them around the top of the lump. The last time I did a slow cook I started at the bottom with the wood chunks and kept them around the center and they all burned but one. Don't know when they burned, maybe late in the cook.....
  10. One of the things I've learned the past few years since entering the kamado cooking world is there is no right or wrong, it's your way, and if the cooked food is turning out with the right amount of smoke and your hitting your target temp I think your doing it right.
  11. I've just recently read that high temps with heat deflector in place can cause a lot of stress on the ceramic. Anyone know how true this is and if it's anything to be concerned about?
  12. Yup, looks real good!
  13. It sure was!
  14. That's a lot of different stuff. I probably would have used a deflector on all that or at least half deflector and half not and rotate as needed. When you have to open the lid a lot your fire can get out of control quick. Always shut the lower vent before opening the lid, that helps a little.
  15. They were good again!!